Superman Junior Defense League of America

Paper and gum supply shortages forced Bowman to temporarily suspend production during World War II, but Superman, Inc. continued to make dough. In 1942, a 24-card set of Superman "Adventure Pictures" were released with loaves of bread to promote the Superman Junior Defense League of America. The storylines focus on homeland security and other wartime themes. The American Card Catalog reference is D143.
1942 Superman Junior Defense League of America - 17 - Superman Catches Spies
The series was illustrated by Fred Ray. The card format resembles the Superman Candy & Surprise and Superman Gum cards released in 1940. The story text font is the same as the candy issue. The panels are similar to Ray's work for "Superman's Super Contest," a picture caption contest published in Action Comics from May to July of 1941. The writer of the story text is unconfirmed.
1942 Superman Junior Defense League of America - 17 - Superman Catches Spies
The thin cards are attached to Pledge Stamps that contain one of eight different national defense pledges. A card with the stamp attached measures approximately 2.75 x 4.5 inches. A complete set of eight stamps could be redeemed for membership in the Superman Junior Defense League of America and a premium pin badge. The premium badges are made of brass with cloisonné enamel. The original pinback badges are approximately 1 inch in height with "Superman Junior Defense League" on the banner flag. Larger premium pins read "Superman American" with four stars. Both are pictured at scale:
1942 Superman Junior Defense League of America - Bread Premium Pinback Badge
1942 Superman Junior Defense League - Saylor's Bread
Some card backs are stamped with advertisements for various brands of bread and regional radio stations that aired The Adventures of Superman program. Some advertising messages promote "Superman's own loaf," Superman Bread.
1942 Superman Junior Defense League of America - Foster's Bakery Breads
Brands identified include Delorge's Prize Winner Bread, Foster's Bakery, Manbeck's Bonnie Bread, Normand's, Saylor's, Schoen's Enriched Bread, Swan's Bakery, Town Talk Bread, and Wind's Butter Krust Bread. Other retailers offered similar wartime promotions. Wigmore Dairy sponsored a Superman Victory Kid club. Roberts Dairy promoted the Roberts Superman Defense Club.

1942 Superman Junior Defense League of America : Bread Cards
1 Spy in the Sky
2 Saving the Draftees
3 Poison in Mid-Air
4 Superman and the Torpedo
5 Fighting a Tank
6 Superman vs. TNT
7 Not Fit to Eat
8 Concrete Evidence
9 Hands Across the Sea
10 A Weighty Subject
11 Burning Wheat
12 Death from the Sky
13 Superman Averts Navy Sabotage
14 Panama Canal Sabotage
15 Superman Averts Army Disaster
16 Superman Saves Troop Transport
17 Superman Catches Spies
18 Superman Races Death
19 Defeats Madman's Scheme
20 Superman Thwarts Kidnap
21 Superman Saves Supply Train
22 Race with a Bullet
23 Outsmarts Foreign Sailors' Ruse
24 Steel Mill Sabotage
1942 Superman Junior Defense League of America : Pledge Stamps
1 I pledge allegiance to my flag.
2 For better health, I promise to eat plenty of Vitamin Enriched Bread.
3 I promise to save tin foil for National Defense.
4 To conserve national wealth, I promise to respect public and private property.
5 In these times, our country needs strong, healthy boys and girls. I promise to become one.
6 I will work to help the Scouts, Salvation Army, Red Cross, and similar organizations.
7 I promise to do one good deed a day to help National Defense.
8 I promise to save my pennies to buy government saving stamps.

Roberts Superman Defense Club

1942 Roberts Superman Defense League - Pledge No. 1

Roberts Dairy released a set of 12 cardboard milk caps featuring 12 different national defense pledges. The cap collection is the first set of Superman POGs, predating DC SkyCaps by over 50 years. The two-color discs, referred to as stamps, measure approximately 1.53 inches in diameter. Each cap states, "Save All Twelve Stamps - Become Member Of Roberts Superman Defense Club". A complete set could be redeemed for club membership and a "Superman American" premium pin.
1942 Roberts Dairy - Robert's Superman Defense Club Milk Caps
1942 Roberts Dairy - Superman Defense Club of America
Roberts Dairy also produced a series of 20 milk caps for the Supermen of America Club.
Roberts Milk Cap - Supermen of America Code

1942 Roberts Dairy : Superman Defense Club of America
1 I PLEDGE allegiance to my flag.
2 I PLEDGE a good deed a day for National Defense.
3 I PLEDGE to help the Scouts, Red Cross and similar organizations.
4 I PLEDGE to drink a quart of Roberts milk dairy.
5 I PLEDGE to be helpful, courteous, and obedient to others.
6 I PLEDGE to respect the property of others.
7 I PLEDGE to be honest at all times.
8 I PLEDGE to be careful while crossing the street.
9 I PLEDGE to save pennies for National Defense Stamps.
10 I PLEDGE to keep my mind and body clean.
11 I PLEDGE to be friendly and cheerful with others.
12 I PLEDGE not to reveal the Superman code.

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