1966 Topps : Comic Book Foldees

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1966 Topps : Comic Book Foldees

The Comic Book Foldees series was released by Topps in 1966. The American Card Catalog reference is R708-12. Each 5-cent wax pack contains one card and a stick of bubble gum. There are 24 packs per box. Comic Book Foldees are perforated and die-cut to refold into nine different image combinations. Topps has produced several different series of Foldees since 1949. The Topps Vault has released the original 1966 comic artwork and color proof sets to the public.

The DC Comics character cards were illustrated by Wally Wood. The box and wrapper artwork is by Al Plastino. The Superman image on the wrapper art does not actually appear in the set. Superman is primarily featured on three Comic Foldees with one image simply titled "Super Hero".

1966 Topps : Comic Book Foldees #26 - Superman

The original Comic Foldees issued by Topps measure approximately 2.5 x 4.7 inches, wider than a standard sized trading card. The Topps wrapper measures 6 x 6.75 inches. A slightly larger set was printed and released in Canada by O-Pee-Chee. The country of origin can be identified by the copyright information on each card.

In 1968, a jumbo set was released in the UK by A&BC Gum, a British subsidiary of Topps. The UK cards are approximately 3.25 x 6 inches. The A&BC packs originally sold for 3 pence. Each pack contains one card and a stick of bubble gum. Card #44 depicting "Superman Holding Deadly Kryptonite" is not included in the A&BC series.

Smaller images of Superman and seven other Justice League members appear on every card. Other characters featured in the series include Jimmy Olsen, Krypto, Supergirl, Mister Mxyzptlk, Perry White, Bizarro, and Lois Lane.

The Topps and O-Pee-Chee checklists consist of 44 Foldees. The A&BC checklist consists of 43 Foldees. The numbering format is identical for all releases.

1966 Topps : Comic Book Foldees
1 Speedy Flash Western Explorer Evil Devil
2 Jimmy Olsen Cub Reporter Graceful Dancer Grubby Beatnik
3 Super Hero (Superman) Fat Lady Pistol-Packin' Marshall
4 Youthful Kid Flash Viking Warrior Flea-Bitten Dog
5 Heroic Green Arrow Beautiful Starlet Crying Baby
6 Riddler Elected Head of City Council Bear Named Sam Escapes from Park Zoo! Slugger Hits 8 Balls out of Baseball Bark
7 Speedy Old Flash Evil Witch Doctor British Queen
8 Powerful Green Lantern Scary Frankenstein Beautiful Bathing Beauty
9 Atom Mahatma Gandhi Fido the Pooch
10 Handsome Green Lantern Cross Eyed Clod Beautiful Betsy Ross
11 Super Krypto Clucking Chicken Dancing Elephant
12 Wonder Woman the Amazon Wanda the Witch Babe Ruth the Slugger
13 High-Flying Supergirl Roman Emperor Sloppy Hobo
14 Mischievous Imp (Mr. Mxyzptlk) Western Marshall Snappy Hot Rodder
15 Martian Man Hunter Loud Singer Indian Chief
16 Saturn Girl The Legionnaire Ulysses S. Grant The General Pork Chops The Pig
17 Crime-Fighting Batman Honest President Fanged Dracula
18 Penguin the Evil Villain Sinbad The Sailor Lawrence of Arabia
19 Gold, the Metal Man Oriental Criminal Leo, the Lion
20 Alfred the Bulter Blackbeard the Pirate Hoppy the Kangaroo
21 Evil Joker Bucking Bronco Pretty Skater
22 High-Flying Hawkgirl Dutch Governor Western Cowboy
23 Adventurous Supergirl Silent Comedian Russian Politician
24 Batmobile Bath Tub Jack-in-the box
25 Crusading Editor (Perry White) Decaying Mummy Fighting Soldier
26 Superman Jet Plane Spotted Pup
27 Sharp-Shooting Green Arrow Mysterious Secret Agent Barnyard Pig
28 Ugly Bizarro Russian Dancer Shouting Paul Revere
29 Evil Penguin Charity Raffles Scientist Finds Cure...
30 Leader of the Blackhawks Queen of the Egyptians Mangy Rats
31 Robin Boy Wonder Benjamin Franklin Metal Robot
32 Winged Hawkman Prehistoric Cave Man Aging Scrubwoman
33 Beautiful Wonder Woman Rock n Roll Singer Dopey Dunce
34 Scheming Riddler Hawaiian Dancer Bizarre Martian
35 Leering Luthor Happy Singer Pretty Actress
36 Stretching Hero (Elongated Man) Kiddie Bicyclist Smiling Pianist
37 Metamorpho the Element Man Balancing Bicyclist Swimming Dolphin
38 Elastic Plastic Man Graceful Giraffe Chief Sitting Bull
39 Comic Book Reporter (Lois Lane) Cuban Dictator 18th Century President
40 The Aquaman Beautiful Starlet Ugly Monster
41 Flash Ape Man in the Jungle Astronaut in Space
42 Spectre 19th Century Champion Bad Tempered Hermit
43 Catwoman DeGaule the General Tipsy Drunk
44 Superman Holding Deadly Kryptonite Baseball Hero Autographing Ball Boy Eating Ice Cream Cone