1987-1989 DC Comics Backing Boards

1987-1989 DC Comics Backing Boards : Great Moments in Comics
In 1987, DC Comics released a series of 48 card panels printed on 6 different comic book backing boards. A second series of 9 backing boards containing 72 card panels was released in 1989. The backing boards were sold in 3-packs or individually inserted into 3-pack comic book bundles.
1989 DC Comics Backing Board Cards - 52 - Superman 2761989 DC Comics Backing Board Cards - 52 - Superman 276
Each card panel depicts a popular hero, villain, or a classic DC Comics cover. The card series is divided into four different subsets titled Great Heroes, Great Villains, Great Teams, or Great Moments in Comics. Many of the character images are from the DC Comics Style Guide penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Dick Giordano.
1987-1989 DC Comics Backing Boards : Great Moments in Comics

The complete Series 1 and Series 2 checklist consists of 120 card panels, or 15 uncut backing boards.

Superman is featured on 7 different card panels in Series 1:

No. Title Credits
1 Superman José Luis García-López, Dick Giordano
26 The Man of Steel #1 John Byrne
27 Action Comics #1 DC Staff, Joe Shuster
30 Action Comics #252 Curt Swan, Al Plastino
31 Action Comics #340 Curt Swan, George Klein, Ira Schnapp
32 Superman #1 Joe Shuster, Leo O'Mealia
33 Superman #199 Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson, Ira Schnapp

Superman covers appear on 4 card panels in Series 2:

No. Title Credits
52 Superman #276 Nick Cardy
72 Superman vol. 2, #35 Kerry Gammill, Dennis Janke
79 Superman #76 Win Mortimer
107 World of Krypton # 1 John Byrne, Walt Simonson

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