1994 Cromy : Superman Juego De Naipes 3D

1994 Cromy - Superman Juego De Naipes 3D

The 1994 edition of Superman Juego De Naipes is the second Superman card game released by Cromy in the Argentine Republic. Unlike the previous release from Cromy, the cards feature artwork from contemporary comic books and promotional materials. The Rummy style game cards have a 3D effect meant to be viewed with Alba 3D Wow glasses.

The box artwork by Jon Bogdanove is from the Superman Better Than Ever limited edition art portfolio released in 1993. Superman appears on one card in this set. The Eradicator, Steel, and Cyborg Superman are also featured with images from a "Reign of the Supermen" promotional poster released in 1993.

1994 Cromy - Superman Juego De Naipes 3D - 1 - Superman

An expanded sticker set and collector album was also released by Cromy in 1994. In 2020, the card game was reproduced by Disconnect Designs.

1994 Cromy - Superman Album de Figuritas

1994 Cromy : Superman Juego De Naipes
1 Superman
2 Superman (Eradicator)
3 Superman (Steel)
4 (Cyborg) Superman
1 Batman
2 Batman
3 Batman
4 Batman
1 Aquaman
2 Aquaman
3 Aquaman
4 Aquaman
1 Lanterna Verde (Green Lantern)
2 Lanterna Verde
3 Lanterna Verde
4 Lanterna Verde
1 Shazam
2 Shazam
3 Shazam
4 Shazam
1 Flecha Verde (Green Arrow)
2 Flecha Verde
3 Flecha Verde
4 Flecha Verde
1 Hombre Halcon (Hawkman)
2 Hombre Halcon
3 Hombre Halcon
4 Hombre Halcon
1 Firestorm
2 Firestorm
3 Firestorm
4 Firestorm

El Juego De Superman

2 to 6 players can participate

4 cards are dealt to each participant and the rest of the deck is placed in in the center of the table. The game begins with the person located to the right of the dealer.

Each participant must draw a card and discard one that is not needed. The objective is to collect any of group of four Super Heroes or four cards with the same number (Four one, four two, etc.).

The game is over when a player discards the last card. Points are deducted from losing players holding cards. Points are not deducted for a set of three playing cards (three Superman, or three Batman, or three two, etc.)

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