1996 Comic Images : Supreme Collector Cards

Comic Images released the Supreme Collector Cards series in 1996. The foil cards contain images painted by popular fantasy artists. The ten artists featured in this series are Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Olivia De Berardinis, Hajime Sorayama, Greg Hildebrandt, Tim Hildebrandt, Joseph Michael Linsner, Luis Royo, Billy Tucci and Frank Frazetta.

1996 Comic Images : Supreme Collector Cards - H-2 - Superman: Tribute to Jack Kirby

Superman appears on one card painted by Tim and Greg Hildebrandt. The painting is a tribute to an image originally illustrated by Jack Kirby.

Tim & Greg Hildebrandt - Superman: Tribute to Jack Kirby

The Supreme Collector Cards series consists of 90 base cards, nine chase inserts, and nine autographed cards. Each ten-card subset includes a checklist card.

Boris Vallejo
B-1 Showing Her the Way
B-2 The Ax-Man
B-3 WindKat
B-4 Combat Maneuvers
B-5 Archie
B-6 And Then There Were None
B-7 At the End of the Day
B-8 10+++
B-9 Self-Portrait (1992)
B-10 Boris Vallejo Checklist
Frank Frazetta
F-1 King of the Jungle
F-2 Bareback
F-3 Ship Ahoy
F-4 Two Nudes
F-5 Dracula
F-6 Queen of the Jungle
F-7 Boy with Frog
F-8 Delicate Negotiation
F-9 Classic
F-10 Frank Frazetta Checklist
H-1 The Finest Knight of All [Greg]
H-2 Superman: Tribute to Jack Kirby
H-3 The Angel and the Devil [Greg]
H-4 Munchkinland [Tim]
H-5 Witch's Castle [Tim]
H-6 The Good Fairy's Ice Palace [Tim]
H-7 Mac at the Zoo
H-8 Mac, Bennie & Bug
H-9 Lan
H-10 The Brothers Hildebrandt Checklist
Julie Bell
J-1 Hunting Season
J-2 Warrior of Truth
J-3 Uroborus
J-4 Seduction
J-5 Victorious
J-6 Kenney
J-7 Commander Cody, Space Ace
J-8 Boris Bosphorus Paints a Freedom Dragon
J-9 Boris
J-10 Julie Bell Checklist
Joseph Michael Linsner
L-1 Obsidean
L-2 Don't Look Now
L-3 Balls Up
L-4 Succulina
L-5 Koxina
L-6 White Boots
L-7 Scott Ferretti
L-8 Sam Fox
L-9 The Horned God
L-10 Joseph Michael Linsner Checklist
Olivia De Berardinis
O-1 Purrfect Study
O-2 Why Men Leave Home
O-3 Pomeranians Study
O-4 Abducted by Aliens Study #1
O-5 Abducted by Aliens Study #2
O-6 Things That Go Bump in the Night Study
O-7 Linnea Quigley, Model
O-8 Julie Study
O-9 Julie Strain, Model
O-10 Olivia De Berardinis Checklist
Luis Royo
R-1 Window on Buonarroti
R-2 Oblivion Steams
R-3 Breeze Crevices
R-4 Dark Words
R-5 Elvis
R-6 A Million Tears
R-7 Der Prinz von Sparta
R-8 Diana De Bitru
R-9 Moon's Echo
R-10 Luis Royo Checklist
Hajime Sorayama
S-1 Horsewoman
S-2 Lady in White
S-3 Flora
S-4 Dazzle
S-5 Armed & Ready
S-6 Squid
S-7 Floating
S-8 Masked Mistress
S-9 Horsewhip
S-10 Hajime Sorayama Checklist
Billy Tucci
T-1 Knightrider
T-2 In the Swing of Things
T-3 Darkness
T-4 Stardust
T-5 Tivoli
T-6 High Energy
T-7 Shi Fan Face
T-8 Dreamscape Shi
T-9 Tomoe Sonata
T-10 William Tucci Checklist
Chase Cards
1:12 packs
B-C At the End of the Day Boris Vallejo
F-C King of the Jungle Frank Frazetta
H-C Mac, Bennie & Bug The Brothers Hildebrandt
J-C Victorious Julie Bell
L-C Balls Up Joseph Michael Linsner
O-C "Pomeranians" Study Olivia De Berardinis
R-C Diana De Bitru Luis Royo
S-C Dazzle Hajime Sorayama
T-C Shi Fan Face William Tucci
Autograph Cards
F-1 Boris Vallejo
F-2 Frank Frazetta
F-3 The Brothers Hildebrandt
F-4 Julie Bell
F-5 Joseph Michael Linsner
F-6 Olivia De Berardinis
F-7 Luis Royo
F-8 Hajime Sorayama
F-9 William Tucci

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