2007 Rittenhouse Archives : DC Legacy

DC Legacy Trading Cards were released by Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd. on September 26, 2007. The series was limited to 10,000 boxes.
Each box contains 24 packs and there are 4 cards in each pack. Boxes originally retailed for $84.00. A hand-drawn sketch card from one of 50 different artists is inserted into each box. The checklist is comprised of 50 silver foil base cards, a gold foil parallel base set, and three insert sets. On the average, there is one gold foil base parallel in every six packs. The base cards showcase modern and classic versions of popular DC characters. The back of each card features a character profile.

2007 Rittenhouse Archives DC Legacy - #31 - Superman

Card #31 features a modern image of Superman by José Luis García-López. The Golden Age image was penciled by Wayne Boring and inked by Stan Kaye. The artwork is from the cover of Superman #32 (January–February 1945).

2007 Rittenhouse Archives DC Legacy - #31 - Superman (Back)

The Golden Age Supergirl on card #30 is not Kara Zor-El. The image is from the cover of Superman #123 (August 1958). In "The Girl of Steel," Jimmy Olsen uses a magic gem to wish a "Super-Girl" into existence. The magical "Super-Girl" later sacrifices herself to save Superman.

The "First Cover" subset showcases nine classic covers from DC. The odds of finding a cover art card are approximately  1:12 packs. The cover for Superman #1 (Summer 1939) appears on card FC1. The frame artwork is by Leo O’Mealia. The image of Superman is based on the opening panel of Action Comics #10 (March 1939) by Joe Shuster and Wayne Boring. A similar panel by Shuster appears in the newspaper strip "Is Superman Late" from May 1939.

Superman appears on four "DC Gallery" cards inserted into approximately 1:24 packs. The nine-card subset showcases artwork painted by Alex Ross. The backs of the "DC Gallery" inserts form a nine-card puzzle image by Alex Ross. Card AR3 is from the cover of Superman: Peace on Earth (January 1999).

2007 Rittenhouse DC Legacy - Gallery AR3 - Superman

"Legendary Heroes" are lenticular cards found in approximately 1:48 packs. Superman appears on card L1.

Each case contains an autograph card from writer and editor Denny O'Neil. Album binders were sold with an autograph card from artist Joe Kubert. The cards are packaged in a toploader with a gold-colored foil Rittenhouse seal.

There were 50 Archive Boxes produced that contain exclusive sketch cards. Dealers were also awarded exclusive sketch cards for multi-case sales.

DC Legacy promo cards were distributed through various channels. Superman appears on two promo variants. Card P1 features an image of Clark Kent changing into Superman. Promo card SD07 contains images of Superman by Jim Lee and Joe Shuster. The card was given away at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con International.

The series was featured on the cover of Non-Sport Update vol. 18, no. 4, August/September 2007.

2007 Rittenhouse Archives, Ltd. : DC Legacy
Gold Parallel (1:6 packs)
1 Title Card / Checklist
2 Aqualad
3 Aquaman
4 Atom
5 Batgirl
6 Batman
7 Batwoman
8 Black Canary
9 Blue Beetle
10 Captain Marvel, Jr.
11 Cyborg
12 Doctor Fate
13 Doctor Mid-Nite
14 Firestorm
15 Green Arrow
16 Green Lantern
17 Hawkgirl
18 Hawkman
19 Hourman
20 Kid Flash
21 Martian Manhunter
22 Nightwing
23 Plastic Man
24 Raven
25 Robin
26 Shazam!
27 The Spectre
28 Speedy
29 Starfire
30 Supergirl
31 Superman
32 The Flash
33 Wonder Girl
34 Wonder Woman
35 Zatanna
36 Black Adam
37 Brainiac
38 Captain Cold
39 Catwoman
40 Cheetah
41 Darkseid
42 The Joker
43 Lex Luthor
44 Mr. Freeze
45 Poison Ivy
46 Reverse-Flash
47 The Riddler
48 Sinestro
49 The Penguin
50 Two-Face
First Cover (1:12 packs)
FC1 Superman #1
FC2 Batman #1
FC3 Wonder Woman #1
FC4 The Flash #105
FC5 Shazam #1
FC6 Green Lantern #1
FC7 Aquaman #1
FC8 Hawkman #1
FC9 Green Arrow #1
DC Gallery (1:24 packs)
AR1 Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern
AR2 Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Superman
AR3 Superman
AR4 Superman, JLA
AR5 Green Lantern, JLA
AR6 Batman
AR7 Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash
AR8 Superman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter
AR9 Wonder Woman
Legendary Heroes (1:48 packs)
L1 Superman
L2 Batman
L3 Wonder Woman
L4 The Flash
L5 Green Lantern
L6 Shazam!
Autograph (1 per case)
Denny O'Neil
Autograph (Binder Exclusive)
Joe Kubert

Sketch Cards (1:24 packs)
No. Artist Quantity
Di Amorin 250
Lui Antonio 200
Mahmud Anjum Asrar 274
Darren Auck 347
Darryl Banks 100
Al Bigley 200
Dan Borgonos 225
Daniel Brandão 350
James Bukauskas 300
Jeff Chandler 100
Justin Chung 125
Katie Cook 132
John Czop 425
Dan Day 466
David Day 450
Renae De Liz 300
Ray Dillon 500
Mark Dos Santos 501
Brent Engstrom 300
Dave Fox 100
Otis T. Frampton IV 100
Sean Galloway 100
Matthew Goodmanson 300
Grant Gould 300
Don Hillsman II 200
Thomas Hodges 550
Brian Kong 450
Jim Kyle 250
Cully Long 150
Dave Lynch 150
Warren Martineck 200
Mark McHaley 300
Bob Mcleod 250
Steven Miller 225
Rich Molinelli 324
Tom Nguyen 200
Tony Perna 275
Andy Price 498
Cezar Razek 499
Ted Rechlin 200
Tyler Richlen 300
Tone Rodriguez 350
Louis Small 150
Uko Smith 750
Jason Sobol 200
Allison Sohn 100
Mark Spears 600
Eddie Wagner 250
Jeff Welborn 275
Ron Wilson 250

No. Artist Quantity
Dealer Incentive
Nick Cardy (3 cases) 1
Luis Dominguez (3 cases) 1
Cat Staggs 5x7 (9 cases) 1
Mark Speers 5x7 (9 cases) 1
Archive Boxes (limited to 50)
Guy Dorian 60
Ian Dorian 64
Jessica Hickman 50
Bryan Hitchen 89
Mike Lilly 50

Promo Cards
No. Title Distribution
CP1 Flash conventions
P1 Superman
P2 Batman Non-Sport Update
P3 Wonder Woman Album Exclusive
SD07 Superman SDCC 2007
DC Legacy Trading Cards Superman: Doomsday DVD
Target exclusive