1999 Barcel : DC Super Heroes Cromo Cards

In 1999, Barcel released a promotional series of clear chromium mini-cards featuring heroes and villains from the DC universe. DC Super Heroes Cromo Cards is 25-card set that was distributed in Mexico inside specially marked packages of Barcel snack foods.

The series is made of clear plastic and chromium. Each Barcel card is smaller than a standard size trading card. The cards are collected inside of a folding "Coleccionador" poster album.
Superman appears on two cards in this collection. Card #1 is a DC Style Guide image by José Luis García-López.

1999 Barcel : DC Super Heroes Cromo Cards
1 Superman
2 Bane
3 Catwoman
4 Green Lantern
5 Lex Luthor
6 Wonder Woman
7 Robin
8 Steel
9 Batgirl
10 The Joker
11 Batman
12 Lois Lane
13 The Penguin
14 The Flash
15 Mr. Freeze
16 The Riddler
17 Shazam!
18 Supergirl
19 Aquaman
20 Darkseid
21 Hawkman
22 Superboy
23 Nightwing, Batman, Batgirl, Robin
24 Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Shazam!,
Hawkman, The Flash, Aquaman
25 Superman, Supergirl, Steel, Superboy

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