2019 Blue Ocean : LEGO Batman Trading Card Game

The LEGO Batman Trading Card Game was released in Europe on July 5, 2019, by Blue Ocean Entertainment AG.

There are 5 cards in each pack including one guaranteed holofoil card. The series was also sold in blister packs, a collector Starter-Pack, or a four-pack Mulitpack. The base cards are available in English, French, German, and Polish. English cards were distributed in the UK by Immediate Media. The complete German checklist is comprised of 202 base cards and 20 Limited Edition gold cards. Limited Edition checklists vary for each region.

Superman appears on eleven different cards in this series including two holofoil base cards.
Superman and Bizarro appear on "The Joker Card."
A gold foil Limited Edition Superman card was included with issues of LEGO Batman #03 released on June 19, 2019.
Oversized "Ultra XXL" cards were distributed inside of LEGO Batman Starter-Packs.
The "Ultra XXL" cards measure 3.5 x 5 inches.

* Limited Edition and Ultra XXL checklists vary for each region.

2019 Blue Ocean : LEGO Batman Trading Card Game
1 Batman Basic
2 Action Batman Holofoil
3 Ultra Batman Ultra XXL
4 Robin Basic
5 Action Robin Holofoil
6 Batgirl / Robin Basic
7 Action Batgirl Holofoil
8 Nightwing Basic
9 Ace the Bat-Hound Basic
10 Team Batman Basic
11 Superman Basic
12 Action Superman Holofoil
13 Ultra Superman Ultra XXL
14 Supergirl Basic
15 Action Supergirl Holofoil
16 Superboy Basic
17 Krypto Basic
18 Jor-El Basic
19 Team Superman Basic
20 Wonder Woman Basic
21 Action Wonder Woman Holofoil
22 Ultra Wonder Woman Holofoil
23 Wonder Girl Basic
24 Team Wonder Woman Basic
25 The Flash Basic
26 Ultra The Flash Ultra XXL
27 Kid Flash Basic
28 Aquaman Basic
29 Action Aquaman Holofoil
30 Green Lantern Hal Jordan Basic
31 Ultra Green Lantern Ultra XXL
32 Green Lantern Jessica Cruz Basic
33 Green Lantern B'dg Basic
34 Starfire Basic
35 Green Arrow Basic
36 Strong Green Arrow Basic
37 Cyborg Basic
38 Action Cyborg Holofoil
39 Firestorm Basic
40 Blue Beetle Basic
41 Martian Manhunter Basic
42 Hawkman Basic
43 Red Hood Basic
44 Beast Boy Basic
45 Katana Basic
46 The Atom Basic
47 Cosmic Boy Basic
48 Plastic Man Basic
49 Red Tornado Basic
50 Black Canary Basic
51 Zatanna Basic
52 Team Super-Pets Basic
53 Team Green Basic
54 Team Red Basic
Super Villains
55 The Joker Basic
56 The Joker Mega Mean Basic
57 Ultra The Joker Ultra XXL
58 Harley Quinn Basic
59 Mean Harley Quinn Basic
60 Two-Face Basic
61 Mean Two-Face Basic
62 Penguin Basic
63 The Penguin Mega Mean Basic
64 The Scarecrow Basic
65 The Scarecrow Mega Mean Basic
66 Catwoman Basic
67 Mean Catwoman Basic
68 Bane Basic
69 Ultra Bane Ultra XXL
70 Riddler Basic
71 The Riddler Mega Evil Basic
72 Killer Croc Basic
73 Poison Ivy Basic
74 Mr. Freeze Basic
75 Evil Mr Freeze Basic
76 Man-Bat Basic
77 Talon Assassin Basic
78 OMAC Basic
79 Darkseid Basic
80 Mean Darkseid Basic
81 Ultra Darkseid Ultra XXL
82 Brainiac Basic
83 Ultra Brainiac Ultra XXL
84 Lex Luthor Basic
85 Evil Lex Luthor Basic
86 Mean Lex Luthor Basic
87 General Zod Basic
88 Ultra Doomsday Ultra XXL
89 Ares Basic
90 Evil Ares Basic
91 Reverse-Flash Basic
92 Mean Reverse-Flash Basic
93 Captain Boomerang Basic
94 Captain Cold Basic
95 Gorilla Grodd Basic
96 Black Manta Basic
97 Sinestro Basic
98 Red Lantern Atrocitus Basic
99 Lobo Basic
100 Ra's al Ghul Basic
101 Killer Moth Basic
102 Firefly Basic
103 Bizarro Basic
104 Batzarro Basic
105 Greenzarro Basic
106 Team Wicked Basic
107 Team Evil Basic
108 Team Maniac Basic
Justice League
109 Justice League Batman Holofoil
110 Justice League Superman Holofoil
111 Justice League Wonder Woman Holofoil
112 Justice League The Flash Holofoil
113 Justice League Aquaman Holofoil
114 Justice League Cyborg Holofoil
115 Malicious Steppenwolf Holofoil
116 Malicious Yellow Parademon Holofoil
117 Malicious Green Parademon Holofoil
Mighty Micros
118 Mighty Micros Batman Basic
119 Mighty Micros Robin Basic
120 Mighty Micros The Flash Basic
121 Mighty Micros Superman Basic
122 Mighty Micros Power Batman Basic
123 Mighty Micros Wonder Woman Basic
124 Mighty Micros Mega Batman Basic
125 Mighty Micros Nightwing Basic
126 Mighty Micros Supergirl Basic
127 Mighty Micros Catwoman Basic
128 Mighty Micros Bane Basic
129 Mighty Micros Captain Cold Basic
130 Mighty Micros Bizarro Basic
131 Mighty Micros Killer Moth Basic
132 Mighty Micros Doomsday Basic
133 Mighty Micros Harley Quinn Basic
134 Mighty Micros The Joker Basic
135 Mighty Micros Brainiac Basic
Action Cards
136 Bat-Signal Basic
137 Reinforcement Basic
138 Superpowered Jump Basic
139 Superpower Basic
140 Bulletproof Basic
141 Lasso of Truth Basic
142 Green Fist Basic
143 The Power of the Ring Basic
144 Lightning Bolt Basic
145 The Joker Dance Basic
146 Uaaargh! Basic
147 Angry in the Rain Basic
148 Brainiac Attack Basic
149 Telepathy Basic
150 Punch Basic
151 Batarang Basic
152 Heat Vision Basic
153 Super-Breath Basic
154 Canonball Jump Basic
155 Diving Attack Basic
156 Maximum Firepower Basic
157 Storm Basic
158 Fear Gas Basic
159 Escape Capsule Basic
160 Kryptonite Basic
161 Out of Control Basic
162 Earthquake Basic
163 Batcopter Basic
164 Flying Fox Basic
165 Batmobile Basic
166 Batglider Basic
167 Knightcrawler Basic
168 Steve Trevor's Fighter Plane Basic
169 Cyborgcopter Basic
170 Batman's Bat-Tank Basic
171 Classic Batmobile Basic
172 Classic Batcycle Basic
173 Classic Batcopter Basic
174 Batman's Buggy Basic
175 Lobo's Space Hog Basic
176 Scarecrow's Harvester Basic
177 Killer Crocs Battle Chomper Basic
178 Harley Quinn's Bike Basic
179 Kryptonite Forklift Basic
180 Lex Luthor Mech Basic
Puzzle Card
181 Super Heroes and Super Villains 1/9 Basic
182 Super Heroes and Super Villains 2/9 Basic
183 Super Heroes and Super Villains 3/9 Basic
184 Super Heroes and Super Villains 4/9 Basic
185 Super Heroes and Super Villains 5/9 Basic
186 Super Heroes and Super Villains 6/9 Basic
187 Super Heroes and Super Villains 7/9 Basic
188 Super Heroes and Super Villains 8/9 Basic
189 Super Heroes and Super Villains 9/9 Basic
190 Green Lantern 1/9 Basic
191 Martian Manhunter 2/9 Basic
192 Firestorm 3/9 Basic
193 Shazam! 4/9 Basic
194 Batman 5/9 Basic
195 Superman 6/9 Basic
196 Batzarro 7/9 Basic
197 Killer Moth 8/9 Basic
198 Bizzaro 9/9 Basic
The Joker Card
199 Batman / Batzarro Holofoil
200 Superman / Bizarro Holofoil
201 Green Lantern / Greenzarro Holofoil
202 The Flash / Reverse-Flash Holofoil

Gold Limited Edition (Germany)
LE1 Batman Starter Pack
LE2 Robin LEGO Ninjago #51
LE3 Superman LEGO Batman #03
LE4 Aquaman LEGO Ninjago #53
LE5 Green Lantern 5 Magazine, July 2019
LE6 The Flash LEGO Batman #04
LE7 Cyborg Multipack
LE8 Wonder Woman Multipack
LE9 Shazam! Multipack
LE10 Martian Manhunter Multipack
LE11 Trinity
(Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman)
LE12 Batman vs. Killer Croc Blister
LE13 Superman vs. General Zod Blister
LE14 Aquaman vs. Black Manta Blister
LE15 The Flash vs. Reverse-Flash Blister
LE16 Wonder Woman vs. Steppenwolf Blister
LE17 The Joker LEGO Batman #05
LE18 Harley Quinn 5 Magazine, August 2019
LE19 Darkseid LEGO Batman #06
LE20 Gorilla Grodd LEGO City, July 2019

Gold Limited Edition (UK)
LE1 Batman Starter Pack
LE2 The Joker Multipack 1
LE3 Aquaman Multipack 1
LE4 Trinity
(Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman)
Multipack 2
LE5 Aquaman vs Black Manta Multipack 2
LE6 The Flash Multipack 3
LE7 Green Lantern Multipack 3
LE8 The Flash vs. Reverse Flash Multipack 4
LE9 Shazam! Multipack 4
LE10 Superman LEGO Batman #03
LE11 Robin LEGO Batman #02

Karty Limitowane (Polish)
LE1 Batman Zestawie Startowym
LE2 Trójca (Trinity) LEGO Batman, March 2019
LE3 Aquaman LEGO City, May 2019
LE4 Superman LEGO Batman, April 2019
LE5 Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) LEGO City, July 2019
LE6 Flash LEGO Ninjago Legacy, March 2019
LE7 Robin LEGO Batman, May 2019
LE8 Joker Zestawie Multipack, May 2019
LE9 Shazam! Zestawie Multipack, May 2019
LE10 Batman Kontra Killer Croc Zestawie Multipack, May 2019
LE11 Superman Kontra Genral Zod Zestawie Multipack, May 2019
LE12 Aquaman Kontra Black Manta Zestawie Multipack, May 2019
Karty XXL (Polish)
Ultra The Joker
Ultra Supemran
Ultra Batman

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