2012 Cryptozoic : DC Comics: The New 52

DC Comics: The New 52 trading card series was released by Cryptozoic Entertainment in August 2012. This was the first DC trading card set to be released after a three year gap. The are 24 packs in a box and each pack contains 5 cards. Packs originally retailed for $3.50 each.
A hand-drawn sketch card is inserted into every 24 packs, or about one per box. The main set is comprised of 61 base cards, a foil parallel base set, two insert sets, and a checklist. The base cards contain original artwork commissioned exclusively for this series. The card text was written by Adam Beechen.

Superman appears on the title card #1, one solo base card, one "Work in Progress" lenticular insert, and one binder promo. The precise number of Superman sketch cards produced for this series is currently unknown.
"Work in Progress" inserts feature nine heroes on a lenticular card that shifts from a sketch to a full-color character image. The odds of finding a lenticular card are 1:12 packs.
"Lanterns" are a nine-card foil, die-cut insert set featuring characters from the Green Lantern storylines. The odds of finding a die-cut card are 1:12 packs.

Three exclusive "Creature Cards" were distributed by Loot Crate. Cryptozoic produced an album binder containing 9 exclusive promo cards featuring art from New 52 issue #1 covers. Specially inserted redemption cards could be exchanged for a framed page of original comic art or an oversized sketch card.

A promo card featuring Cyborg was distributed at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con.

No. Title Credits
1 The New 52
2 Adam One
3 Animal Man
4 Aquaman
5 Arsenal Cruddie Torian
6 Batgirl
7 Batman Greg Capullo
8 Batwoman
9 Black Canary
10 Blackhawks
11 Blue Beetle JonBoy Meyers
12 Captain Atom
13 Catwoman
14 Cyborg JonBoy Meyers
15 Deadman JonBoy Meyers
16 Deadshot Todd Nauck
17 Deathstroke JonBoy Meyers
18 Dollmaker Todd Nauck
19 Fire Cruddie Torian
20 Firestorm Todd Nauck
21 The Flash
22 Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Todd Nauck
23 Green Arrow Todd Nauck
24 Grifter Ryan Benjamin
25 Hal Jordan
26 Harley Quinn Kandoken
27 Hawkman
28 Huntress
29 Ice Cruddie Torian
30 The Joker
31 Justice League Dark
32 Legion Lost
33 Legion of Super Heroes
34 Martian Manhunter
35 Massacre
36 Mera
37 Mirror
38 Mister Terrific Cruddie Torian
39 Nightwing
40 OMAC JonBoy Meyers
41 Peraxxus
42 DC Comics Red Hood JonBoy Meyers
43 Resurrection Man Todd Nauck
44 Robin
45 Rocket Red
46 Saiko
47 Starfire
48 Starling
49 Stormwatch
50 Suicide Squad JonBoy Meyers
51 Superboy Kandoken
52 Supergirl Todd Nauck, Cruddie Torian
53 Superman
54 Swamp Thing JonBoy Meyers
55 Talon
56 Teen Titans Cruddie Torian
57 The Guardians of the Universe
58 Vixen Cruddie Torian
59 Voodoo Cruddie Torian
60 White Rabbit Cruddie Torian
61 Wonder Woman

Creature Cards (Loot Crate exclusive)
LC01-1 Swamp Thing Melike Acar
LC01-2 Man-Bat Guilhome Bobo, Jonas Trindade
LC01-3 Clayface Jonathan Wayshack

Lanterns Die-Cut 1:12 packs
LNTRN-01 Hal Jordan
LNTRN-02 John Stewart
LNTRN-03 Kilowog
LNTRN-04 Star Sapphire
LNTRN-05 Black Hand
LNTRN-06 Saint Walker
LNTRN-07 Sinestro
LNTRN-08 Larfleeze
LNTRN-09 Atrocitus
Work In Progress Lenticular 1:12 packs
WIP-1 Catwoman
WIP-2 Batman
WIP-3 Superman
WIP-4 Cyborg
WIP-5 Batgirl
WIP-6 The Flash
WIP-7 Aquaman
WIP-8 Green Lantern
WIP-9 Wonder Woman
Album Binder
B1 Wonder Woman
B2 Supergirl
B3 Green Lantern
B4 Green Arrow
B5 Batman / Joker
B6 Superman
B7 The Flash
B8 Blue Beetle
B9 Batman / Zombies
Promo Card
P1 Cyborg

Double Art Page Redemption
R1 Red Lantern #6, pages 10 & 11 Diego Bernard
Art Page Redemption (R2 - R5)
Justice League International #10, page 14 Aaron Lopresti
Detective Comics #2, Page 2 Tony Daniel
Justice League #9, page 12 Jim Lee, Scott Williams
Supergirl #2, Page 9 Mahmud Asrar
Red Lantern #6, page 6 Ed Benes
Oversized Art Redemption Card
R7 - R21 Andy Price
R22 - R45 Benjamin Glendenning
R46 - R56 Meghan Hetrick

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