Insight Editions : The DC Tarot Deck

2022 Insight Editions : The DC Tarot Deck and Guidebook

The DC Tarot Deck is a 78-card traditional tarot deck released by Insight Editions on November 1, 2022. The deck is included with The DC Tarot Deck Guidebook, authored by Casey Gilly. The cards were illustrated by Pete Ware, known professionally as 17th & Oak. DC Comics characters previously appeared in Justice League Tarot, a deck released by DC Collectibles in 2015.

The DC Tarot Deck is divided into two groups: the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Sun is personified as Superman on XIX, the nineteenth Major Arcana. In cartomancy, The Sun is generally associated with abundance, vitality, and hope. The flowing red cape represents blood of renewal.

2022 Insight Editions : The DC Tarot Deck - Superman, The Sun

Major Arcana
0 The Fool Harley Quinn
I The Magician Zatanna
II The High Priestess Raven
III The Empress Poison Ivy
IV The Emperor Aquaman
V The Hierophant Dr. Fate
VI The Lovers Midnighter and Apollo
VII The Chariot The Flash
VIII Strength Cyborg
IX The Hermit Phantom Stranger
X Wheel of Fortune Green Lantern Hal Jordan
XI Justice Wonder Woman
XII The Hanged Man Plastic Man
XIII Death Deadman
XIV Temperance Martian Manhunter
XV The Devil John Constantine
XVI The Tower The Joker
XVII The Star Supergirl
XVIII The Moon Catwoman
XIX The Sun Superman
XX Judgement Batman
XXI The World Swamp Thing
Minor Arcana
Page of Wands Stargirl
Knight of Wands Shazam!
Queen of Wands Vixen
King of Wands Starman
Page of Cups Starfire
Knight of Cups Black Canary
Queen of Cups Nubia
King of Cups Black Lightning
Page of Swords Huntress
Knight of Swords Robin
Queen of Swords Katana
King of Swords Deathstroke
Page of Pentacles Naomi
Knight of Pentacles Green Lantern John Stewart
Queen of Pentacles Queen Hippolyta
King of Pentacles Lex Luthor

2022 Insight Editions : The DC Tarot Deck by 17th & Oak