2019 Dulcesol : Justice League Action Stickers

Dulcesol Mini Bollito Relleno de Cacao - Justice League Action
Justice League Action stickers were released in Spain by Dulcesol on September 4, 2019. Twelve different stickers feature characters from the animated television series. One sealed sticker was included with each six-pack box of Mini Bollito Relleno de Cacao. Special prizes included a chance to win a trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood, California, and admission to Warner Parque Madrid. Contest entries were accepted until February 29, 2020.

Dulcesol - Superman - Bollito Relleno de Cacao

One sealed temporary tattoo was included with each four-unit package of Bollito Relleno de Cacao. Eight different DC Super Heroes tattoos feature logos and images of Batman, The Flash, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The images were penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Brett Breeding.

Dulcesol Bollito Relleno de Cacao - DC Super Heroes

2019 Dulcesol : Justice League Action Stickers
1 Superman
2 Batman
3 Wonder Woman
4 The Flash
5 Green Arrow
6 Hawkman
7 The Joker
8 Cyborg
9 Darkseid
10 Lobo
11 Lex Luthor
12 Firestorm
2019 Dulcesol : DC Super Heroes Tattoos
Batman Logo
The Flash
The Flash Logo
Superman Logo
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Logo

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