1981 Pacosa Dos Internacional : Festival del Dibujo Animado

Festival del Dibujo Animado was released in 1981 by Pacosa Dos Internacional, S.A. in Barcelona, Spain. The 178-card collection includes popular cartoon characters from Hanna-Barbara, Walt Disney, and Warner Bros. The series is collected in a 23-page album that was sold separately. Each paper card measures approximately 1.625 x 2.25 inches.

Superman appears on card #81. Superboy and Supergirl also appear in the "Super Heroes" subset. The Superboy card is similar to the album cover image of Superman.

1981 Festival del dibujo Animado - 81 - Superman

A similar Festival del Dibujo Animado album was released featuring Walt Disney characters. Super Festival del Dibujo Animado included Marvel Comics super heroes.

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