1978 Editorial Fher : Superman: The Movie

1978 Editorial Fher : Superman: The Movie

In 1978, Editorial Fher, S.A. released a Superman: The Movie card series and album in Spain. In 1979, the collection was distributed in multiple languages throughout Europe and South America. The series was produced by arrangement with Western Publishing Company, Inc. in Racine, Wisconsin. Fher released a similar collection for Superman II in 1980.

The Fher edition contains 180 photo cards, or cromos. The cards were originally sold in paper envelope packets for 2.50 pesetas in Spain. Each envelope contains six nonadhesive cards. A 28-page collector album was sold separately for 40 pesetas. Fher also sold individual cards through mail order. Customers could request up to 30 cards paid with postage stamps.

The first 19 images feature publicity photos of the main cast. The Dutch and Spanish language cards contain "DC '78" trademark and copyright information on the front borders. Some printings do not contain any text on the front of the cards. The card backs vary for each language.

1978 Editorial Fher : Superman: The Movie #3

Superman: The Movie starring Christopher Reeve was directed by Richard Donner. The film was released in theaters on December 15, 1978. The album centerfold is two-page poster of Superman flying past the Manhattan Bridge in New York City, the setting for Metropolis.

1978 Editorial Fher : Superman: The Movie Poster

The French AGEducatifs edition was advertised in issue #38 of Onze (March 1979). The French collector album could be obtained for free by mailing in a voucher from the magazine. The album originally retailed for three francs.

Onze, March 1979 - AGEducatifs Superman

Collector album sticker-cards are often referred to as cromos or figuritas in Spanish. The collectibles are called vignettes in French, figurines or panini in Italian, and figurinhas in Portuguese. Many sticker album collections released in the 20th century required paste or glue.

1978 Editorial Fher : Superman: The Movie
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