2016 Gentle Giant Ltd. : Convention Exclusive

In July 2016, Gentle Giant Ltd. distributed a set of promotional cards at the San Diego Comic-Con International. The series features images of DC Super Powers figures released by Gentle Giant. The original 4.5 inch figures from the 1984 collection were digitally scanned to produce 12 inch jumbo replicas. A photo of an unpainted Superman prototype model is depicted on one of the 2016 promo cards. There were 250 "First Shot" prototype models released in July 2016.
Superman also appears with Batman and Wonder Woman in a photo of the Super Powers Micro-Figure 3 Pack.

2015 : San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive
Ant-Man Mini Statue
Boba Fett Mini Bust
Boba Fett (Droids) Jumbo Figure
Cube 3 Desktop 3D Printer
Deadpool Jumbo Figure
G.I. Joe 2 Pack Micro-Figures
Grunt Jumbo Figure
Premier Guild 2015 Gifts
R2-D2 (Droids) Jumbo Figure
2016 : San-Diego Comic-Con Exclusive
Batman Super Powers Prototype Jumbo Figure
Captain Phasma Mini Bust
Chewbacca (McQuarrie Concept) Mini Bust
Deadpool Secret Wars Micro-Bobble 3-Pack
Durotan Classic Bust
Luke Skywalker ROTJ Jumbo Figure (blonde hair)
Luke Skywalker ROTJ Jumbo Figure
Rocket Raccoon Animated Statue
Spider-Gwen Secret Wars Micro-Bobble
Super Powers Micro-Figure 3 Pack
Superman Super Powers Prototype Jumbo Figure
2017 : Premier Guild Gift
Darth Revan Collector's Gallery Statue
FN-2199 Mini Bust
K-2SO (Holiday Edition) Mini Bust
Lobot Mini Bust
Obi-Wan Kenobi Mini Bust
Old Man Logan Mini Bust
The Emperor Jumbo Figure
2017 : San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive
Darth Vader Star Wars 40th Anniversary Classic Bust
Dianoga Trash Monster Jumbo Scale
Gertrude Animated Statue
Han Solo (McQuarrie Concept) Mini Bust
Luke Skywalker Star Wars 40th Anniversary Classic Bust
Negan Mini Bust
Princess Leia Organa (Holographic) Collector's Gallery Statue
Spider-Man Animated Statue
2017 : Join the Gentle Giant Premier Guild
Artoo-Deetoo (R2-D2)
Darth Vader
Death Squad Commander
Han Solo
See-Threepio (C-3PO)
2018 : San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive
AT-AT Enamel Pin
Boba Fett ROTJ Jumbo Figure
Cantina Adventure Enamel Pin Set
Chewbacca Enamel Pin
Darth Vader Enamel Pin
Dianoga Enamel Pin
Gwenpool Animated Statue
Han Solo Enamel Pin
Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) Mini Bust
Porg Enamal Pin
Princess Leia Organa Enamel Pin
Saru Mini Bust
Stormtrooper Enamel Pin
Thala-Siren & Blue Milk Enamel Pin Set
Yoda (Concept Series) Mini Bust
2018 : Premier Guild Gift
Amanaman Mini Bust
Bib Fortuna Jumbo Figure
Darth Maul Collector's Gallery Statue
Princess Leia Organa (Cloud City) Mini Bust
Spacetrooper Mini Bust

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