1994 Hero Illustrated : Contest Cards

1994 Hero Illustrated : Contest Card #8 - Superman

Hero Illustrated released a series of scratch-off contest cards from 1993–1994. A different contest card was included with each monthly issue. The cards could also be obtained by mailing a self-addressed stamped envelope to Hero.

The Superman card depicts "The Soaring Eagle" painted by José Luis García-López in 1988. The Superman card was included with Hero Illustrated #11 (May 1994). The card copyright date is 1993.

The grand prize was a complete hardcover set of DC Archives. The deadline to enter the contest was May 31, 1994. Hero Illustrated #16 featured a contest to win a copy of Superman #1 (Summer 1939). The "You Can Win Superman #1" scratch-off card is unnumbered. The deadline to enter was October 31, 1994.

Hero Illustrated #11, May 1994, p. 43