Superman Hot Cocoa Mix : Super Powers Stickers

The Super Tasting way to warm up.

A set of six Super Powers stickers were distributed inside boxes of Superman Hot Cocoa Mix in 1984. Each specially marked box contains one 2 x 2 inch sticker and a coupon sealed in a cellophane pack. The unnumbered stickers use artwork from the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Dick Giordano. Todd Klein assisted with logos and background inking.

Superman Hot Cocoa Mix - Super Powers Sticker

The back of the boxes contain images of the Superman stickers. In 1983, a Superman mug was available by mail order for two proofs of purchase. In 1984, a limited Superman T-Shirt was sold for $3.95 or free with six proofs of purchase. A plastic thermos branded with the Superman Hot Cocoa Mix logo was also marketed in 1984.

Superman Hot Cocoa Mix - T-Shirt

The H.J. Heinz Co. introduced Superman Hot Cocoa Mix to Northeast American markets in 1983 before expanding into the Midwest. The outside licensing agreement was a first in 115 years for Heinz. The sugar-free cocoa mix was sweetened with NutraSweet. The hot cocoa mix appeared in two television commercials produced by Ketchum Advertising. An animated short features Superman rescuing Lisa and Scott from Captain Cold. A live-action family commercial was marketed towards mothers. Superman Hot Cocoa Mix was discontinued by Heinz in 1986.

Each sticker is trademarked and copyrighted DC Comics Inc. 1984.

1984 Superman Hot Cocoa Mix : Super Powers Stickers
Blue Captain Cold
Green Lex Luthor
Red Superman (Clark Kent)
Violet Superman (Standing)
Yellow Superman (Flying)

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