1966 Ideal : Superman Card Game

1966 Ideal : Superman Card Game

The Superman Card Game was released by the Ideal Toy Corporation in 1966. The cards are bridge-sized and measure 2.25 x 3.5 inches (57 x 89 mm). The game cards feature Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olson, Clark Kent, Superman, and Kryptonite. There are multiple copies of each card included in the game set. A similar Batman Card Game was released by Ideal in 1966.

1966 Ideal : Superman Card Game #4 - Clark Kent 1966 Ideal : Superman Card Game #5 - Superman

The cards backs contain the telescoping Superman logo in blue or red. The logo was originally designed by Superman creator Joe Shuster and later refined by Ira Schnapp in 1940.

1966 Ideal : Superman Card Game

Superman Card Game Rules

For 2 to 4 Players

OBJECT: To be the first Superman to complete two trips around the playing area by avoiding Kryptonite cards.

PREPARATION: Each player selects a color peg and places it in one of the holes in the START space. Deck of cards are shuffled and placed face down.

HOW TO PLAY: Each player on his turn picks a card from the top of the deck, turns it face up and moves the number of spaces appearing on the top of the card. During his turn a player may draw as many cards as he desires. However, the player must draw cards one at a time and immediately after drawing each card must move his peg. If deck is used up before anyone wins, the deck is again shuffled and placed face down.

KRYPTONITE CARD: Each time a player draws a kryptonite card he is PENALIZED and must immediately move his peg BACK 5 SPACES. His turn is over and the next player goes. If a player on his first round, starting from START, picks a kryptonite card before he has advanced at least five spaces he only returns to "START".

LANDING ON AN OCCUPIED SPACE: Any player landing on a space already occupied by an opponent places his peg in that space and must move the opponent's peg to the next free space. The player's turn is then over and the next player goes.

SUPERMAN CARD: A player drawing a Superman card moves his peg AHEAD 5 SPACES and then gives up his turn to the next player.

ENDING A TURN: A player may end his turn when he decides not to draw any more cards.
BONUS SPACE A player receives a bonus if he lands on a space with a picture that matches the picture of the card drawn. The number of bonus spaces the player may move is indicated in the STAR located on the lower right side of the card.

PASSING “START": There are four discs supplied in the game. Each time a player passes START he takes one of the discs as proof that he has passed START. If by picking a kryptonite card a player is forced to go back past START, he must return his chip. If he does not have a chip, he only goes back to START.

WINNING THE GAME" The first player to pass START two times by making two complete round trips is declared SUPERMAN and wins the game.

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