1969 Total Club Giovani : La Diabolica Invenzione

1969 Total Club Giovani : La Diabolica Invenzione

Un'Avventura di Superman e Batman: La Diabolica Invenzione was released by Total Club Giovani in 1969. The 36-card album was published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore and distributed at Total petrol stations throughout Italy. The story was written by Renata Pfeiffer and illustrated by Piero and Paolo Montecchi, also known as Peter and Paul Montague. Mondadori and Total Club Giovani previously released a Superman and Batman collector album titled S.O.S. Terra Cerca Petrolio.

Paper envelope packs contain five papers cards, or figurines. Each card is perforated and detaches into a picture and a scene description. Each individual panel measures approximately 5.5 x 7.8 cm. The picture cards are numbered and the backs are blank.

The cards and collector album are printed in Italian. In the plot, a group of mad scientists have plundered the global water supply in order to create a new source of energy. Superman, Batman, and Robin team up with members of the Total Club Giovani to save the world.

Beginning February 1, 1969, empty packets could be exchanged for prizes. A set of glass marbles could be redeemed for 10 empty packs, a world map for 15 packs, or a rubber band airplane for 25 packs. For five empty packs, collectors could choose between a Superman or Batman poster illustrated by Piero and Paolo Montecchi.

1969 Total Club Giovani : Superman Poster

Collector album sticker-cards are often referred to as cromos or figuritas in Spanish. The collectibles are called vignettes in French, figurines or panini in Italian, and figurinhas in Portuguese. Many sticker album collections released in the 20th century required paste or glue.