2016 Supermarchés Match : Le Collector des Super Héros

Le Collector des Super Héros is a set of 65 sticker-cards distributed in France by Supermarchés Match. A pack of two sticker-cards was given to customers for every 20€ spent at Supermarchés Match locations. The promotion ran from August 23, to October 9, 2016.
Peeling the sticker reveals a game card for a different DC Comics character. A 52-page collector album and tin storage box were distributed free of charge to the first 200,000 Match loyalty customers. The sticker album includes games, recipes, and coloring activities.

Superman artwork from the 2012 Justice League (The New 52) Style Guide appears on seven game cards. The Superman images were penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Brett Breeding.
A Superman shield emblem made of Kryptonite is depicted on card #58.
One of 14 different KiBBii ball figurines were given away with the purchase of select products. A contest offered a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip for four to Parque Warner Madrid. 

2016 Supermarchés Match : Le Collector des Super Héros
No. Game Card Sticker
01 Batman Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Cyborg
02 Batman Superman, Supergirl
03 Batman Joker, Poison Ivy
04 Batman Wonder Woman
05 Le Joker Superman
06 Le Joker Cyborg
07 Le Joker The Flash
08 Le Joker Superman
09 Green Lantern Supergirl
10 Green Lantern Green Lantern
11 Green Lantern Green Lantern logo
12 Green Lantern Batman
13 Superman Batmobile
14 Superman Supergirl
15 Superman Superman logo
16 Superman Batgirl
17 Supergirl The Penguin
18 Supergirl Cyborg
19 Supergirl (with Superman) Cyborg
20 Supergirl (with Green Lantern) The Penguin
21 Le Flash Batgirl
22 Le Flash Wonder Woman
23 Le Flash Wonder Woman logo
24 Le Flash Robin
25 Wonder Woman Harley Quinn
26 Wonder Woman Catwoman
27 Wonder Woman Batman
28 Wonder Woman The Flash
29 Harley Quinn The Flash logo
30 Harley Quinn (with The Joker) Poison Ivy
31 Harley Quinn (with The Penguin) CRUNCH!
32 Harley Quinn Harley Quinn
33 Le Pingouin Batman logo
34 Le Pingouin (with Harley Quinn) The Joker
35 Le Pingouin Harley Quinn
36 Le Pingouin (with Batman) Superman
37 Poison Ivy CRUNCH!
38 Poison Ivy (with The Penguin) Wonder Woman
39 Poison Ivy (with Batman) Batman
40 Poison Ivy Green Lantern, The Penguin
41 Robin The Joker
42 Robin Supergirl, Batman, Wonder Woman
43 Robin (with Catwoman) Cyborg, Robin, Poison Ivy
44 Robin (With Batgirl) The Flash
45 Batgirl THUNK!
46 Batgirl Green Lantern
47 Batgirl Robin
48 Batgirl (with Batman) Wonder Woman
49 Catwoman Superman
50 Catwoman (with Batgirl) Batman
51 Catwoman (with Batman) Superman
52 Catwoman (with Poison Ivy) Batgirl
53 Cyborg Green Lantern
54 Cyborg The Flash
55 Cyborg (with The Flash) Supergirl
56 Cyborg Catwoman
57 Justice League Green Lantern, The Flash
58 Kryptonite Superman, Batgirl, Batman
59 Gotham City The Flash
60 Arkham Asylum Green Lantern, Wonder Woman
61 Metropolis Superman
62 Le Joker & Harley Quinn Supergirl, Batgirl
63 Green Lantern The Flash, Harley Quinn, Catwoman
64 De Super Villains The Penguin
65 Mystery Card Super Heroes and Villains

Le Collector des Super Héros KiBBii
1 Catwoman
2 Supergirl
3 Joker
4 The Penguin
5 Harley Quinn
6 Superman
7 Cyborg
8 Green Lantern
9 Flash
10 Wonder Woman
11 Batman
12 Robin
13 Poison Ivy
14 Batgirl

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