2017 Lubella : Justice League Trading Card Game

2017 Lubella : Justice League Trading Card Game

The Justice League trading card game from Lubella was released in Poland on September 5, 2017. Each specially marked package of Mlekołak and Choco Karmel cereal from Lubella contains a cello pack of two game cards and one rule card. The game cards were marketed by Afekt in Poznań, Poland. The card designs were also used in a mobile Justice League video game from Lubella.

2017 Lubella : Justice League - Mlekołaki

The 14-card game set was available for a limited time to promote the theatrical release of Justice League on November 17, 2017. The promotion included a limited edition Batman Choco Karmel cereal featuring bat-shaped chocolate and caramel pieces.

2017 Lubella : Justice League - Batman Choco Karmel

There are two different cards for each of the seven Justice League members. Each team member has four different attribute values on each card. The character images are from the 2012 Justice League (The New 52) Style Guide penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Brett Breeding.

2017 Lubella : Justice League - Superman (A) 2017 Lubella : Justice League - Superman (B)

On April 17, 2018, Lubella announced a Superman Mega Vanilla cereal to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Man of Steel. The vanilla cereal is composed of moon and star shaped cosmic pieces.

2017 Lubella : Justice League - Superman Mega Vanilla

The gameplay is based on War. The cards are evenly divided and stacked facedown in front of each player. Players take turns choosing one of four different attributes to battle. Each player then selects a single card. The card with the highest chosen stat wins and the winner keeps the revealed cards. In case of a draw, each player selects another card. The game ends when a player gathers all of the cards.

2017 Lubella : Justice League
Strength Vision Power Defense
Aquaman 4 3 4 6
Batman 2 5 3 7
Batman 3 4 4 6
Cyborg 5 3 2 7
Cyborg 6 4 3 4
Green Lantern 4 4 4 5
Green Lantern
Superman 6 4 3 4
Superman 7 2 5 3
The Flash 2 5 7 3
The Flash
Wonder Woman 6 3 3 5
Wonder Woman 5 5 6 1