2007 McDonald's : Legion of Super Heroes

Throughout the month of August in 2007, McDonald's released the Legion of Super Heroes action figure and trading card collection in the United States. The Legion of Super Heroes animated series aired from September 23, 2006, to April 5, 2008. The series was broadcast in the United States as part of the Kids' WB line on The CW network.

Legion of Super Heroes

Individual characters were packaged with Happy Meals or sold separately. The campaign ran simultaneously with a Build-A-Bear Workshop promotion. Each figure includes an illustrated case containing a trading card and diorama display. The PVC figures are approximately 2.75 inches in height. The display case measure about 5.75 inches in height.

2007 McDonalds Legion of Super Heroes - Superman

Superman appears with Drax Zod in the trading card set. The Legion of Superheroes was originally titled Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes. Due to the legal battle over the rights to Superboy, the character was referred to as a young Superman in the television series.

"The Legion of Super-Heroes" first appeared in Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958). The team was created for a one-off Superboy story by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino. The Legion of Superheroes animated characters were designed by Derrick J. Wyatt and Glenn Won.

Kids' WB distributed a different set of Legion of Super Heroes promotional cards at the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con International.

2007 McDonald's : Legion of Super Heroes
Bouncing Boy
Brainiac 5
Lightning Lad
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