DC Comics Ooshies Collector Cards

DC Comics Ooshies Collector Cards

Ooshies DC Comics Collector Cards

Ooshies are designed and manufactured by Headstart International Pty Ltd. in Oakleigh, Australia. A 30-card series of Ooshies DC Comics Collector Cards was released in 2022. The trading cards are included with 30-pack collections of Ooshies DC Comics pencil tops. The series is not numbered and each card features a game icon based on "rock, paper, scissors."

2023 DC Comics Ooshies Collector Cards

A second series of Ooshies DC Comics Collector Cards was released on May 21, 2023. Each pack contains 10 collector cards and one DC Comics Ooshies pencil topper. Each card features a game icon based on "rock, paper, scissors." The 60-card numbered set includes 16 holographic foil cards and a gold foil Black Adam card.

2023 DC Comics Ooshies - 046 - Classic Superman 2023 DC Comics Ooshies - 004 - Classic Superman

Superman is featured on seven cards in the 2023 series, including one foil card misspelled as "Clarke" Kent.

2023 DC Comics Ooshies - 024 - Superman Black Suit 2023 DC Comics Ooshies - 052 - Clark Kent

Oooshies Series 1 Checklist
Batman Black Suit
Batman New 52
Batman Silver Age Hologram Blue
Batman Titanium
Batman Beyond Carbon
Booster Golden
Cyborg Titanium
Damien Wayne Hologram
Dr. Fate Golden
Hal Jordan Hologram
Harley Quinn Hologram Pink
Jessica Cruz Hologram
Kid Flash Golden
Kyle Rayner Hologram
Reverse Flash Golden
Shazam! Metallic Gold
Simon Baz Hologram
Sinestro Batman Modern Day
Supergirl Classic
Superman Classic
Superman Crystal Blue
The Flash Metallic Gold
Tornado Metallic Gold
Wonder Woman Classic
Wonder Woman Crystal Blue
Batman Pink Suit
Clark Kent Titanium
Harley Quinn Metallic
Two Face Titanium
Ooshies Series 2 Checklist
001 Poison Ivy Hologram
002 Capt. Boomerang Hologram
003 Aquaman Classic
004 Superman Classic
005 Batwoman Modern Day
006 Green Arrow Classic
007 Cyborg New 52
008 Darkseid New 52
009 Batman White Lantern
010 Hal Jordan White Lantern
011 Batman Silver Age
012 Clark Kent Classic
013 Batman Black Suit
014 Killer Croc Hologram
015 Cat Woman Purple Suit
016 The Flash Classic
017 Lex Luthor Hologram
018 Shazam! Classic
019 Reverse Flash
020 The Joker Classic
021 Penguin Classic
022 The Riddler Modern Day
023 Wonder Woman New 52
024 Superman Black Suit
025 Batman Black Suit
026 Superman Black Suit
027 Batman Silver Age
028 Darkseid New 52
029 The Flash Classic
030 Superman Classic
031 Poison Ivy Classic
032 Cat Woman Purple Suit
033 Wonder Woman New 52
034 Lex Luthor Hologram
035 Batwoman Modern Day
036 The Penguin Classic
037 Batman White Lantern
038 Green Arrow Classic
039 The Joker Classic
040 Hal Jordan White Lantern
041 The Riddler Classic
042 Reverse Flash
043 Shazam! Classic
044 Wonder Woman New 52
045 Cat Woman Purple Suit
046 Superman Classic
047 Reverse Flash
048 Lex Luthor Hologram
049 Batman Black Suit
050 Aquaman New 52
051 Batwoman Modern Day
052 (Clarke) Clark Kent
053 The Flash Classic
054 Batman Silver Age
055 Hal Jordan White Lantern
056 Killer Croc Hologram
057 Shazam! Classic
058 Cyborg New 52
059 Capt. Boomerang Hologram
060 Black Adam New 52

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