1986 Agencia Reyauca / Salo : Super Amigos

...de Reyauca con amor para los niños

The Super Amigos card set and sticker album was distributed in South America by Agencia Reyauca in Venezuela and Salo S.A. in Chile. The collection was published in 1986.
1986 Agencia Reyuaca - Super Amigos Album
The set is sold in paper packets that print card #66, Mujer Maravilla (Wonder Woman). There are two non-adhesive stickers in each pack. Boxes contain 100 packs.
1986 Agencia Reyuaca - Salo - Super Amigos
Packs may contain randomly inserted stickers to be affixed on the inside album covers. Each insert reads "Recortalo y pegalo en tu album," which translates to "cut it out and paste it in your album." The copyright information is misprinted as "D.L. Comics. ING" on all 24 stickers. The first 12 stickers feature the Super Friends.
1986 Agencia Reyauca - Salo - Super Amigos - A-7 - Superman
The second set of 12 stickers depict the Super Juniors.
1986 Agencia Reyauca - Salo - Super Amigos - B-9 - Superman Jr
Much of the artwork is based on images from the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Dick Giordano. Todd Klein assisted with logos and background inking.
1986 Agencia Reyuaca - Salo - Super Amigos - 1 - Superman
1986 Agencia Reyuaca - Salo - Super Amigos - 19 - Superman
1986 Agencia Reyuaca - Salo - Super Amigos - 61 - Superman
A 19-card subset contains a comic storyline featuring Superman against Mister Mxyzptlk.
Each paper card measures approximately 1.75 x 3 inches. The back of each card is blank. The Spanish titles are listed in the Super Amigos collector album that was sold separately. The collector album included a coupon insert and promotions that could be redeemed for various prizes.

Collector album sticker-cards are often referred to as "cromos" or "figuritas" in Spanish. The collectibles are called "vignettes" in French, "figurines" or "panini" in Italian, and "figurinhas" in Portuguese. Many sticker album collections released in the 20th century required paste or glue.

Los Super Amigos aired in Venezuela on Venevision. Francisco Colmenero provided the Spanish narration for the Latin America dubs. Reyauca previously issued a card set and collector album in Venezuela for Superman II. Reyauca remained operational until 2006.

The collector album released in Chile by Salo does not include the "Exito de TV" text on the front cover. The back cover advertises children shows broadcast by Teleonce, now known as Chilevisión. Salo produced albums and collectible cards games in Chile from 1962 to 2010. The brand was acquired by Grupo Panini and currently operates as Panini Chile.

The checklist consists of 124 cards and 24 stickers.

Agencia Reyauca / Salo : Super Amigos
1 Superman
2 Batman
3 Flash
4 Robin
5 Flecha Verde
6 Mujer Maravilla (Wonder Woman)
7 Superchica (Supergirl)
8 Luisa Lane (Lois)
9 Shazam
10 Krypto
11 Aquaman
12 Mera
13 Aqualad
14 Batichica (Batgirl)
15 Los Gemelos Fantasticos (Wonder Twins)
16 Clark Kent
17 Jimmy Olsen
18 Superman y Luisa Lane
19 Simbolo de Superman
20 Luthor
21 Editor Perry White
22 Fortaleza de la Soledad
23 Mr. Mxyzptlk
24 Bruce Wayne
25 Dick Grayson
26 Barbara Gordon
27 El Pingüino (The Penguin)
28 El Acertijo (The Riddler)
29 El Gauson (The Joker)
30 Gatubela (Catwoman)
31 Simbolo de Batman
32 Batmobile
33 Batcycle
34 Batcopter
35 Batplane
36 Batarang
37 Batman
38 Batman y Batichica
39 Batman y Robin
40 Diana Prince
41 Steve Trevor
42 Isla Paraiso
43 Cheetah
44 Avion Maravilla
45 Wonder Woman
46 Wonder Woman
47 El Laso Magico
48 Flash Sobre el Aqua
49 Aquaman y Mera
50 Arquero Esmeralda
51 El Amo de Oceano
52 El Halcon (Hawkman)
53 Simbolo de Linterna Verde
54 El Cometa Escarlata
55 Simbolo de Flash
56 Superman visita a Luisa
57 Un Vuelo Agradable
58 Superman, Luisa y Jimmy
59 Superman y Superchica
60 Clark se Transforma
61 A Luchar por la Justicia!
62 La Tierra Salvada
63 Batman ...
64 Simbolo de Batichica
65 Batman, Joker
66 Mujer Maravilla 
67 Mujer Maravilla 
68 Mujer Maravilla 
69 Mujer Maravilla, Cheetah ...
70 Robin
Superman contra el Sr. Mxyzptlk
71 Superman
73 Superman
74 Superman
75Batman, Robin
77 Superman, Batman, Robin
79 Mr. Mxyzptlk
80 Superman, Batman, Robin
81 Superman, Batman, Robin
82 Luego en casa del Sr. Mxyzptlk
83 Superman
84 Aquaman, Mera
85 Mr. Mxyzptlk
86 Mr. Mxyzptlk
87 Superman, Batman, Robin
89 La Gente No Se Preocupa
Mujer Maravilla
90 Diana Prince
91 Wonder Woman
93 Como Lo Sospechaba?
94 Nuevamente esos molvados
95 Wonder Woman
98 Wonder Woman
99 Wonder Woman
100 Wonder Woman
102 Crash!
103 El choque del robot
Batman y Robin contra Los Villanos
105 Penguin, Joker, Riddler
106 Penguin
107 Penguin
108 Penguin
109 Joker, Riddler
110 Batmobile
111 Batman, Robin, Penguin
112 Batman, Robin
114 Batman, Robin
115 Batman, Robin
116 Penguin, Robin 
117 Batman, Penguin
118 Robin
119 Batman, Robin
120 Batman, Robin
121 Batman y Superchica
122 Aquaman y El Delfin
123 Superman, Robin y Krypto
124 Mujer Maravilla y Flecha Verde
125 Escalando un Edificio
126 Gatubela y Batichica
127 Flash y Batman
128 Linterna Verde
Recortalo y Pegalo en Tu Album
A-1 Flash
A-2 Lex Luthor
A-3 Supergirl
A-4 Batgirl
A-5 Aquaman
A-6 Batman
A-7 Superman
A-8 Wonder Woman
A-9 Robin
A-10 Black Canary
A-11 Green Lantern
A-12 Green Arrow
B-1 Hawkman Jr.
B-2 Zan Jr.
B-3 Jana Jr.
B-4 Supergirl Jr.
B-5 Aquaman Jr.
B-6 Flash Jr.
B-7 Green Lantern Jr.
B-8 Wonder Woman Jr.
B-9 Superman Jr.
B-10 Batman Jr.
B-11 Robin Jr.
B-12 Green Arrow Jr.

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