2022 Sanshu China : DCEU Trading Cards

2022 Sanshu China : DCEU Trading Cards

2022 Sanshu China : DCEU Trading Cards Series 1

DC Extended Universe (DCEU) trading card sets were distributed in 2022 by Sanshu China Co., Ltd. The series was licensed by J.T. Network Pte Ltd. in Singapore. Both editions showcase live-action DC characters from television and film. The cards are printed on thick 55 Pt. cardstock stamped with holographic foil.

The text description on each box was directly copied from the English Wikipedia page for the DC Extended Universe, including "'DC Movie Universe' redirects here." Typos and error cards have been observed with incorrect actors and/or film titles.

DCEU Series 1 boxes contain 12 packs and a metal box topper. Each pack contains two cards. The boxes are incorrectly labeled as "50 Card Deck" and the packs are mislabeled "Made in USA". Base card subsets descend in rarity from A–F. Randomly inserted facsimile signature cards are serial numbered to 200 copies each.

2022 Sanshu China : DCEU Trading Cards Series 1 - Metal Box Topper

DCEU Series 2 is sold in magnetic collector boxes that contain 12 foil packs of 2 cards. The exterior box artwork is from the "DC Villains Month" variant cover of Batman #23 (November 2013) penciled by Jason Fabok and colored by Nathan Fairbairn. The interior box artwork is from Batman: The Killing Joke (July 1998), illustrated by Brain Bolland and colored by John Higgins.

2022 Sanshu China : DCEU Trading Cards Series 2 Box

According to the packaging, "All cards are randomly inserted across the production run and are not guaranteed in any individual pack, box, or case." DCEU Series 2 includes rare "AAA" and "AA" chase cards. Base card subsets descend in rarity from A–I. Two 9-piece puzzles are randomly inserted in packs.

Facsimile autograph "S" cards are numbered to 200 copies each. "SS" cards contain manufactured gold-metal relics numbered to 50 copies each. "SSS" cards depict popular hero and villain duels numbered to 25 copies each. The S-Tier card checklists are not fully revealed in promotional materials.

Special redemption card inserts could reportedly be exchanged for prizes. First Prize winners received a model statue of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. Second Prize cards could be redeemed for a Lego Batmobile Tumbler. Third Prize awarded one-of-twelve metal character coins.

2022 Sanshu China : DCEU Trading Cards Series 2

2022 Series 1 Checklist
Premium Rare Vertical
DC-A-001 The Flash The Flash
DC-A-002 Weasel The Suicide Squad
DC-A-003 Faora Hu-Ul Man of Steel
DC-A-004 Batman The Batman
DC-A-005 Jason Todd Titans
DC-A-006 M'Onel Supergirl
DC-A-007 Green Arrow Arrow
DC-A-008 S.T.R.I.P.E. Stargirl
DC-A-009 Wonder Girl Titans
DC-A-010 Supergirl Supergirl
DC-A-011 Aquaman Aquaman
DC-A-012 Superman Man of Steel
DC-A-013 Mera Aquaman
DC-A-014 Cyborg Justice League
DC-A-015 Batman Batman Begins
DC-A-016 Batman Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
DC-A-017 The Flash The Flash
DC-A-018 Aquaman Aquaman
DC-A-019 Joker Suicide Squad
DC-A-020 Deadshot Suicide Squad
DC-A-021 Joker Suicide Squad
DC-A-022 El Diablo Suicide Squad
DC-A-023 Katana Suicide Squad
DC-A-024 Enchantress Suicide Squad
DC-A-025 Bruce Wayne The Batman
DC-A-026 Bruce Wayne Justice League
DC-A-027 Darkseid Justice League
DC-A-028 Starfire Titans
DC-A-029 Starfire Titans
DC-A-030 Red Arrow Arrow
DC-A-031 Beast Boy Titans
DC-A-032 Black Manta Aquaman
DC-A-033 Red Hood Titans
DC-A-034 Stargirl Stargirl
DC-A-035 S.T.R.I.P.E. Stargirl
DC-A-036 Captain Cold Titans
Premium Rare Vertical
DC-B-001 Superman Justice League
DC-B-002 Batman Justice League
DC-B-003 Wonder Woman Justice League
DC-B-004 Superman Justice League
DC-B-005 Darkseid Justice League
DC-B-006 Bane The Dark Knight Rises
DC-B-007* Robin & Bitman (Batman) Robin & Bitman (Titans / B v. S)
DC-B-008 Joker The Dark Knight
DC-B-009 Captain Boomerang Suicide Squad
DC-B-010 Black Mask Batwoman
DC-B-011 Starro The Suicide Squad
DC-B-012 Green Arrow Arrow
DC-B-013 Steppenwolf Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
DC-B-014 Polka Dot Man The Suicide Squad
DC-B-015 Riddler The Batman
DC-B-016 Clayface Birds of Prey
DC-B-017 Ocean Master Aquaman
DC-B-018 Supergirl Supergirl
DC-B-019 Harley Quinn Suicide Squad
DC-B-020 Green Lantern Green Lantern
DC-B-021 Aqualad Titans
DC-B-022 Deathstroke Titans
DC-B-023 Captain Cold DC's Legends of Tomorro
DC-B-024 Green Arrow Arrow
DC-B-025 Nightwing Titans
DC-B-026 Ravens Titans
DC-B-027 Robin Titans
Uncommon Vertical
DC-C-001 Zoom The Flash
DC-C-002 The Flash, Reverse-Flash The Flash
DC-C-003 Savitar The Flash
DC-C-004 Kid Flash The Flash
DC-C-005 Supergirl Supergirl
DC-C-006 Stargirl Stargirl
DC-C-007 Atom DC's Legends of Tomorrow
DC-C-008 Hawkgirl DC's Legends of Tomorrow
DC-C-009 Black Canary Arrow
DC-C-010 Jerome Veleska Gotham
DC-C-011 Jason Todd Titans
DC-C-012 The Suicide Squad The Suicide Squad
DC-C-013 Bloodsport The Suicide Squad
DC-C-014 Peacemaker The Suicide Squad
DC-C-015 Peacemaker Peacemaker
DC-C-016 The Vigilante Peacemaker
DC-C-017 Shazam Shazam
DC-C-018 Batman Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
DC-C-019 Bane The Dark Knight Rises
DC-C-020 Harley Quinn Birds of Prey
DC-C-021 Huntress Birds of Prey
DC-C-022 Black Mask Batwoman
DC-C-023 Heat Wave DC's Legends of Tomorrow
DC-C-024 Martian Manhunter Supergirl
DC-C-025 Queen Atlanta Aquaman
DC-C-026 Nuidis Vulko Aquaman
DC-C-027 Elasti-Girl Doom Patrol
DC-C-028 Reverse-Flash The Flash
DC-C-029 Jay Garrick The Flash
DC-C-030 Cyborg Doom Patrol
DC-C-031 Starfire Titans
DC-C-032 Negative Man Doom Patrol
DC-C-033 Robotman Doom Patrol
DC-C-034 Hawk Titans
DC-C-035 Dove Titans
DC-C-036 Alice Batwoman
Common Horizontal
DC-D-001 Justice League Zack Snyder's Justice League
DC-D-002 The Suicide Squad The Suicide Squad
DC-D-003 Batman, Catwoman The Batman
DC-D-004 The Batman The Batman
DC-D-005 Batman The Batman
DC-D-006 Watchmen Watchmen
DC-D-007 Ratcache-2 The Suicide Squad
DC-D-008 King Shark The Suicide Squad
DC-D-009 Peacemaker The Suicide Squad
DC-D-010 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984
DC-D-011 Suicide Squad Suicide Squad
DC-D-012 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984
DC-D-013 The Flash The Flash
DC-D-014 Batman, Catwoman The Batman
DC-D-015 Bane The Dark Knight Rises
DC-D-016 Scarecrow Batman Begins
DC-D-017 Ra's al Ghul Gotham
DC-D-018 Dru-Zod Man of Steel
DC-D-019 Col. Rick Flag The Suicide Squad
DC-D-020 Harley Quinn The Suicide Squad
DC-D-021 Savant The Suicide Squad
DC-D-022 Bloodsport The Suicide Squad
DC-D-023 The Thinker The Suicide Squad
DC-D-024 Captain Boomerang The Suicide Squad
DC-D-025 Polka-Dot Man The Suicide Squad
DC-D-026 Harley Quinn The Suicide Squad
DC-D-027 Joker The Dark Knight Rises
DC-D-028 Supergirl Supergirl
DC-D-029 Hawk and Dove Titans
DC-D-030 Robin Titans
DC-D-031* Sanzam (Shazam) Shazam
DC-D-032 The Flash The Flash
DC-D-033 Comedian Watchmen
DC-D-034 Owlman Watchmen
DC-D-035 Rorschach Watchmen
DC-D-036 Oxymandias Watchmen
Common Horizontal
DC-F-001 Constantine Constantine
DC-F-002 Lex Luthor Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
DC-F-003 Edward Nygma Gotham
DC-F-004 Jeremiah Valeska Gotham
DC-F-005 Oswald Chester Cobblepot Gotham
DC-F-006 James Gordon Gotham
DC-F-007 Selina Kyle Gotham
DC-F-008 Joker Joker
DC-F-009 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984
DC-F-010 Batwoman Batwoman
DC-F-011 Vixen Arrow
DC-F-012 Batwoman & Alice Batwoman
DC-F-013 Cyborg Doom Patrol
DC-F-014 Doom Patrol Doom Patrol
DC-F-015 Superman Superman & Lois
DC-F-016 Supergirl, Superman Supergirl
DC-F-017 Orm Marius Aquaman
DC-F-018 Riddler The Batman
DC-F-019 Red Hood Titans
DC-F-020 Joker Joker
DC-F-021 Justice League Zack Snyder's Justice League
DC-F-022 Darkseid Zack Snyder's Justice League
DC-F-023 Superman Zack Snyder's Justice League
DC-F-024 Aquaman Aquaman
DC-F-025 Mera Aquaman
DC-F-026 Batman vs. Superman Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
DC-F-027 Birds of Prey Birds of Prey
DC-F-028 Black Lightning Black Lightning
DC-F-029 Thunder, Lightning Black Lightning
DC-F-030 Firestorm DC's Legends of Tomorrow
DC-F-031 Kid Flash The Flash
DC-F-032 Reign Supergirl
DC-F-033 Poison Ivy Batwoman
DC-F-034 Constantine Constantine
DC-F-035 Doom Patrol Doom Patrol
DC-F-036 Injustice Society Stargirl
Facsimile Actor Signature #/200
DC-S-001 Superman Henry Cavill
DC-S-002 Batman Ben Affleck
DC-S-003 Joker Heath Ledger
DC-S-004 Catwoman Anne Hathaway
DC-S-005 Aquaman Jason Momoa
DC-S-006 The Flash Ezra Miller
DC-S-007 Batman Robert Pattinson
DC-S-008 Shazam Zachary Levi
DC-S-009 Wonder Woman Gal Gadot
DC-S-010 The Flash  Grant Gustin
DC-S-011 Lois Lane Amy Adams
DC-S-012 Mera Amber Heard
DC-S-013 Batman Christian Bale
DC-S-014 Peacemaker John Cena
DC-S-015 Deadshot Will Smith
DC-S-016 Queen Atlanta Nicole Kidman
DC-S-017 Superman Henry Cavill
DC-S-018 Batman Ben Affleck
Metal Box Topper
DC-GMC-001 Shazam Zachary Levi
DC-GMC-002 Supergirl Melissa Benoist
DC-GMC-003 Batman Robert Pattinson
DC-GMC-004 The Suicide Squad The Suicide Squad
DC-GMC-005 Aquaman Jason Momoa
DC-GMC-006 Wonder Woman Gal Gadot
DC-GMC-007 The Flash Grant Gustin
DC-GMC-008 Harley Quinn Margot Robbie
DC-GMC-009 Superman Henry Cavill
2022 Series 2 Checklist
A-001 Beast Boy Titans
A-002 Comedian Watchmen
A-003 Titans Titans
A-004 Titans Titans
A-005 Titans Titans
A-006 Silk Spectre Watchmen
A-007 Two-Face Batman Forever
A-008 Wonder Girl Titans
A-009 Riddler Batman Forever
A-010 Doctor Manhattan Watchmen
A-011 Rorschach Watchmen
A-012 Robin Batman Forever
A-013 Aquaman Aquaman
A-014 Ozymandias Watchmen
A-015 Raven Titans
A-016 Dick Grayson Titans
A-017* Superman Justice League (Superman Returns)
A-018 Owlman Watchmen
B-001 S.T.R.I.P.E. Stargirl
B-002 The Joker Suicide Squad
B-003 Katana Suicide Squad
B-004 Deadshot Suicide Squad
B-005 Killer Croc Suicide Squad
B-006 Rick Flag Suicide Squad
B-007 Perry White Superman Returns
B-008 Enchantress Suicide Squad
B-009 Catwoman The Dark Knight Returns
B-010 Lex Luthor Superman Returns
B-011 Slipknot Suicide Squad
B-012 Captain Boomerang Suicide Squad
B-013 Harley Quinn, Joker Suicide Squad
B-014 Harley Quinn Suicide Squad
B-015 Superman, Lois Lane Man of Steel
B-016 Superman Superman Returns
B-017 Amanda Waller Suicide Squad
B-018 El Diablo Suicide Squad
C-001 Zoom The Flash
C-002 Starfire Titans
C-003 Two Face The Dark Knight
C-004 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
C-005* Clark Kent Superman Returns (Superman)
C-006 Red Hood Gotham
C-007 Superman Superman & Lois
C-008 Conner Kent Titans
C-009 Conner Kent Titans
C-010 Batman Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
C-011 Barry Allen The Flash
C-012 Vigilante Peacemaker
C-013 Bruce Wayne The Dark Knight Rises
C-014 Peacemaker Peacemaker
C-015 Mister Freeze Batman & Robin
C-016 Lightning Black Lightning
C-017 Krypto Titans
C-018 Bronze Tiger Arrow
D-001 Niteowl Watchmen
D-002 Comedian Watchmen
D-003 The Joker Suicide Squad
D-004 Katana Suicide Squad
D-005 Deadshot Suicide Squad
D-006 Two-Face Batman Forever
D-007 Catwoman Batman Returns
D-008 Rorschach Watchmen
D-009* Lois Lane (Rachel Dawes) Superman & Lois (Batman Begins)
D-010* Katie Kowalski (Kitty) Superman Returns
D-011 Ozymandias Watchmen
D-012 Poison Ivy Batman & Robin
D-013 Silk Spectre Watchmen
D-014 Superman Superman Returns
D-015 Dr. Chase Meridan Batman Forever
D-016 Batman Batman Begins
D-017 Alfred Pennyworth Batman Begins
D-018 Dru-Zod Man of Steel
E-001 Julian Albert The Flash
E-002 Swamp Thing Swamp Thing
E-003 Nightwing Titans
E-004 Krypto Titans
E-005 Hippolyta Wonder Woman 1984
E-006 Bronze Tiger Arrow
E-007 Shiv Stargirl
E-008 Titans Titans
E-009 Deathstroke Titans
E-010 Jason Todd Titans
E-011 Firestorm Legends of Tomorrow
E-012 Black Adam Black Adam
E-013 Black Canary Arrow
E-014 Black Manta Aquaman
E-015 Harley Quinn Birds of Prey
E-016 Killer Frost The Flash
E-017 Batwoman Batwoman
E-018 Stargirl Stargirl
F-001 Starfire Titans
F-002 The Joker Joker
F-003 Steve Trevor Wonder Woman 1984
F-004 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984
F-005 Shazam Shazam
F-006 King Nereus Aquaman
F-007 Courtney Whitmore Stargirl
F-008 Jeremiah Gotham
F-009 Blackfire Titan
F-010 Lois Lane, Superman Superman Returns
F-011 Bruce Wayne Justice League
F-012 Batman The Batman
F-013 Batman Batman Forever
F-014 Bane The Dark Knight Rises
F-015 Penguin Gotham
F-016 Antiope Justice League
F-017 Edward Nygma Gotham
F-018 Bloodsport Suicide Squad
G-001 Nightwing Titans
G-002 Antope Wonder Woman 1984
G-003 Stargirl Stargirl
G-004 Plant Master Swamp Thing
G-005 Hawkman Black Adam
G-006 Elasti Girl Doom Patrol
G-007 Blue Devil Swamp Thing
G-008 Mr. Freeze Batman Returns
G-009 Robotman Doom Patrol
G-010 Captain Cold Legends Of Tomorrow
G-011 Cyborg Doom Patrol
G-012 Crazy Jane Doom Patrol
G-013 Dorothy Doom Patrol
G-014 Superman Man of Steel
G-015 Superman Superman Returns (Superman)
G-016 Batman The Batman
G-017 Batwoman Batwoman
G-018 Oliver Queen Arrow
H-001 Swamp Thing Swamp Thing
H-002 The Joker The Dark Knight
H-003 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984
H-004 Titans Titans
H-005 Doom Patrol Doom Patrol
H-006 Doom Patrol Doom Patrol
H-007 Catwoman Batman Returns
H-008 Arrow Arrow
H-009 Robotman Doom Patrol
H-010 Lex Luthor Superman & Lois
H-011 Cyborg Justice League
H-012 Negative Man Doom Patrol
H-013 Darkseid Justice League
H-014 Superman Justice League
H-015 Superman Man of Steel
H-016 Supergirl Supergirl
H-017 Batman The Dark Knight
H-018 Justice League Justice League
I-001 Titans Titans
I-002 Titans Titans
I-003 The Chief Doom Patrol
I-004 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984
I-005 Ocean Master Aquaman
I-006 The Flash The Flash
I-007 Penguin Batman Returns
I-008 Huntress Birds of Prey
I-009 Catwoman Catwoman
I-010 Canary Birds of Prey
I-011 Steppenwolf Justice League
I-012 Cyborg Doom Patrol
I-013 Darkseid Justice League
I-014 Superman Justice League
I-015 Batman, Catwoman The Dark Knight Rises
I-016 Bane The Dark Knight Rises
I-017 The Joker The Dark Knight
I-018 Captain Cold, Heatwave Legends of Tomorrow
Classic Characters
AA-001 Doctor Fate Black Adam
AA-002 Catwoman Catwoman
AA-003 Constantine Constantine
AA-004 Harley Quinn Suicide Squad
AA-005 Doom Patrol Doom Patrol
AA-006 Darkseid Zack Snyder's Justice League
AA-007 Superman Zack Snyder's Justice League
AA-008 Superman Man of Steel
AA-009 Batwoman Batwoman
AA-010 Batman Justice League
AA-011 Batman Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
AA-012 The Joker Batman
AA-013 Black Adam Black Adam
AA-014 Clark Kent Man of Steel
AA-015 Lex Luthor Justice League
AA-016 The Flash The Flash
AA-017 Wonder Woman Zack Snyder's Justice League
AA-018 Wonder Woman Wonder Woman
Team Cards
AAA-001 The Suicide Squad
AAA-002 Superman & Lois
AAA-003 Stargirl
AAA-004 Smallville
AAA-005 Doom Patrol
AAA-006 Justice League
AAA-007 Watchmen
AAA-008 Suicide Squad
AAA-009 Black Lightning
9-Piece Puzzle Cards
The Suicide Squad
Justice League
Facsimile Actor Signature #/200
S-002 Bane Tom Hardy
S-003 Joker Heath Ledger
S-005 Dr. Fate Pierce Brosnan
S-006 Harley Quinn Margot Robbie
S-007 Peacemaker John Cena
S-008 Black Adam Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
S-009 Aquaman Jason Momoa
S-010 Joker Joaquin Phoenix
S-011 Shazam Zachary Levi
S-012 Superman Henry Cavill
S-013 Batman Robert Pattinson
S-014 Batman Christian Bale
S-015 Superman Tyler Hoechlin
S-016 Wonder Woman Gal Gadot
S-017 Superman Christopher Reeve
S-018 The Flash Grant Gustin
Manufactured Metal Relic #/50
SS-001 Superman Justice League
SS-002 Batman Justice League
SS-003 Wonder Woman Justice League
Character Duel #/25
SSS-001 Superman vs Batman Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
SSS-008 Cheetah vs Wonder Woman Wonder Woman 1984

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