1977 Russell's : Super Hero Color-A-Deck Card Game

1977 Russell's Super Hero Color-A-Deck

The Super Hero Color-A-Deck is a rummy card game series released by the Russell Manufacturing Company in 1977. There are 24 decks in a case. Each deck contains 40 game cards and a rule card. There are four copies of each card in a full deck. The cards measure 2.25 x 3.25 inches (57 x 82.5 cm). The Superman box artwork is by Neal Adams.

1977 Russell's Super Hero Color-A-Deck - Superman

Super Hero Color-A-Deck four-packs include five colored pencils. The blister packaging contains four crayons. Some editions contain black-and-white game cards meant to be colored. Other editions include game cards printed in color.

1977 Russell's Super Hero Color-A-Deck - 1 - Superman

1977 Russell's : Super Hero Color-A-Deck
1 Superman
2 Clark Kent
3 Superman
4 Superman
5 Frank Lester
6 Krypto
7 Superman emblem
8 Supergirl
9 Lois Lane
10 Superman

Super Hero Color-A-Deck Rules

Shuffle and deal cards one at a time face down until each player has 7 cards (6 each if more than two are playing). Place remainder of cards face down in center of table to form the drawing pile. Turn top card face up to start the discard pile.

Player at left of dealer starts game by drawing one card from either pile and he may then play by laying down matching cards if he has 3 or more alike, or series cards if he has 3 or more cards with numbers that run consecutively, such as 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8, 9, 10, etc.

When he can make no more plays, he discards one card by placing it face up on the discard pile. Then the next player to the left has his turn and so on. Each player draws, plays and discards in that order. He does not have to play at each turn but may wish to hold back cards to block opponents, in which case he merely draws and discards.

Any player in turn may play cards on other players cards that will complete matching sets or add on either end of a series, provided he can go out in so doing. In this case he is entitled to discard one last card if necessary.

If all cards in the drawing pile have been used, the cards in the discard pile may be reshuffled and turned face down to form a new drawing pile. The game is won by the player who first clears his hand of all cards.

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