2013 Cryptozoic : Superman: The Legend Trading Cards

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman: The Legend Trading Cards

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman: The Legend Trading Cards

Superman: The Legend Trading Cards were released by Cryptozoic Entertainment on April 23, 2013. The series features characters and events from the Post-Crisis Superman universe. The series is comprised of original artwork commissioned exclusively for Cryptozoic. The card text was written by Adam Beechen.

Packs originally retailed or $3.50 each. Hobby boxes contain 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. Foil base parallels are found in approximately 1:4 packs. The odds of finding a 1/1 printing plate are approximately 1:576 packs.

An album binder was sold exclusively by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. and Previews. The album includes a limited nine-card promo set and sketch card reprints. Superman appears in Batman: The Legend, a similar series released by Cryptozoic in January 2013.

Superman appears on base card #1, illustrated by Mahmud Asrar.

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend #01 - Superman 2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend #01 - Superman

The back of each base card contains a brief character description.

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend #01 - Superman

"X-Ray Vision" die-cut inserts are manufactured with thermochromic ink and shaped like the Superman emblem. The image and text is revealed when heat is applied. The odds of finding an "X-Ray Vision" insert are about 1:24 packs, or one per box.

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend - X-Ray Vision XR-02

The odds of finding a hand-drawn sketch or redemption card are approximately 1:24 packs, or about one per box. Redemptions could be exchanged for an oversized sketch card. Each sketch card is a 1/1 original from one of 115 different artists.

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend - Aaron Felizmenio Sketch 2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend -  Sketch Card 1/1

The Superman: Secret Origin foil subset reprints cover art from the 2009 miniseries written by Geoff Johns, illustrated by Gary Frank, and colored by Brad Anderson.

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend - S0-06 - Issue 6

"The Women of Superman" is a six-card insert set that showcases major female characters of the Superman universe. The Supergirl card reprints a panel from Superman/Batman #12 (September 2004). The image was illustrated by Michael Turner and colored by Peter Steigerwald.

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend - WOS-04 - Supergirl

The "Alternate Worlds" foil chase set features different versions of Superman including Earth One, Red Son, and Bizarro.

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend - ARS-06 - Superman of Earth One

A redemption card for a digital copy of Action Comics #844 is inserted in approximately 1:24 packs, or one per box. The cover was penciled by Andy Kubert, inked by Jesse Delperdang, and colored by Moose Baumann.

2013 Cryptozoic : Superman The Legend - Action Comics Redemption

The series was featured on the cover of the April/May 2013 issue of Non-Sport Update. An embossed promo card was included with the magazine. The Superman cover was illustrated by Mahmud Asrar.

Non-Sport Update Volume 24, No. 2, April/May 2013 2013 Cryptozoic : Superman: The Legend - P1 - Non-Sport Update Promo

Base Checklist
Foil (1:4), Printing Plates (1:576)
01 Superman
02 Supergirl
03 Bizarro
04 Brainiac
05 Superman Beyond
06 Cyborg Superman
07 Darkseid
08 Doomsday
09 General Zod
10 Encantadora
11 Lex Luthor
12 Eradicator
13 Faora
14 Fatal Five
15 Lois Lane
16 Fortress of Solitude
17 Gangbuster
18 Guardian
19 Imperiex
20 Toyman
21 Krypto, The Superdog
22 Lana Lang
23 Lori Lemaris
24 Perry White
25 Metallo
26 Mr. Mxyzptlk
27 Jimmy Olsen
28 Parasite
29 Prankster
30 Riot
31 Outreach 1 Team
32 Superboy
33 Clark Kent
34 Connor (Conner) Kent
35 Kara Kent
36 Young Superman
37 Jonathan Kent
38 Martha Kent
39 Pete Ross
40 Chris Kent
41 Cat Grant
42 Captain Margaret Sawyer
43 Inspector Henderson
44 Morgan Edge
45 Silver Banshee
46 Lucy Lane
47 General Sam Lane
48 Lord Satanus
49 Steel
50 Jor-El & Lara
51 Legion of Super-Heroes
52 Phantom Zone
53 Kryptonite
54 Mon-El
55 Kal-El
56 Kingdom Come Superman
57 Superman Red
58 Superman Blue
59 Bottle City of Kandor
60 Black Banshee
61 The Worldkillers
- Checklist
Alternate Worlds
ARS-01 President Superman Gene Ha, Art Lyon
ARS-02 Superman from The Dark Knight Returns Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Lynn Varley
ARS-03 Superman of Earth 2 Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Rod Reis
ARS-04 Subject 1
ARS-05 Superman Beyond Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema, Chris Beckett
ARS-06 Superman of Earth One Shane Davis, Sandra Hope, Barbara Ciardo
ARS-07 Red Son Dave Johnson, Andrew Robinson, Paul Mounts
ARS-08 Bizarro
ARS-09 Son of Darkseid Kieron Dwyer, Hilary Barta, Trish Mulvihill, Jamison
Secret Origin
SO-01 Issue #1 Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
SO-02 Issue #2 Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
SO-03 Issue #3 Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
SO-04 Issue #4 Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
SO-05 Issue #5 Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
SO-06 Issue #6 Gary Frank, Brad Anderson
The Women of the Superman
WOS-01 Lara Lor-Van
WOS-02 Cat Grant
WOS-03 DC Comics Livewire
WOS-04 Supergirl Michael Turner, Peter Steigerwald
WOS-05 Lana Lang
WOS-06 DC Comics Maxima
WOS-07 Lois Lane
WOS-08 Silver Banshee
WOS-09 Ursa
X-Ray Vision
XR-01 Metropolis Nerd Club
XR-02 Superman Muscle Building Club
XR-03 It's All Good, I Got This
XR-04 Retro
XR-05 Flying
XR-06 Punch
XR-07 Strength
XR-08 Landing
XR-09 The Legend
P1 Superman by Mahmud Asrar Non-Sport Update, April/May 2013
Album Exclusive
BP1 Superman
Diamond Previews Album
DMD-01 Superman: Action Comics #1 Rags Morales, Brad Anderson
DMD-02 Superman Blue
DMD-03 Superman Red
DMD-04 Flashpoint: Project Superman
DMD-05 Superman: Kingdom Come
DMD-06 Superman
DMD-07 Superman: New 52
DMD-08 Superman: Return of Superman
DMD-09 Superman: Son of Darkseid
Oversized Art Redemption
R1 – R12 Danielle Gransaull, Richard Cox
R13 – R18 Erik Caines, Jeff Victor
R19 – R23 Frank Kadar, Tim Shay
R24 – R29 Brent Engstrom, Joe Simko
R30 – R40 Fritz Casas, Jezreel Rojales
Sketch Card Artists
Aaron Felizmenio Jeff Victor
Aaron Riley Jennifer Mercer
Agnes Garbowska Jeremy Treece
Amy Clark Anderson Jerry Ma
Ana Sanchez Jezreel Rojales
Andrew Jones Joe Simko
Anthony Wheeler John "JAX" Jackman
Ashleigh Popplewell Jomar Bulda
Beck Seashols Jon Hughes
Benjamin Glendenning Jon Racimo
Bill McKay Jon Wayshak
Bill Pulkovski Josh Howard
Boo Kate "Red" Bradley
Bowen Kevin Gentilcore
Brendon and Brian Fraim Kris Cagle
Brent Engstrom Lark Sudol
Brent Ragland Laura Inglis
Brian Canio Layron DeJarnette
Brian Kong Levi Espino
Bruce Gerlach Luke Smarto
Buddy Prince Marat Mychaels
Camila Fortuna Marcelo Ferreira
Cassandra James Mark Marvida
Chris Chuckry Mark Nasso
Chris Foreman Matias Streb
Chris Thorne Matt Minor
Clayton McCormack Matthew Hansen
Dan Borgonos Mauricio Dias
Dan Parsons Michael "Locoduck" Duron
Dan Schaefer Michael Kasinger
Danielle Gransaull Mike Vasquez
Dave "Pops" Tata MJ San Suan
Dave Beaty Nathan Watson
Dave Lynch Neil Camera
Dave Sharpe Omar Bergonia
David Baron Rainier Lagunsad
Davie Hunter Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar
David Rabbitte Richard Brady
Elvis Moura Richard Cox
Eman Casallos Robert Hack
Erik Caines Rodjer Goulart
Frank Kadar Ron McCain
Fritz Casas Sanna Umamento
Gary Shipman Stacey Kardash
George Davis Stefanie Battalene
George Deep Stefanie Swanger
Glen Fernandez Thomas Boatwright
Hayden Davis Thomas Tuomey
Irma "Aimo" Ahmed Tim Shay
Isaiah McAllister Tom Nguyen
Jader Correa Tony Perna
Jake Minor Travis Walton
James "Bukshot" Bukauskas Vince Sunico
Jamie Roberts Vo Nguyen
Jason Worthington Will Nichols
Javier Aranda William Bronson
JC Fabul William Donley III
Jed Thomas

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