1966 National Periodical Publications : Superman Stick-Ons

Superman Stick-Ons are a series of twelve comic stickers that were sold in gumball machines during the late 1960s. Perforated four-panel strips were packaged inside of a vending egg-capsule for 10 cents each. Each sticker panel is approximately 2" x 7/8" and the images are randomly sequenced. The series is copyrighted 1966 by National Periodical Publications, Inc.

One sticker panel depicts Klar Ken T5477, the Superman of 2966 CE, battling Muto, a super-brained mutant created by writer Edmond Hamilton and artist Curt Swan. The two sticker images of Muto are from the cover and title-page of Action Comics #338 (June 1966). The artwork was penciled by Curt Swan and inked by George Klein.

Similar collections of Stick-Ons were produced in 1966 for Batman and Marvel Comics characters. A different series of Marvel Super Heroes Stick-Ons were distributed by Cracker Jack and Borden in 1979.

1966 National Periodical : Superman Stick-Ons
Clark Kent / Superman
Rocket Scientists
Muto's Missile
Superman Flying (City)
Superman Flying (Harbor)
Superman Flying (Horizontal)
Superman Flying (Vertical)
Superman vs. Dinosaur
Superman vs. Henchman (Crash!)
Superman vs. Lions
Superman vs. Missile (Whooosh!)
Superman vs. Muto