1977 Nostalgia Press : The Great Old Bubble Gum Cards

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The Great Old Bubble Gum Cards and Some Cigarette Cards was published in 1977 by Prime Press, a division of Nostalgia Press, Inc. The punch-out book contains 137 perforated reprints of classic trading cards released from 1910 to 1942. The collection was compiled and authored by Topps employees Woody Gelman and Len Brown, co-creators of Mars Attacks.

The Great Old Bubble Gum Cards and Some Cigarette Cards

"A Nostalgia Press Reprint" is printed on the back of each card. Gelman was the publisher of Nostalgia Press and co-creator of Bazooka Joe for Topps. Nostalgia Press reprinted collections of vintage comic strips and other pop culture memorabilia from 1960 until 1979. Gelman was also the associate editor of Jefferson Burdick's 1960 edition of The American Card Catalog: The Standard Guide on All Collected Cards and Their Values.

The Great Old Bubble Gum Cards - The Comics

"The Comics" subset includes a reprint of card #12 from the Superman Gum series. "Superman's Arch Enemy" depicts Superman against the original Luthor. Superman Gum was first released in late 1940 by Jacob Bowman's Gum, Inc. in Philadelphia. The series was illustrated by Fred Ray.

1977 The Great Old Bubble Gum Cards - Superman Gum1977 The Great Old Bubble Gum Cards - Superman Gum

The 1910 "Baseball Cigarette Cards" subset includes one of the first mass-produced reproductions of a T206 Honus Wager tobacco card. Sweet Caporal Cigarettes backs were originally printed from 1909-1911. The reprint is a photograph of the "Ratner-Gammon Wagner" formerly owned by Newark Evening News writer Willie Ratner.

American Beauties is listed as a 1944 release in The American Card Catalog.

1977 Nostalgia Press : The Great Old Bubble Gum Cards and Some Tobacco Cards
1910 : Baseball Cigarette Cards
1910 : Cowboy Series
1930s-1940s: The Comics
1931 R41 Walter H. Johnson Candy Co. Dick Tracy Caramels 91 Quick on the Draw
1934 R147 Schutter-Johnson Candy Corp. Tarzan of the Apes: The Crystal Vault of Isis 32 The Fight at the Water Hole
1935 R27
Cartoon Comics 118 Harold Teen
1935 R27
Cartoon Comics 133 Joe Palooka
1935 R89 Gum, Inc. Mickey Mouse Bubble Gum 9 Uncle Walt told me to take a walk and I'm doing it!
1935 R90 Gum, Inc. Mickey Mouse Bubble Gum 99 Mickey Mouse with the Movie Stars, Groucho Marx
1936 R28
Cartoon Adventures 408 Tailspin Tommy
1936 R28
Cartoon Adventures 417 Broncho Bill
1936 R28
Cartoon Adventures 442 Buck Rogers
1937 R21 Believe It Or Not, Inc. Ripley's Believe it or Not 45 The Royal Freak
1937 R23 Whitman Publishing Company Big Little Book Series 32 Flash Gordon
1940 R83 Gum, Inc. Lone Ranger Chewing Gum 6 Ghouls at Work
1940 R145 Gum, Inc. Superman Gum 12 Superman's Arch Enemy
1933 : Big League Baseball Cards
1933 : Indian Chewing Gum
1934 : Sky Birds
1936 : G-Men
1936-1942 : Dixie Movie Star Lids
1938 : Horrors of War
1941 : American Beauties

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