2023 Mattel : UNO Ultimate DC Comics 1st Edition

2023 UNO Ultimate : DC Comics 1st Edition

The 1st Edition of UNO Ultimate DC Comics cards was released by Mattel Games in June 2023. Each box contains 224 game cards plus a sealed pack of four holographic foil cards. The game cards are divided into four unique super hero decks: Aquaman, Green Lantern, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Each character deck includes three Enemy Cards, three Event Cards, and two Location Cards. The instruction booklet is printed in English and French,

2023 UNO Ultimate : DC Comics 1st Edition - Superman

The full-art foil variants are available for Wild and Character cards. The foil cards have five different levels of rarity indicated by a colored dot in the bottom-right corner of each card: 🟣Ultra Rare, 🔴Super Rare, 🟡Rare, 🔵Uncommon, and 🟢Common. The odds for each tier have not been disclosed.

2023 UNO Ultimate : DC Comics 1st Edition - Superman: Impervious

Mattel distributed a free UNO Ultimate Superman foil card at the San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC) from July 19–July 23, 2023. The artwork reprints the cover of Superman vol. 3, #28 (April 2014). The image was illustrated by Ed Benes and colored by Alex Sinclair.

A free UNO Ultimate Batman foil card was distributed at GenCon in the Indiana Convention Center from August 3–6, 2023. The artwork reprints the cover of Detective Comics #583 (February 1988). The image was illustrated by Mike Mignola and colored by Anthony Tollin.

Uno Ultimate was designed by Aaron Weil. The DC Comics decks are compatible with Marvel Comics editions allowing for cross-play. Separate add-on packs for Batman and Harley Quinn were released in August 2023. Each add-on pack includes two foil variants.

UNO Ultimate DC Comics 1st Edition (MTTHRF37)
🟢 Common
Aquaman Sea of Storms
Green Lantern Immense Willpower
Superman Sonic Boom
Wonder Woman Ends of the Earth
🔵 Uncommon
Aquaman Riptide Strike
Green Lantern Impurity Burn
Superman Heat Vision
Wonder Woman Battle Rage
🟡 Rare
Aquaman Aquatic Aftershock
Aquaman Deep Sea Allies
Aquaman Titanic Tsunami
Green Lantern Brightest Day
Green Lantern Recharge the Light
Superman Ends of the Earth (Super Speed)
Superman Frost Breath
Wonder Woman Pride of the Amazons
Wonder Woman Amazonian Assault
🔴 Super Rare
Batman Caped Crusader
Green Lantern Construct Creation
Superman Impervious
Wonder Woman Amazonian Fury
🟣 Ultra Rare
Superman Impervious
2023 SDCC Exclusive Promo
Superman Impervious
2023 GenCon Exclusive Promo
Batman Detective Work

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