1978 Weetabix : Superman Action Picture-Cards

Help Superman Defeat the Vilest Villains in the Universe

1978 Weetabix : Superman Action Picture-Cards

In 1978, Weetabix distributed a set of 18 "Dynamic Action Picture-Cards" in the UK. Giant Pack panels contain six perforated picture cards. Family Pack panels contain three cards. Cereal box backs feature one-of-six different "Superman Picture-Puzzler" activities. Weetabix released a similar series featuring characters from the Batman titles.

The panels are not numbered and each character card has a short biography on the back. Die-cut slots allow the cards to be folded into a stand-up display. Each card measures approximately 1.75 x 3.5 inches (45 x 90 mm).

1978 Weetabix : Superman Picture Cards

1978 Weetabix : Superman Action Picture Cards
The Brain
Lara & Kal-El
Microwave Man
Fremulshmat Battle-Beast
Guardian Robot
Galactic Co-Ordinator
Master Summoner
Lori Lemaris
Lex Luthor
Resource Raider
1978 Weetabix : Superman Picture-Puzzler
1 The Bottle City of Kandor Kryptonopolis Home City of Superman
2 The Secret Enemy The Scarlet Forest
3 The Brain's Word Game Rocket of Kal-El
4 Escape The Hero's Fortress of Solitude
5 Rocket Hunt The Ancient Kryptonian Town of Xan
6 Spot the Difference Kryptonian Flyer

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