1996 Wizard : Series 4 Chromium

In 1996, Wizard released Series 4 of promo cards inserted into monthly issues of the magazine. The 1996 series is printed on chromium. The mid-1990s are often referred to as the "chromium age" in the comic book industry due to overuse of the gimmick on variant covers.

"Electric Blue" Superman is featured on card #14 promoting the 1997 Superman-Blue storyline. The artwork was penciled by Dan Jurgens and inked by Brett Breeding. The card text was written by Dan Jurgens.

1996 Wizard Magazine Series 4 Chromium - #14-69 - Superman Blue1996 Wizard Magazine Series 4 Chromium - #14-69 - Superman Blue (Back)

The original Superman-Red/Superman-Blue story appeared in Superman vol.1, #162, dated July 1963. The modern version of Superman-Blue first appeared in Superman vol. 2, #123, dated May 1997. The electric-blue containment suit was designed by Ron Frenz.

Superman vol. 2, no 123, 1997

The Series 4 checklist consist of 20 base cards.

Wizard Series 4 Chromium
No. Character Credits
1 Angela Greg Capullo
2 Purgatori Steven Hughes
2 Purgatori Steven Hughes
2 Purgatori Steven Hughes
3 Fairchild J. Scott Campbell
4 Onslaught Joe St. Pierre
5 Spawn / Al Simmons Tony Daniels
6 Youngblood / X-Force Rob Liefeld
7 Lady Death Steven Hughes
8 Spider-Man Mike Wieringo
9 Ash Joe Quesada
10 Shi William Tucci
11 Iron Man Ryan Benjamin
12 Batman vs. Wildcat Art Thibert
13 The Darkness Marc Silvestri
14 Superman Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
15 Witchblade Michael Turner
16 Vampirella Louis Small, Jr.
17 Nightwing Scott McDaniel
18 Darkchylde Randy Queen
19 She-Hulk / Fairchild Jason Pearson
20 Divine Right Jim Lee

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