1978 Drake's Cakes : Superman: The Movie

1978 Drake's Cakes - Superman The Movie

A 24-card set of scenes and promotional shots from Superman: The Movie was released in 1978 by Borden in Canada and New England.

1978 Drake's Cakes - Superman The Movie - Scene #1
One card was inserted inside of each specially marked Family Pack of Drake's Cakes snacks such as Ring Ding and Devil Dogs.
1978 Drake's Cakes - Superman The Movie - Scene #2
These thin cards contain identical photos used in card sets issued by Topps and Weston Bakeries that same year. The back of each card contains a scene synopsis and an advertisement for Drake's Cakes.
1978 Drake's Cakes - Superman The Movie - Scene #1 (Back)
1978 Drake's Cakes - Superman The Movie - Scene #5
1978 Drake's Cakes - Superman The Movie - Scene #7

The checklist consists of 24 base cards.

No. Scene
1 Standing guard over the city of Metropolis, Superman uses his powers in a never-ending battle against evil.
2 Superman fights for Truth, Justice and the American Way.
3 Superman bores his way through solid concrete into an abandoned subway tunnel leading to the underground lair of Lex Luthor.
4 The space containing the infant Superman races away from the disintegrating Planet Krypton on its way to Earth.
5 Christopher Reeve changes into Superman from the mild-mannered Clark Kent.
6 Superman wages a never-ending battle against crime and corruption in the the city of Metropolis.
7 Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman.
8 The mysterious young visitor from Krypton emerges from the rocket of Jor-El after landing in the wheat fields of Smallville.
9 Superman relentlessly stalks the arch-criminal Lex Luthor.
10 Elders of the Planet Krypton order military police to watch the activities of their leading scientist Jor-El.
11 Day or night, Superman soars over Metropolis to fight crime and injustice.
12 "The Man of Steel" becomes a human railroad track to save lives and avert certain disaster.
13 The defender of Truth, Justice and the American Way soars past a symbol of America's greatness in search of criminals.
14 With their son's spaceship safely on its way, Jor-El and Lara dodge debris as Krypton begins to disintegrate.
15 Amid the energy columns, the spaceship containing the infant Superman is prepared for launch just before the disintegration of Krypton.
16 Even opening a soft drink for editor Perry White proves too much for Clark Kent as ace reporter Lois Lane comes to his aid.
17 Having promised to remain on Krypton, Jor-El and Lara nonetheless prepare their son, the future Superman, for his solo flight to Earth.
18 Foster parents Jonathan and Martha Kent discover the superhuman powers of the boy they have found in the wheatfields of Smallville.
19 Master criminal Lex Luthor immobilizes Superman with Kryptonite while his plan or destruction unfolds without interference.
20 Carving a trench of molten earth, the spaceship containing the young Superman lands on Earth near the astonished Jonathan and Martha Kent.
21 Neither petty criminals nor arch villains can escape the relentless pursuit and amazing powers of Superman.
22 Jor-El and lara watch the tiny capsule carrying their son disappear into the vastness of space bound of Earth.
23 In the trial chamber, Jor-El, an elder of Krypton and its leading scientist, condemns three Kryptonian villains.
24 Lois Lane clings to a seatbelt from the Daily Planet helicopter as it teeters over the edge of the newspaper building, high above Metropolis.

1978 Drake's Cakes : Superman: The Movie Advertisement

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