Coca-Cola : Superman Sticker Caps

1979 Coca-Cola - Superman Sticker Caps Album

Superman: The Movie starring Christopher Reeve was released in Spain on February 8, 1979. From March 1, to April 30, 1979, Coca-Cola released a series of 35 bottle cap stickers to promote the film release.

1979 Coca-Cola - Superman Sticker Caps - 32

The stickers are affixed to thin plastic discs found inside of specially marked bottle caps. The back of each disc is blank. Limited album folders were distributed free with the purchase of two liter bottles of Coca-Cola at participating retailers. The album folder measures approximately 17 x 24 cm. Larger displays were also available. The cap stickers and album text is printed in Spanish and copyrighted by DC Comics, Inc.

1979 Coca-Cola - Superman Sticker Caps - 29

Superman II was released in Spain on December 19, 1980. In early 1981, Coca-Cola released a similar series of 53 bottle cap stickers. Limited tri-fold album displays were distributed through participating retailers. The promotion ended on March 31, 1981. The Superman II discs were available inside of plastic twist-offs and crimped metal bottle caps. Some pieces retain the crimping pattern.

Other collectible prizes included a set of decals, keychains, and pin-back buttons available in red, white, or blue plastic. The Superman pin-back buttons, or Insignias, are copyrighted 1979 DC Comics Inc. and read "Promoccion Transplastic". The paper packs are copyrighted 1979 and each pack contains one button. The Superman II buttons do not have a copyright date.

Identical promotional images from the Richard Donner Superman films were used in trading card sets issued by Drake's, Weston Bakeries, and Topps. Superman: The Movie was promoted in Italy by Danone.

1979 Coca-Cola - Superman Sticker Caps - 27

Coca-Cola : Superman Caps Checklist
1 Escudo "Superman"
2 Superman (Christopher Reeve)
3 Clark Kent (Christopher Reeve)
4 Jor-El
5 Lara
6 Jor-El, Lara, Superman
7 Juan Kent
8 Los Kent
9 Luisa Lane
10 Pedro White
11 Vond-Ah
12 Lex Luthor
13 Eve
14 Otis
15 Judicio
16 General Zod
17 Jor-El, Vond-Ah
18 Jor-El, Lara
19 Destrucción de Krypton
20 Superman niño ateriiza en nuestro planeta
21 Superman niño ya dotado de superpoderes
22 Luisa Lane
23 Superman vuela a toda velocidad
24 El tren no descarrila
25 Luisa Lane, Clark Kent
26 Lex Luthor ultiza kryptonita
27 Superman utiliza su visión de rayos-X
28 Clark Kent oculta Luisa
29 Clark Kent transformarse en Superman
30 Luisa Lane, atrapada
31 Superman logra salvar a Luisa Lane
32 Superman de neuvo en acción
33 Derrumbamiento
34 Superman va en busca de Luisa Lane
35 Luisa Lane nunca sabrá quien es Superman
Coca-Cola : Superman Buttons
Superman: The Movie
Superman emblem
Superman & Lois Lane
Superman (fist)
Superman (standing)
Superman II
General Zod
Lex Luthor
Perry White
Superman (portrait)

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