1991 Cromy : Superman Juego De Naipes

1991 Cromy : Superman Juego De Naipes - Header Card

Superman Juego De Naipes is a card game released by Cromy in Argentina in 1991. The game cards feature artwork from the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Dick Giordano. Additional background inks are by Todd Klein.

Each complete deck contains 32 game cards, two "Comodin" wildcards, one header card, and one rule card. Superman appears on every game card except for two that feature Lois Lane.

There are two games that can be played. One is a memory match and the other is a variant of Go Fish. Cromy released a different Superman Juego De Naipes set in 1994 that featured contemporary artwork from the comic books.

(translated from Spanish)

Memory Game

OBJECTIVE: To form the most pairs.

GAME FORM: All the cards are placed face down on the table. It can be done in an orderly manner, such as forming columns, or in a disorderly form. The latter way is recommended for advanced players as the game becomes more difficult. The first player will turn over two cards. If both have the same number, you will have the right to pick them up and start a stack of pairs, which are counted at the end of the game to decide the winner. If the turned cards are of different numbers, you will need to leave them face down. The player who forms a pair has the right to turn over two other cards. When more pairs can no longer be formed, the game is finished. The winner is the one who has put together the most pairs.

USING THE WILDCARDS: The wildcards can form pairs with any playing card.

ATTENTION: The secret of this game is to memorize the location of the cards when someone turns them over. If you manage to do so it will be very easy for you to form pairs.

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