1994 Kellogg's Canada : Superman Better Than Ever

In 1994, Kellogg's Canada released six-card Superman Better Than Ever series featuring characters from the "Reign of the Supermen!" storyline. One sealed tri-fold card was inserted into specially marked Kellogg's products distributed in Canada. The folded cards measure 2.375 x 3.25 inches, smaller than a standard size trading card. The Better Than Ever era began with the return of Superman to Metropolis in Adventures of Superman #505 (October 1993).

1994 Kellogg's Canada - Superman: Better Than Ever - Superman

The Superman and Lois Lane title images are from the 1991 Superman Style Guide illustrated by José Luis García-López. According to García-López, "Joe Orlando, in charge of licensing at that time, asked me to imitate Jon Bogdanove's style." The back of the panel features an image from the Superman Better Than Ever Art Portfolio by Jon Bogdanove and Dennis Janke. The interior dual panel is a 1991 DC Style Guide illustration by Norm Breyfogle and García-López.

1994 Kellogg's Canada - Superman: Better Than Ever - Lois Lane

The character biographies on each card are printed in English and French in order to comply with the Canadian Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act.

Kellogg's PEP cereal was first announced as the sponsor of The Adventures of Superman radio show on Mutual in August of 1942. In 1952, Kellogg's Corn Flakes became a sponsor of The Adventures of Superman television show starring George Reeves.

1994 Kellogg's Canada : Superman Better Than Ever
Lois Lane José Luis García-López
Superboy Tom Grummet, Doug Hazelwood
Superman José Luis García-López
The Cyborg Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding
The Kryptonian Jackson Guice, Denis Rodier
The Man of Steel Jon Bogdanove, Dennis Janke

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