1965-1966 Topps : Superman Cards

Superman Cards were distributed by Topps Chewing Gum from 1965 to 1966. The set is based on The Adventures of Superman television program starring George Reeves. The show originally aired for six seasons between 1952 and 1958 before entering syndication in 1965. Although the program had transitioned to color, the card images are from earlier black-and-white episodes.

Superman Cards were sold in 5-cent wax packs of 6 cards. Boxes contain 24 packs. Earlier packs included a stick of bubble gum.

The back of the cards contain a synopsis of each scene or a puzzle piece. Orange backed sets are numbered to 66, with the last 22 cards containing puzzle pieces for one of two different images. The 12-piece puzzle is a drawing of Superman and the 10-piece puzzle is the image of George Reeves from card #5.

Earlier orange back gum releases do not list a copyright year. The early wrappers mention bubble gum and contain one of four different advertisements.
Common orange backs include a copyright year of 1965 and a reminder to "Watch Superman on TV."
The later wrappers state "Watch Superman on TV" and do not contain any bubble gum.
Rare test issue sets with black-and-white backs are comprised of 44 cards with no copyright year or puzzle pieces.
Some cards have been stamped in gold foil and reissued by Topps as buyback inserts in the 2002 American Pie: Spirit of America Edition and 2013 Topps 75th Anniversary series.
Reprints and parallels of card #9, "Metropolis' Hero," were released in 2013 as part of the Topps 75th Anniversary set.

The 2018 Topps 80th Anniversary set includes a limited edition card and 10 x 14 inch poster featuring the 1966 Superman Cards wrapper art. The card and poster were sold exclusively through the Topps website. The print run was limited to only 343 cards.

The 1965-1966 checklist consists of 66 base cards.

No. Title
1 Krypton is Doomed
2 Destination: Earth
3 Superman’s Parents
4 Ace Reporter
5 Superman
6 A Job for Superman
7 The Man of Steel
8 Superman’s Strength
9 Metropolis’ Hero
10 The Threat
11 Plotting Lois’ Death
12 Lois in Trouble
13 Lois is Kidnapped
14 Jimmy and Clark
15 He’s Been Shot
16 Clark Gets a Lead
17 No False Moves, Kent
18 You’re Finished Kent
19 Superman in Action
20 Futile Fight
21 Superman’s Warning
22 The Backfire
23 Crushing Blow
24 Seeing with X-Ray Eyes
25 Saved by Superman
26 Safe at Last
27 Superman’s Peril
28 Jimmy, Superman & Perry
29 Great Caesar’s Ghost
30 Bullets Bounce Off Him
31 In the Nick of Time
32 Superman & the Savages
33 Superman Leaps In
34 Superman to the Rescue
35 Superman’s Problem
36 The Challenge
37 The Pirates’ Decision
38 It’s Superman!
39 Helping Hand
40 Superman & the Cavemen
41 Facing the Death Ray
42 Superman’s “Wedding”
43 Happy Ending
44 Reporter Clark Kent
45 Super Safecracker
46 Interviewing the Chief
47 Superman’s Pet
48 At the Police Station
49 Capturing the Crooks
50 The Alien Arrives
51 Superman Gets His Man
52 Jor-El on Krypton
53 Jimmy Behind Bars
54 Help Me, Superman
55 Lois Threatened!
56 Superman’s Search
57 Pa Kent Finds Superboy
58 Held as a Hostage
59 Rocket from Krypton
60 Flight over Metropolis
61 The Kryptonite Ray
62 Superman as a Baby
63 Ruler of Krypton
64 Superman’s Father
65 Visitor from Space
66 Harmless Blow

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