1996 Fleer/SkyBox : Kingdom Come Xtra Trading Cards

1996 Fleer/SkyBox : Kingdom Come Xtra Trading Cards

Kingdom Come Xtra Trading Cards were released by Fleer/SkyBox International on August 14, 1996. The cards reprint artwork from the award-winning Kingdom Come miniseries by Mark Waid and Alex Ross. The complete series is comprised of 50 base cards and 4 insert sets. There were 12,000 numbered boxes produced. Each box contains 36 packs and there are 6 cards in each pack. Superman of Earth-22 is prominently featured in this card series.

Two parallel base sets have been hand-numbered to 40 and signed by writer Mark Waid or artist Alex Ross. The odds of finding an autographed base card are approximately 1:180 packs.

1996 SkyBox : Kingdom Come Xtra #29 - Superman (#/40)

"Countdown" cards #1-29 feature story scenes and a synopsis on the back. The "Crossroads" subset portrays individual characters on cards #30-50. Superman is showcased on three "Crossroads" cards.

1996 SkyBox : Kingdom Come Xtra - Crossroads #48 - Superman

One of sixteen "Sketchboard" cards are inserted into every pack. The "Sketchboard" cards contain reproductions of Alex Ross pencil sketches. Superman images appear on two "Sketchboard" cards, including the checklist.

1996 SkyBox : Kingdom Come Xtra - Sketchboard One - Superman

There is one "Creator Collection" insert found in every 9 packs. The inserts feature exclusive artwork of Superman and five other main characters.

"Kingdom Come Classics" showcase Alex Ross paintings of Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27, and Wonder Woman #1. The odds of finding a classic cover art card are 1:9 packs. An updated Superman painting by Ross appears on a variant cardstock cover of Action Comics #1050 (February 2023).

1996 SkyBox : Kingdom Come Xtra - Classics #1 - Superman in Action Comics #1

One of three "Unfolded" mini-posters are inserted into every nine packs. The "Unfolded" cards contain cover art from the first three issues of Kingdom Come. The large cast of characters are identified on the backs on the foldouts.

1 The minister had dreamt terrible dreams.
2 For Norman McCay, the appearance of The Spectre
3 Like the rest of the world, America had long
4 In the face of the new world disorder, many old
5 The new superhumans stood for little, and belie
6 For ten years, Superman had turned his back on
7 Commanding the nation's attention, Superman
8 Wonder Woman has always been a creature of
9 Von Bach was among the most powerful and vicious
10 The resurrected Justice League expanded its numbers
11 Once he prowled Gotham City in person, but his
12 They called themselves the Mankind Liberation Front
13 Pretending to be sympathetic to their cause
14 Lex Luthor's obvious authority over the mighty
15 Using skill and cunning undimmed by age, Batman
16 There are two laws of nature that villains like
17 Hidden from normal sight by The Spectre
18 Surrounded by a pantheon of great heroes
19 The time for talking was at an end.
20 A gulag built to control the uncontrollable
21 As a battle between metahumans raged out
22 Batman and Wonder Woman fought together
23 The Amazons judged that Wonder Woman had failed
24 Though it began as a clash between whole
25 Blasting Captain marvel with his heat vision
26 Again and again, Captain Marvel called down
27 Superman had tried desperately to reach Captain
28 Using all the might of Shazam, Captain Marvel
29 In the smoldering aftermath, the Earth was safe
30 Green Lantern
31 Hawkman
32 Flash
33 Batman
34 Bat-Knight
35 The Dark Knight
36 Wonder Woman
37 Amazing Amazon
38 Amazon Warrior
39 Magog
40 The Joker
41 Lex Luthor
42 The Spectre
43 Red Robin
44 Deadman
45 Billy Batson
46 Captain Marvel
47 The Power of Shazam
48 Superman
49 The Man of Steel
50 The Man of Tomorrow
1 per pack
one Superman
two Wonder Woman
three Captain Marvel
four Superboy
five Nightstar
six Arthur & Dolphin
seven Black Canary III
eight Atom-Smasher
nine The Ray
ten Red Arrow
eleven Blue Beetle
twelve Flash IV
thirteen Jade
fourteen Hourman II
fifteen Starman VII
S-16 Superman - Checklist
Creator Collection
1:9 packs
one Superman
two Batman
three Wonder Woman
four Captain Marvel
five Norman McCay
six The Spectre
Kingdom Come Classics
1:9 packs
one Action Comics #1
two Detective Comics #27
three Wonder Woman #1
1:9 packs
one Kingdom Come #1
two Kingdom Come #2
three Kingdom Come #3
1:180 packs
1–50 Alex Ross (#/40)
1–50 Mark Waid (#/40)
Superman (image from #20)

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