1983 Barratt : DC Super Heroes Picture Cards

1983 Barratt : DC Super Heroes Candy Sticks - Superman Box

In 1983, Barratt released the DC Super Heroes Picture Cards series inside boxes of Candy Sticks, formerly sold as Sweet Cigarettes. One card is included with each specially marked box. Each mini-card measures approximately 1.4 x 2.55 inches (3.5 x 6.5 cm). The boxes depict an image of Batman, The Flash, Superman, or Wonder Woman.

The series was produced by Geo. Bassett & Co. LTD. of Sheffield, England. A DC Super Heroes Activity Album was sold separately for 25 pence. The Activity Album was available until July 31, 1985.

1983 Barratt : DC Super Heroes Activity Album 1983 Barratt : DC Super Heroes Picture Cards #1 - Introducing Superman

The 50-card series features illustrations from the 1982 DC Comics Style Guide penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Dick Giordano. Todd Klein assisted with logos and background inking. The back of each card contains a brief character description. Superman appears on twelve different cards in the series.

1983 Barratt : DC Super Heroes Picture Cards #8 - Lois' Date

Superman Sweet Cigarettes were introduced by the Primrose Confectionery Company in 1967. The candy was later marketed in Europe and Canada by Bassett's and their Barratt Division. In 1979, Barratt began to phase out candy cigarettes. Superman Sweet Cigarettes were re-branded as Candy Sticks. From 1980 to 1982, Superman was featured in a £3.5 million anti-smoking campaign produced by the Health Education Council.

Barratt distributed similar mini-card series for Walt Disney, Marvel Comics, and various other properties.

1 Introducing Superman
2 The Man of Steel
3 Who is Superman?
4 Strength
5 Superman in space
6 "It's a bird... It's a plane.. It's Superman!"
7 Computer
8 Superman and Lois Lane
9 Lois' date
10 Lois Lane - Ace Reporter
11 The Phantom Zone Villains
12 Supergirl
13 Lex Luthor
14 Brainiac
15 Batman
16 Who is Batman?
17 Calling Batman!
18 The Dynamic Duo
19 Batman and Robin
20 Crime Fighters
21 Night Action
22 The Batarang
23 Robin
24 Batgirl
25 Female Fighter of Gotham City
26 The Batmobile
27 The Riddler
28 The Joker
29 The Penguin
30 The Catwoman
31 The Crimson Comet
32 The Flash
33 Hawkman
34 Wings of Justice
35 Hawkwoman
36 Green Lantern
37 Power Ring of Green Lantern
39 Captain Marvel
40 Dr. Sivana
41 Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr.
42 Wonder Woman
43 The Golden Lariat of Wonder Woman
44 Diana Prince - Wonder Woman
45 The Cheetah
46 Aquaman
47 King of the Seven Seas
48 Plastic Man
49 Green Arrow
50 The Emerald Archer