2016 Cryptozoic : Justice League Trading Cards

Cryptozoic Entertainment and DC Comics released the Justice League Trading Cards series on June 29, 2016The series is comprised of 62 base cards and 7 insert sets. All cards have a silver foil parallel found in about 1:3 packs. Boxes contain 24 packs of 5 cards and a 5 x 7 inch box topper. A hand-drawn sketch card is inserted into every 24 packs, or about one per box.
The entire base set was painted by Alejandro Germánico Benito, known professionally as Xermanico. The text for the card series was written by Adam Beechen. Each subset forms a 9-card image of a different Justice League branch. The original images can viewed on the Xermanico Deviant Art page. Card #41 showcases Superman as the centerpiece of the New 52 Justice League.
The odds of finding one of six different "Retro" cards are approximately 1:4 packs. Superman is featured on "Retro" card G1.
"Madame Xanadu Tarot" card odds are about 1:3 packs. Superman appears on card X1, "The Hero." The nine standard "Madame Xanadu Tarot" cards were illustrated by León Braojos. Hand-drawn sketch variants were also produced.
Model Sheet inserts contain character models taken from the 1982 DC Comics Style GuideThe images were penciled by José Luis García-López and inked by Dick Giordano. Superman is featured on Model Sheet MS1.
A nine-card subset reprints classic covers of All-Star Comics. The odds of finding a cover card are about 1:3 packs. The cover of All-Star Comics #36 (August-September 1947) was compiled by Irwin Hasen. Superman and Batman first meet Wonder Woman in this landmark issue.
Replica Patch card odds are approximately 1:96 packs. Card E11 is a replica patch of the Superman emblem with artwork penciled by Jim Lee and inked by Scott Williams.
A promo card featuring Superman was distributed at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show in May 2016. The card reprints the cover art of Justice League vol. 2, #9, from 2012. The art was penciled by Jim Lee, inked by Scott Williams, and colored by Alex Sinclair.

Each box contains a 5 x 7 inch blank cover card. Card BT1 is a blank Superman cover.

A cyan, magenta, yellow, and black printing plate for each card is inserted into approximately 1:192 packs.

Inserts and promos also include chromium reprints of 1966 Topps Batman Series B cards, commonly known as the "Blue Bat" series. The reprints are a continuation of Batman reissues in the 2015 Cryptozoic DC Comics Super-Villains card set. The odds of finding a Batman reissue card are about 1:24 packs. Additional reprints were inserted in the June/July 2016 issue of Non-Sport Update and distributed at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con.

"Totally Fabricated" relics card odds are about 1:192 packs and patch card odds are approximately 1:96 packs. An exclusive "Totally Fabricated" Green Arrow relic card is included in the official collector binder.

Oversized "Madame Xanadu Tarot" sketch card odds are 1:36 boxes. Die-cut Hall of Doom sketch variant odds are 1:192 packs. The precise number of Superman sketch cards produced for this series is currently unlisted.

2016 Cryptozoic : Justice League Trading Cards
Silver Foil (1:3), Printing Plates (1:192)
Justice Society of America
1 Hawkman (Carter Hall)
2 Spectre
3 Starman, Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
4 The Flash (Jay Garrick)
5 Sandman, Doctor Fate
6 The Atom
7 Wildcat
8 Black Canary
9 Mister Terrific
Justice League Europe
10 Power Girl
11 Eiffel Tower (Headquarters)
12 Elongated Man
13 Rocket Red
14 Captain Atom
15 Animal Man
16 Crimson Fox
17 Rex Mason
18 The Flash
Justice League Task Force
19 Power Girl
20 Fire, Captain Atom, Elongated Man
21 Maxima
22 Martian Manhunter, Blue Beetle
23 Mystek
24 Wonder Woman, The Ray (Ray Terrill)
25 Maya, The Flash (Wally West)
26 Black Canary (Dinah Laurel Lance)
27 Element Man
New 52 Justice League of America
28 Stargirl
29 Hawkman (Katar Hol as Carter Hall)
30 Martian Manhunter
31 Green Arrow
32 Steve Trevor
33 Green Lantern (Simon Baz)
34 Katana
35 Vibe
36 Catwoman
New 52 Justice League
37 Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
38 Firestorm
39 Aquaman
40 Cyborg
41 Superman
42 Batman
43 Wonder Woman
44 Element Woman
45 The Flash (Barry Allen)
New 52 Justice League Dark
46 Deadman
47 Swamp Thing
48 The Justice League Dark
49 Andrew Bennett
50 Constantine
51 Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.
52 Black Orchid
53 Madame Xanadu
54 Zatanna
New 52 Justice League International
55 Rocket Red
56 Batman
57 Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)
58 Fire
59 Godiva
60 Ice
61 Booster Gold
62 August General in Iron
63 Puzzle Checklist

All Star Comics Cards (1:3 packs)
No. Issue Date Title
C1 Volume 1, No. 1 June 1940 "Hawkman vs. the Sorcerer Trygg"
C2 Volume 1, No. 2 September 1940 "Sacrifice for Yum-Chac"
C3 Volume 1, No. 3 December 1940 "The First Meeting of the Justice Society of America"
C4 Volume 1, No. 4 March 1941 "For America and Democracy!"
C5 Volume 1, No. 8 December 1941 "Two New Members Win Their Spurs"
C6 Volume 1, No. 16 April 1943 "The Justice Society Fights for a United America!"
C7 Volume 1, No. 22 September 1944 "A Cure for the World"
C8 Volume 1, No. 36 August 1947 "5 Drowned Men!"
C9 Volume 1, No. 48 October 1948 "The Secret of the Golden Universe!"

Retro Cards (1:4 packs)
G1 Superman - Man of Steel
G2 Caped Crusader - Gotham City
G3 Wonder Woman
G4 Green Lantern
G5 King of the Seven Seas - Aquaman
G6 The Flash
Madame Xanadu Tarot Cards (1:3 packs)
X1 The Hero
X2 The Warrior
X3 The Detective
X4 The Alien
X5 The Messenger
X6 The King
X7 The Archer
X8 The Miracle Worker
X9 The Boy
Model Sheets Cards (1:3 packs)
MS1 Superman
MS2 Batman
MS3 Wonder Woman
MS4 Green Lantern
MS5 Aquaman
MS6 The Flash
MS7 Green Arrow
MS8 Martian Manhunter
MS9 Shazam!
Totally Fabricated Costume Cards (1:192 packs)
TF-12 Zatanna
TF-13 Firestorm
TF-14 Hawkman
Replica Patch Cards (1:96 packs)
E07 Aquaman
E08 Cyborg
E09 The Flash
E10 Green Lantern
E11 Superman
E12 Wonder Woman
Justice League Blank Cover (1 per box)
BT1 Superman
BT2 Batman
BT3 Wonder Woman
BT4 Green Lantern
BT5 Aquaman
BT6 The Flash
BT7 Green Arrow
BT8 Martian Manhunter
BT9 Shazam!
Album Binder
TF-15 Green Arrow

Batman Classic TV Series Cryptomium Reissue Cards (1:24 packs)
No. Title BC No.
DC7-1 To Robin's Rescue BC11
DC7-2 Distorted Dynamic Duo BC20
DC7-3 Batman Bails Out BC40
DC7-4 Hydro-Foil Hotspot BC03
DC7-5 Dragged from Death's Door BC25
DC7-6 Gassed by a Geranium BC33
DC7-7 Caught in a Cavern BC39
DC7-8 Amphibious Attackers BC40
DC7-9 Neanderthal Nemesis BC14

Promo Cards
Philly Non-Sports Card Show, May 2016
P1 Justice League vol. 2, no. 9
Non-Sport Update Cryptomium Promos, June/July 2016
DC7-P1 Toll of Torture BC21
DC7-P2 The Joker's Icy Jest BC01
DC7-P3 Pasting the Painter BC27
DC7-P4 Frozen by Frost BC32
DC7-P5 The Penguin Prevails BC02
DC7-P6 The Riddler on the Roof BC37
San Diego Comic Con Cryptomium Promos, July 2016
DC8-1 Jostled by the Joker BC30
DC8-2 Cornered on a Cliff BC19
DC8-3 A Wretched Riddle BC29
DC8-4 Fangs of the Phantom BC24
DC8-5 Jack Frost's Jinx BC26
DC8-6 Inhospitable Hatter BC42
DC8-7 Caged by the Catwoman BC05
DC8-8 Snaring the Sheik BC08
DC8-9 A Fatal Joust BC34

Sketch Cards
Standard or Tarot (1:24 packs), Oversized Tarot (1:36 boxes), Die-Cut (1:192 packs)
Adam and Bekah Cleveland Standard
Alberto Silva Tarot
Alex Nascimento Tarot
Alex Starling Tarot
Alfret Le Standard
Amber Shelton Standard
Anastasia Catris Standard
Angelo Capua Tarot
Autumn Frederickson Standard
Barush Merling Standard
Benjamin Su Standard Oversize
Bill Bronson Standard
Bill Maus Standard
Brendon and Brian Fraim Diecut
Can Baran Oversize Diecut
Carlos Cabaleiro Diecut
Carlos Furuzono Tarot
Danielle Gransaull Standard
David Lee Tarot
David Namisato Standard
Diego Mendes Tarot
Diego Moreira Standard
Elvin A. Hernandez Standard Oversize
Elvis Moura Standard
Eric McConnell Standard
Fabian Quintero Tarot Oversize
Federico Blee Standard
Francois Chartier Tarot
Frank A. Kadar Diecut
Hanie Mohd Standard
Helga Wojik Standard
Irma "Aimo" Ahmed Standard
Israel Arteaga Standard
Jader Correa Standard
James "Bukshot" Bukauskas Tarot
Jason Potratz and Jack Hai Standard
Jason Worthington Standard
Jeremy R. Scott Standard
Jezreel "Jez" Rosales Standard
John Monserrat Diecut
John Ottinger Standard
Jose Carlos Sanchez Standard
Josh Dykstra Standard
Jucylande Jr Standard Tarot
Kate Carleton Tarot
Kristin Allen Tarot
León Braojos Tarot
Luiz Claudio Campello Tarot
Luro Hersal Standard
Marcio Cabreira Standard
Matias Streb Standard
Mauricio Dias Standard
Melike Acar Oversize Diecut
Mitch Ballard Standard Oversize
Nathan Szerdy Standard Oversize
Niall Westerfield Standard
Norvierto Basio Oversize Diecut
Patrick Larcada Diecut
Puis Calzada Standard
Ramon John Cardaso Tarot
Raz Ortiz Diecut
Rene Cordoba Standard
Rodger Goulart Standard
Ryan van der Draaij Standard
SliceB Standard
Steve Lydic Standard
Thiago Vale Tarot
Thony Silas Standard Oversize
Tony Perna Standard
Ulisses Gabriel Tarot
Val Hochberg Diecut
Vicente Pietro Moavero Tarot
Vinicius Moura Tarot
William Allan Reyes Tarot
William Bowen Donley III Standard
Yonami Standard Tarot
Yukari Tarot

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