2015 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Super Villains

Cryptozoic Entertainment released the DC Comics Super Villains Trading Cards set on May 27, 2015. Boxes contain 24 packs of 5 cards. There are 12 boxes in a case. The 63-card base set features Silver parallels inserted in about 1:4 packs.
Gold parallels serial numbered to 25 are found in approximately 1:48 packs. One-of-one CMYK printing plates for each card are found in approximately 1:288 packs. The text on the back of the cards was written by Adam Beechan.

Superman appears on three cards in this series:
Base card #27 depicts Doomsday standing over Superman, Cyborg Superman, Superboy (Connor Kent), and Supergirl.
The odds of finding a "Forever Evil" insert are about 1:4 packs. Card FE5 reprints a variant cover of Batman / Superman #3.1 dated November 2013. The cover was penciled by Tony Daniel, inked by Sandu Florea, and colored by Tomeu Morey.

Card FE3 reprints a variant cover of Superman Vol. 3, #23.2 dated November 2013. The cover features an illustration of Brainiac and Superman by Gene Ha.
One of nine "Forever Evil Blank Box Topper" cards are inserted into each box. The box topper cards measure 3.5 x 5 inched. A blank cover variant of Batman / Superman #3 is featured on box topper BT5.
Kal-II, also known as Ultraman, is the Earth-3 version of Superman and leader of the Crime Syndicate of America. Ultraman appears on card #23 and Crime Syndicate card CS2. The odds of finding a Crime Syndicate insert are about 1:4 packs. The 6-card subset was painted by Xermanico.
"Noir" chase card odds are about 1:4 packs. Nine different villains are showcased in black-and white.

The "Sirens" subset features a 3-card triptych image of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman. "Sirens" cards are inserted in approximately 1:8 packs, or about three per box.

Sketch card odds are approximately 1:24, or about one per box. The exact number of Superman sketch cards produced for this series is unlisted.

The odds of finding one of six "Replica Patch" cards approximately 1:96 packs, or three per case. "Totally Fabricated Wardrobe Cards" odds are 1:192 packs, or about two per case. The fabric relic cards continue the numbering series from DC Comics Epic Battles.

A promo card for the series was inserted in the December/January 2015 issue of Non-Sport Update magazine.

This was the first set headlined by DC Universe villains since the 1995 Skybox release of DC Villains: The Dark Judgement.

2015 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Super Villains
Silver Foil Board (1:2 packs), Gold Foil Board #/25 (1:48 packs),
Printing Plates (1:288) packs
01 Title Card
02 Anti-Monitor
03 Ares
04 Atrocitus
05 Bane
06 Bizarro
07 Black Adam
08 Black Hand
09 Black Manta
10 Blackfire
11 Bleez
12 Brainiac
13 Captain Boomerang
14 Captain Cold
15 Catwoman
16 Cheetah
17 Clayface
18 Grid
19 Johnny Quick
20 Owlman
21 Power Ring
22 Superwoman
23 Ultraman
24 Darkseid
25 Deadshot
26 Deathstroke
27 Doomsday
28 Faora
29 General Zod
30 Giganta
31 Gorilla Grodd
32 Harley Quinn
33 Heatwave
34 Hush
35 The Joker
36 Killer Croc
37 Killer Frost
38 Larfleeze
39 Lex Luthor
40 Merlyn
41 Metallo
42 Mirror Master
43 Mongul
44 Mr. Freeze
45 Ocean Master
46 Parasite
47 The Penguin
48 Poison Ivy
49 Professor Pyg
50 Ra's al Ghul
51 Reverse-Flash
52 The Riddler
53 The Scarecrow
54 Silver Banshee
55 Sinestro
56 Solomon Grundy
57 Talia al Ghul
58 Terra
59 Trickster
60 Trigon
61 Two-Face
62 Weather Wizard
63 Checklist

Silver Foil Board (1:2 packs), Gold Foil Board #/25 (1:48 packs),
Printing Plates (1:288) packs
1:8 packs
S1 Harley Quinn
S2 Poison Ivy
S3 Catwoman
Noir Cards
1:4 packs
N1 Bane
N2 Catwoman
N3 Deadshot
N4 Doomsday
N5 Harley Quinn
N6 The Joker
N7 Killer Frost
N8 Scarecrow
N9 Sinestro
Crime Syndicate of America
1:4 packs
CS1 Sea King and Owlman Xermanico
CS2 Grid and Ultraman Xermanico
CS3 Deathstorm and Superwoman Xermanico
CS4 Johnny Quick Xermanico
CS5 Atomica Xermanico
CS6 Power Ring Xermanico
Forever Evil Cards
1:4 packs
FE1 Black Adam #1 September 25, 2013: Justice League of America #7.4
FE2 Black Manta #1 September 11, 2013: Aquaman #23.1
FE3 Brainiac #1 September 11, 2013: Superman #23.2
FE4 Deadshot #1 September 4, 2013: Justice League of America #7.1
FE5 Doomsday #1 September 25, 2013: Batman/Superman #3.1
FE6 Grodd #1 September 4, 2013: The Flash #23.1
FE7 Scarecrow #1 September 28, 2013: Batman #23.3
FE8 Sinestro #1 September 25, 2013: Green Lantern #23.4
FE9 Solomon Grundy #1 September 11, 2013: Earth 2 #15.2

Totally Fabricated Costume Cards
1:192 packs
TF-08 Bane
TF-09 Lex Luthor
TF-10 Deathstroke
Replica Patch Cards
1:96 packs
E01 Deathstorm
E02 Johnny Quick
E03 Owlman
E04 Power Ring
E05 Superwoman
E06 Ultraman
Forever Evil Blank Cover Box-Toppers
BT1 Black Adam #1 Justice League of America
BT2 Black Manta #1 Justice League of America
BT3 Brainiac #1 Superman
BT4 Deadshot #1 Justice League of America
BT5 Doomsday #1 Batman / Superman
BT6 Grodd #1 Flash
BT7 Scarecrow #1 Detective Comics
BT8 Sinestro #1 Green Lantern
BT9 Solomon Grundy #1 Earth 2
Batman Classic TV Series Cryptomium Reissue
1:24 packs
DC6-1 Renegade Roulette
DC6-2 The Joker Wishes Robin Well
DC6-3 Penned by the Penguin
DC6-4 The Penguin's Prey
DC6-5 Routing the Riddler
DC6-6 Concrete Conquest
DC6-7 A Pressing Position
DC6-8 The Perilous Penny
DC6-9 The Riddler Robs a Rainbow

Sketch Card Artists
Standard (1:24 packs)
* Hall of Doom Die Cut (1:288 packs)
Aaron Allen Jon T. Racimo*
Adam Cleveland* Jose Carlos Sanchez*
Adriano Carreon Josh Ginter
Alberto Silva Jucylande Paula de Oliveira Jr.
Amber Shelton Julia Pinto*
Amy Clark Kate Carleton*
Anastasia Catris Kiley Beecher
Ariana Atanazio Kimberly Dunaway
Autumn Frederickson* Lee Lightfoot*
Barush Merling* Leon Braojos
Benjamin Glendenning Luiz Cláudio Campelo*
Bill Maus* Marcia Dye
Brandon Baselice* Marcio Cabreira
Brendon and Brian Fraim Mark Finneral*
Brian S. Canio Mark Nasso
Cari Corene Mark Pingitore*
Carlos Cabaleiro* Mary "Zorilita" Bellamy*
Chris Meeks Matias Streb*
Cleber Lima Matthew Hansen*
Darren Chandler* Matthew Sutton*
Dan Borgonos* Mauricio Dias*
Daniel Lima Melike Acar*
Danielle Gransaull Michael "Sugar Fueled" Banks*
Danny Silva Mick and Matt Glebe
David Beaty* Mike Vasquez
David Namisato Mikey Babinski*
Edde Wagner Mitch Ballard
Elvin Hernandez* Nathan Szerdy*
Elvis Moura -ND!
Erik Maell Nikki Ward
Fabian Quintero* Norman "Jim" Faustino*
Fer Galicia Noval Hernawan
Francois Chartier Omid Maksoos
Frank A. Kadar Patrick Giles*
Gabby Untermayerova* Phil Gibson
George "Geo" Davis* Plinio Pinto*
Irma "Aimo" Ahmed* Puis Calzada*
Israel Arteaga* Raz Ortiz
Jader Correa* Redg Vicente
Jake Sumbing* Rene Córdova
Jason McLellan* Rich Kunz*
Jason Potratz, Jack Hai* Rich Molinelli*
Jason Saldajeno* Robert Jimenez
Jason Worthington Rodjer Goulart
Jay "jp3sketch" Pangan III* Roger Andrews*
Jay David Lee* Sanna Umemoto*
Jeff Confer Scott Blair
Jeff Victor Sean Anderson*
Jeffrey Benitez* Shao Siong
Jennifer Mercer Steve Lydic*
Jezreel "Jez" Rosales Thanh Bui*
Jofel B. Cube Thomas Boatwright*
John "JAX" Jackman Thomas Tuomey
John Monserrat Todd Aaron Smith*
John Sloboda Tracy Bailey*
Jojo Galicia Val Hochberg
Jomar Bulda Vince Sunico*
Jon Rademacher William Bowen Donley III*

Totally Fabricated Binder Exclusive
TF-11 The Joker
Promo Cards
P1 Bizarro, Lex Luthor Non-Sport Update, Dec/Jan 2015
DC6-P2 Bashed on a Billboard
DC6-P3 Canape for a Cobra

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