DC Comics Epic Battles Trading Cards

DC Comics Epic Battles Trading Cards were released by Cryptozoic Entertainment on October 1, 2014.
Epic Battles is a premium release printed on 30pt "Cryptomium" cardstock. Each box is serial numbered to 3,000. Boxes contain 20 packs and there are 5 cards per pack. The series is comprised of 63 chromium base cards and 5 insert sets. The box artwork is from Flashpoint #1, released in May 2011. The image was penciled by Andy Kubert, inked by Sandra Hope, and colored by Alex Sinclair.
2014 Cryptozoic DC Comics Epic Battles
A hand-drawn sketch card is inserted in every 20 packs, or about one per box. Base cards and insert sets contain original artworks created for this series. The text copy on the cards was written by Adam Beechen.

Base cards, "Make Believe," and "BAM!" cards each have four different variants: Base, Copper, Gold, and Metal. "BAM!" variants also include a sticker card. Copper parallel odds are 1:5 packs, Gold parallels are serial-numbered to 75, and Metal variant odds are 1:20 packs. Each 9-card base subset forms a polyptych image representing one of seven DC crossover events.

Superman, Jade, and Lady Quark are featured on card #1 from the 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Kal-L, the Superman of Earth-2, appears on card #7 with Martian Manhunter. The artwork is by Vince Sunico.
2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 01 - Crisis on Infinite Earths2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 01 - Crisis on Infinite Earths [Gold #/75]
2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 07 - Crisis on Infinite Earths2014 Cryptozoic: DC Epic Battles - 07 - Crisis on Infinite Earths [Gold #/75]

Card #12 showcases Superman from the 1992 Panic in the Sky storyline. The subset was painted by Xermanico. The original image can be viewed on the Xermanico Deviant Art page.
2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 12 - Panic in the Sky2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 12 - Panic in the Sky [Gold #/75]

Card #19 features Superman and Superboy (Conner Kent) attacking an alien parasite during the 1993 Bloodlines crossover. The artwork is by Pow Rodrix and Overdrive Studios.
2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 19 - Bloodlines2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 19 - Bloodlines [Gold #/75]2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 19 - Bloodlines [Metal]

Superman and Darkstar Donna Troy appear on card #35. The Spectre, another Jerry Siegel creation, can be seen in the background. The heroes battle Hal Jordan as Parallax during the 1994 Zero Hour event. The artwork is by Pat Boutin.
2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 35 - Zero Hour2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 35 - Zero Hour [Copper]2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 35 - Zero Hour [Gold #/75]2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 35 - Zero Hour [Metal]

Card #60 features Wonder Woman and a Kryptonite-poisoned Superman from the 2013 Trinity War story arc. The subset was illustrated by Ryan Odagawa. The original ink artwork and full color image can be viewed on the artist website.
2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 60 - Trinity War2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 60 - Trinity War [Copper]2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - 60 - Trinity War [Gold #/75]

The "Make Believe on Cryptomium" insert set reimagines DC heroes and villains as children on a playground. The odds of finding a "Make Believe" insert are approximately 1:10 packs. A young Superman and Brainiac appear on card PB-06. "Make Believe" was illustrated by Patrick Ballesteros. The original image can be viewed on the artist website.
2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - Make Believe on Cryptomium - PB-062014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - Make Believe on Cryptomium - PB-06 [Copper]2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - Make Believe on Cryptomium - PB-06 [Gold #/75]

"BAM!" insert odds are about 1:10 packs. "BAM!" inserts have Copper, Gold, and sticker parallels found in approximately 1:20 packs. Card T-08 is a stylized cartoon image of Superman. The artwork is by THARP.
2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - Bam! T-08 - Superman2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - Bam! T-08 - Superman (Gold #/75)2014 Cryptozoic - DC Epic Battles - Bam! T-08 - Superman Sticker

A limited edition binder includes an exclusive title card depicting Superman and the Justice League. Superman also appears on hand-drawn sketch inserts. Sketch cards from 80 different artists are inserted in every 20 packs. The precise number of Superman sketch cards produced for this series is currently unlisted. Superman sketch cards have been observed from David Lee, Chris Foreman, Rich Nolinelli, David Namisato, and Vince Sunico.

Artwork for the 2009 Blackest Night event is by Jon Wayshak, known professionally as WAY$HAK. The 2001 Flashpoint subset was illustrated by Marat Mychaels.

Two-panel DC Comics Bombshells inserts are found in every 10 packs. The bi-fold panels measure 2.5 x 7 inches when unfolded. The concept first launched in 2013 as a line of figures depicting DC Comics superheroines in a 1940s pin-up style. DC Comics Bombshells were originally designed by Ant Lucia. Cryptozoic would later issue three trading card sets for the series.

"Totally Fabricated" relic card odds are 1:160 packs. The cards feature a piece of fabric representing costumes for Green Lantern, The Flash, or Harley Quinn.

One of twelve art redemption cards were inserted in every 5,000 packs. The cards could be redeemed for the Trinity War pencil art by Ryan Odagawa or original comic book pages.
Superboy-Prime is featured on card #2 of the Crisis on Infinite Earths base set, but this character was not a part the 1985 storyline. Superboy-Prime and the Anti-Monitor armor first appeared in Infinite Crisis #5, published in 2006. Pow Rodrix is misspelled as "Roderix" on the cards and promotional materials.

2014 Cryptozoic : DC Comics Epic Battles Trading Cards
Crisis on Infinite Earths
01 Lady Quark, Superman, Jade Vince Sunico
02 The Ray Vince Sunico
03 Alexander Luthor Vince Sunico
04 Doctor Light, Anti-Monitor Vince Sunico
05 Pariah Vince Sunico
06 Power Girl, Wonder Woman of Earth-2, Firehawk Vince Sunico
07 Superman of Earth-2, Martian Manhunter Vince Sunico
08 Wonder Woman, Shazam! Vince Sunico
09 Firestorm Vince Sunico
Panic in the Sky
10 Shazam!, Lightray Xermanico
11 Elongated Man, Orion Xermanico
12 Superman Xermanico
13 Maxima, Metron, Agent Liberty Xermanico
14 Dubbilex, Deathstroke Xermanico
15 Wonder Woman, Kilowog Xermanico
16 Metropolis Xermanico
17 Lar Gand, Drooga Xermanico
18 The Flash, Big Barda Xermanico
19 Superman, Superboy Pow Rodrix, Overdrive Studios
20 Power Girl, The Ray Pow Rodrix, Overdrive Studios
21 Deathstroke, Green Arrow Pow Rodrix, Overdrive Studios
22 Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Bloodwynd Pow Rodrix, Overdrive Studios
23 Wonder Woman, Doctor Light Pow Rodrix, Overdrive Studios
24 Robin, Hawkman Pow Rodrix, Overdrive Studios
25 Terra, Killowat Pow Rodrix, Overdrive Studios
26 The Taker, Maxima Pow Rodrix, Overdrive Studios
27 Guy Gardner, Starfire Pow Rodrix, Overdrive Studios
Zero Hour
28 Parallax Pat Boutin
29 The Ray, Kyle Rayner Pat Boutin
30 Extant, Warrior Pat Boutin
31 Waverider, Captain Atom Pat Boutin
32 Hawkman, Triumph Pat Boutin
33 Green Arrow Pat Boutin
34 Spectre Pat Boutin
35 Darkstar Donna Troy, Superman Pat Boutin
36 Damage, Batgirl Pat Boutin
Blackest Night
37 Lex Luthor, Sinestro WAY$HAK
38 Wonder Woman, Miss Bloss WAY$HAK
39 The Atom, The Scarecrow WAY$HAK
40 Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner WAY$HAK
41 Nekron WAY$HAK
42 Black Hand WAY$HAK
43 Mera, John Stewart WAY$HAK
44 The Flash, Arisia WAY$HAK
45 Kilowog, Ramat-Ru WAY$HAK
46 Canterbury Cricket, Miss Hyde, Grifter Marat Mychaels
47 Atlanteans vs. Amazons Marat Mychaels
48 Reverse Flash, The Flash Marat Mychaels
49 Captain Thunder Marat Mychaels
50 Batman Marat Mychaels
51 Cyborg Marat Mychaels
52 Project Superman, Enchantress Marat Mychaels
53 Wonder Woman, Aquaman Marat Mychaels
54 Element Woman Marat Mychaels
Trinity War
55 Green Arrow, Deadman Ryan Odagawa
56 Cyborg, Firestorm Ryan Odagawa
57 Batman, Zatanna Ryan Odagawa
58 Hawkman, Element Woman, The Question Ryan Odagawa
59 Pandora, The Outsider Ryan Odagawa
60 Wonder Woman, Superman Ryan Odagawa
61 Stargirl, Green Lantern Simon Baz Ryan Odagawa
62 Katana, Aquaman, Shazam!, Frankenstein, John Constantine Ryan Odagawa
63 Steve Trevor, Catwoman, The Flash Ryan Odagawa

BAM! (1:10 packs)
BAM! Sticker (1:20 packs)
T-01 Bane THARP
T-02 Batman THARP
T-03 Cyborg THARP
T-04 The Flash THARP
T-05 Harley Quinn THARP
T-06 The Joker THARP
T-07 Supergirl THARP
T-08 Superman THARP
T-09 Wonder Woman THARP
Make Believe on Cryptomium (1:10 packs)
PB-01 Oliver Queen Patrick Ballesteros
PB-02 Hal Jordan, Thaal Sinestro Patrick Ballesteros
PB-03 Aquaman, Black Manta Patrick Ballesteros
PB-04 Harley Quinn, Ra's Al Ghul Patrick Ballesteros
PB-05 The Joker, Batman Patrick Ballesteros
PB-06 Brainiac, Superman Patrick Ballesteros
PB-07 Hawkman Patrick Ballesteros
PB-08 Wonder Woman, Barbara Minerva Patrick Ballesteros
PB-09 Captain Cold, The Flash Patrick Ballesteros
DC Comics Bombshells (1:10 packs)
B1 Supergirl Ant Lucia
B2 Wonder Woman Ant Lucia
B3 Harley Quinn Ant Lucia
B4 Poison Ivy Ant Lucia
B5 Zatanna Ant Lucia
B6 Stargirl Ant Lucia
B7 Black Canary Ant Lucia
B8 Batgirl Ant Lucia
27 Guy Gardner, Starfire Ant Lucia
Totally Fabricated Costume Cards (1:160 packs)
TF-05 Green Lantern
TF-06 The Flash
TF-07 Harley Quinn
Album Binder (sold separately)
Title Card
Promo Cards
P1 Blackest Night Non-Sport Update
P1 Blackest Night (Chromium) 2014 Philly Non-Sports Card Show

Artist Sketch Cards (1:20 packs)
Achilleas Kokkinakis
Adam & Bekah Cleveland
Adam Cleveland
Adriano Carreon
Amber Shelton
Anne Cain
Anthony Wheeler
Babisu Kourtis
Benjamin Glendenning
Bill Bronson
Billy Martin
Brandon Reese
Brendon and Brian Fraim
Bruno Büll de Oliveira
Buddy Prince
Cassio Batista
Chris "Urbnpop" Hamer
Chris Foreman
Chris Meeks
Chris Papantoniou
Cris Santos
Cruddie Torian (bonus only DC Batman)
Dave Beaty
David Lee
David Namisato
Debra Cahill
Elton Thomasi
Elvin A. Hernandez
Erik Caines (+ bonus DC Batman)
Erik Ninaltwoski (bonus only DC Women of Legend)
Eugene Commodore
Francois Chartier
Frank A. Kadar
Gary Kezele (bonus only Batman)
George "Geo" Davis
George Deep (bonus only DC Superman)
Hanie Mohd (+ bonus DC Batman)
Humberto Fuentes
Irma Ahmed
Isaiah McAllister (bonus only)
Israel Arteaga
Jader Correa (bonus only DC Superman)
Jason Crosby
Jason Saldajeno
Jeff Confer
Jeff Victor
Joe Simko
Joey Mason
John "JAX" Jackman
John Johnston
John Monserrat
Jomar Bulda
Jose Carlos Sanchez
Julia Pinto
Ken Gordon
Kristin Allen
Layron DeJarnette
Lucas Pereira
Luke Smarto
Mark Nasso
Markos Kstro
Matthew Sutton
Melike Acar
Michael "Locoduck" Duron
Mike Thomas
Mike Vasquez (bonus only DC Women of Legend)
Mitch Ballard
Molly Brewer
Nadya Ortega
Nayelie Martinez
Nicole Sloan
Noval Hernawan
Otis Frampton
Patrick Giles
Puis Calzada
Raz Ortiz
Reginaldo Vicente
Rich Molinelli
Richard Cox
Robert Hack (bonus only DC Superman)
Robert Jimenez
Rustico Limosinero
Scott Blair
Scott Rorie
Stacey Kardash
Studio Mia
Tirso Llaneta
Todd Aaron Smith
Val Hochberg
Vince Sunico
William Donley III
Original Art (1:5000 packs, redemption)
Ryan Odagawa

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