1979 Marvel & DC Comics : Superheroes Flickers

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1979 Marvel & DC Comics : Superheroes Flickers (Hake's Auctions)

Superheroes Flickers were released in 1979 by Marvel Comics Group and DC Comics, Inc. The lenticular cards were dispensed from toy capsule vending machines for 25 cents each. Superheroes Flickers were sold with various Marvel and DC novelties including World's Greatest Super-Heroes Cup Decals, Giant-Size Hero-Stickers, magnets, puffy stickers, and iron-on felt patches.

Each lenticular card measures approximately 1.125 x 1.75 inches. The character images shift between a superhero and their alter ego. The Hulk's alter ego is listed as David Banner, the name used by The Incredible Hulk television movie and series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno.

1979 Superheroes Flickers #3 - Superman / Clark Kent 1979 Superheroes Flickers #3 - Superman / Clark Kent

The Superheroes Flickers series is also catalogued as "Superhero Flick It!" by third-party trading card grading companies BVG, PSA, and SGC.

1979 Marvel & DC Comics : Superheroes Flickers
1 Spider-Man Peter Parker
2 Hulk David Banner
3 Superman Clark Kent
4 Batman Bruce Wayne
5 Wonder Woman Diana Prince

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