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The Garbage Pail Kids series by Topps has released various parodies of Superman and Clark Kent. NAT Nerd and CLARK Can't first appeared in the original 5th Series released in August 1986. 
The illustration is by John Pound. The "M-N" initials on the comic book box is a reference to editor and art director Mark Newgarden.
Garbage Pail Kids 5th Series
August 1986
* (One-Star), ** (Two-Star)
172a NAT Nerd John Pound
172b CLARK Can't John Pound

Nat Nerd was played by Larry Green and voiced by Jim Cummings in The Garbage Pail Kids Movie released on August 21, 1987.
A set of four promotional cards for the film were distributed in theaters by the Atlantic Releasing Corporation. The 4x6 inch "Special Collectors Edition" cards feature artwork from the opening credits and soundtrack packaging.
1987 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
Special Collectors Edition
NAT Nerd John Pound

NAT Nerd appears in the Garbage Pail Kids animated series produced in 1987. The cartoons were intended to air Saturday mornings on CBS that fall.
The series was cancelled in the United States due to boycott campaigns sponsored by the Action for Children's Television (ACT) and American Family Association (AFA). The Protestant fundamentalist AFA disapproved of the "violent and vulgar" images on the sticker cards. NAT Nerd is the secret identity of "Supernerd" in a short co-written by Marv Wolfman. The hero saves LOIS Lamebrain from LEX Lumpy.

Garbage Pail Kids were distributed in the United Kingdom, Holland, and Scandinavia by Topps Ireland Ltd. and Topps Europe Ltd. The 5th Series "mini" stickers are smaller than a standard release measuring 2.125 x 3 inches. The stickers are not die-cut and peel from the top corner.
1987 All New 5th Series UK
106a NAT Nerd John Pound
199a CLARK Can't John Pound
2004 Merlin : Garbage Pail Stickers UK
August 2004
16 NAT Nerd John Pound

The Garbage Gang was distributed in Israel as חבורת זבל, or Havurat Ha'zevel. NAT Nerd is known as ירון משקל טון. The Hebrew name translates to "Yaron weighs a ton." The GPK acronym and English text were edited from the original artwork.

1987 Havurat Ha'zevel Series 2
459 ירון משקל טון John Pound

NAT Nerd is known as ALDO Supercrado in the French Les Crados releases.
1988 Le Bande des Crados Serie No 1
112 ALDO Supercrado John Pound
2004 Les Crados
Foil Stickers
16 ALDO Supercrado John Pound

NAT Nerd is known as RICCARDO Superlardo in the Italian Sgorbions releases.
1990 Le bande degli Sgorbions N. 1
59 RICCARDO Superlardo John Pound
1990 Holidays Special Sgorbions
Iron-On Transfers
23 RICCARDO Superlardo John Pound
1991 I Mitici Sgorbions N. 4
Yellow Border
120 RICCARDO Superlardo (mini) John Pound

NAT Nerd is known as GIANFRANCO Miquero in the Basuritas 2 series released in the Argentine Republic.
The sticker cards measure 2.25 x 3.75 inches and are not die-cut.
2002 Basuritas 2
77 GIANFRANCO Miquero John Pound

NAT Nerd is known as ANDRES Uperfofo in Los Asquerositos, released in the Argentine Republic.
2004 Los Asquerositos
18 ANDRES Uperfofo John Pound

NAT Nerd is known as CLARCK Gordo in the Gang do Lixo release. The Portuguese language series was distributed in Brazil by Multi-Editora.
2005 Gang do Lixo
18 CLARCK Gordo John Pound

The All-New Series 2 was released in March 2004. The Foil Stickers subset includes 25 character combinations from the first 9 series. The original John Pound image was rendered by Pat and Sean Glover. The card backs contain an "Online Bonus Code" that could be used to unlock character features online.
2004 All-New Series 2
March 2004
Foil Stickers (1 per pack)
F17a NAT Nerd John Pound, Pat and Sean Glover
F17b CLARK Can't John Pound, Pat and Sean Glover

Topps celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Garbage Pail Kids with the Flashback Series in 2010.

2010 Flashback Series 1
February 2010
Gross Green (1:2), Punk Pink (1:3), Silver (1:6),
Gold (1:42), Printing Plate (1:1,790)
34a NAT Nerd John Pound
34b CLARK Can't John Pound
Where Are They Now?
80a NAT Nerd Joe Simko
80b CLARK Can't Joe Simko

Brand New Series 1 introduced Super MANNY and Airsick VICK. The hero is vomiting on a self-portrait of illustrator Layron DeJarnette.

2012 Brand-New Series 1
October 2012
Green (1:2), Silver (1:3), Black (1:12 Hobby), Gold (1:124), Printing Plate (Hobby)
23a Super MANNY Layron DeJarnette
23b Airsick VICK Layron DeJarnette

Packs of MiniKins Mini Figures contain two resin figures and two stickers. Jumbo packs contain four figures and four stickers. The NAT Nerd sticker reproduces the classic John Pound image. The stickers measure 1.5 x 1.75 inches.

2013 MiniKins : Mini Figures Series 1
October 2013
22 of 26 NAT Nerd John Pound

Brand New-Series 3 features an updated illustration of Cranky FRANKIE and Terrible TERENCE by JungHwa Im. A rare short print "C-Name" variation for Bad BRAD was randomly distributed in packs. The image is also used for a 9-card puzzle. NAT Nerd watches as parodies of Action Comics #1 and Superman #1 are destroyed in a meat grinder.
A "G.P. Elementary School Report Card" for NAT Nerd is featured on the back of card #175b, Doomed DIEGO.
NAT Nerd also appears on the Bedroom Sticker Scene card.
2013 Brand-New Series 3
October 2013
Black (1:2), Silver (1:24 Hobby), Gold (1:66, 85 copies), Printing Plate (1:1,875)
174a Cranky FRANKIE JungHwa Im
174b Terrible TERENCE JungHwa Im
C-Name Short Print
174c Bad BRAD JungHwa Im
Sticker Scenes (1:6 packs)
5 of 10 Bedroom John Pound

All three Brand-New Series sets released in 2012 and 2013 were reprinted in the Brand-New Mini Series. The mini stickers measure 2.25 x 3.125 inches.
2013 Brand-New Mini-Series
November 2013
Black (1:1), Gold (1:20), Printing Plate (1:48)
23a Super MANNY Layron DeJarnette
23b Airsick VICK Layron DeJarnette
174a Cranky FRANKIE JungHwa Im
174b Terrible TERENCE JungHwa Im

The Garbage Pail Kids Puke-Tacular comic book was released by IDW Publishing on December 24, 2014. The cover illustration by Mark Pingitore was used for promo cards distributed at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show and New York Comic Con. The art is based on the 1939 cover of Detective Comics #27 by Batman co-creator Bob Kane. 

2014 IDW Comic Puke-Tacular Promo
Philly Non-Sports Card Show
May 3-4, 2014
NAT Nerd, TOMMY Gun Mark Pingitore
New York Comic Con
October 9-12, 2014
NAT Nerd, TOMMY Gun Mark Pingitore

The 2014 Series 2 set introduced Team UPTON and BRUCE Pain, a mash-up of Superman and Batman known as Composite Superman. Composite Superman was created by Edmond Hamilton and Curt Swan. The character first appeared in World's Finest Comics #142 dated June 1964. A rare short print "C-Name" variation for Crossover KENT was inserted in approximately 1:100 packs.
The Team UPTON illustration by Layron DeJarnette is also used for a 9-piece Orange Border Puzzle. The back of card 89a for Bubble BOBBY contains the center puzzle image. The Orange Border Puzzle preview appears on the back of card 117b for Pressured PRESTON.

The Battles subset includes an image of Team UPTON vs. General AL by Tom Bunk.

The "Superfan" Full Comic card insert is based on the iconic 1942 cover of Superman #14 by Fred Ray.
The comic story on the back features NAT Nerd, Airsick VICK, and Cranky FRANKIE.
A rare patch relic card for Airsick VICK was inserted in approximately 1:48 Hobby Collector packs.
2014 Series 2
October 2014
Green (1:1), Canvas (1:1 Collector), Metallic Red (1:1 Collector), Black (1:2), Silver (1:24 Hobby),
Character Back (1:24 Collector), Sepia (1:24 Collector), Gold (1:38), Printing Plate (1:1,152; 1:288 Collector)
131a Team UPTON Layron DeJarnette
131b BRUCE Pain Layron DeJarnette
C-Name Short Print (1:100), C-Name Printing Plate (1:12,608)
131c Crossover KENT Layron DeJarnette
Battles (1:3)
4 of 4 Team UPTON vs. General AL Tom Bunk
Full Comics (1:6)
3 of 4 Superfan JungHwa Im
Patch Relics (1:48 Hobby Collector)
8 of 10 Airsick VICK Layron DeJarnette

The Garbage Pail Kids Puke-Tacular cover art was reprinted in the 2015 Series 2 30th Anniversary base set. NAT Nerd also stars in the Horror Film subset as "The Guest Who Wouldn't Go Home!"

2015 Series 2 30th Anniversary 
July 2015
Green (1:2), Black (1:4, 1:2 Hobby), Brown (1:12), Silver (1:24 Hobby), Gold (1:72; 85 copies), Printing Plate (1:1,516)
Premium Edition: Metallic Red (1:1), Character Back (1:1), Pink (1:24), Sepia (1:24)
Comic Book Cover
3a NAT Nerd Mark Pingitore
3b CLARK Can't Mark Pingitore
Horror Film (1:8)
1 of 5 The Guest Who Wouldn't Go Home! Joe Simko

The Prime Slime Trashy TV series from 2016 introduced SUE PEARL Girl and Cutting KARA, parodies of the CW show Supergirl.
2016 Prime Slime Trashy TV
October 5, 2016
Green Puke (1:1), Black Bruised (1:1 Collector), Yellow Pee (1:4), Red Bloody Nose (#/75, 1:2 Collector),
Blue Spit (#/99, 1:4 Hobby), Fool's Gold (#/50, 1:58, 1:29 Jumbo), Printing Plate (1:1,792, 1:288 Collector)
Comic Book TV
4a SUE PEARL GirlMiran Kim
4b Cutting KARAMiran Kim

Each card from Trumpocracy: The First 100 Days was available on demand for 24 hours from the Topps website. Card #23 depicts Lex Luthor disguised as Donald Trump and Ceasing CLARK in the Oval Office. There were 200 copies printed.

2017 Trumpocracy: The First 100 Days
February 2, 2017 (200 copies)
23 Dastardly DONALD Joe Simko

GPK: Network Spews was sold on demand through the Topps website from January to July 2017. There were 185 copies printed for Ceiling-Destroying DIANA. The painting by Layron DeJarnette features caricatures of Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman.

2017 GPK: Network Spews
June 27, 2017 (185 copies)
91 Ceiling-Destroying DIANA Layron DeJarnette

Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages released a special series exclusive to the 2017 Philly Non-Sports Card Show.
Ceasing CLARK and Can't Move KENT are limited to 500 copies each.
2017 GPK / Wacky Packages Philly Non-Sports Card Show
October 21-22. 2017 (500 copies)
3a Ceasing CLARK Jeff Zapata
3b Can't Move KENT Jeff Zapata

Topps parodied Hollywood blockbusters in the Wacky Packages Go to the Movies series released in 2018. "Superfan" NAT Nerd makes an appearance with Superman in the "Small Screen Stickers" set. The Superman image is from the Justice League animated series.
The "Classic Film Stickers" subset reprints the 2006 Wacky Packages release of "Superham" by John Zeleznik. The sticker is a tribute to the 1939 cover of Superman #1 by Joe Shuster and Leo O'Mealia.
2018 Topps Wacky Packages Go to the Movies
March 21, 2018
Small Screen Stickers (1:1, Hobby Display)
18 of 20 Superfan JungHwa Im
Classic Film Stickers (1:2 packs)
7 of 20 Superham John Zeleznik

GPK Summer Comic Convention is an online-exclusive 10 sticker set. There were 131 sets printed. The set introduced Super MANUEL and Charged CLARK. The stickers are a tribute to the original 11th Series characters MEG-A-Volt and Charged MARGE illustrated by John Pound. The modern version of Superman-Blue was designed by Ron Frenz. The electric-blue containment suit first appeared in Superman vol. 2, #123, dated May 1997.

2018 GPK Summer Comic Convention
July 19-26, 2018 (131 copies)
1a Super MANUEL JungHwa Im
2b Charged CLARK JungHwa Im

We Hate the 90s Series 1 was released in January 2019. The "Classic '90s Stickers" subset features reprints of Super MANUEL and Charged CLARK. "Classic '90s Patches" were inserted in approximately 1:50 Hobby Collector packs. The "Super Scam" patch relics are serial numbered to 50. 
2019 Series 1: We Hate the 90s
January 2019
Classic '90s Stickers (1:3 packs, Display & Gravity)
9a Super MANUEL JungHwa Im
9b Charged CLARK JungHwa Im
Classic '90s Patches (#/50, Hobby Collector)
9a of 10 Super MANUEL, Super Scam JungHwa Im
9b of 10 Charged CLARK, Super Scam JungHwa Im

A limited edition NAT Nerd promo card by Joe Simko was distributed at the 2019 New York Comic Con.

2019 New York Comic Con Exclusive Promo
October 3-6, 2019
NAT Nerd Joe Simko

The Bizarre Holidays series was sold on demand through the Topps website throughout 2020. The Free Comic Book Day card is "Adventure into Snot" featuring NAT Nerd or Fart GORDON.
NAT Nerd and CLARK Can't represent Flag Day in an illustration by Brent Engstrom. Enstrom used the same flagpole theme for Wedgie WINSTON and Pulled UPTON in the 2020 "Late for School" series.
The "Be a Dork Day" set contains Batman variations of the original NAT Nerd named Dorky DAN and Smart ALEC.
2020 Bizarre Holidays
Free Comic Book Day
May 2, 2020 (449 copies), Green Border
2a NAT Nerd David Gross
2b Fart GORDON David Gross
Flag Day
June 14, 2020 (492 copies), Purple Border
8a NAT Nerd Brent Engstrom
8b CLARK Can't Brent Engstrom

The eBay & Topps Crossover series is limited to 1,937 complete 10-card sets. The cards were sold through the ToppsVault eBay store on August 10, 2020. The NAT Nerd artwork appears on special edition issues of Den of Geek magazine released in the summer of 2020.

2020 eBay & Topps Crossover
August 10, 2020 (1,937 copies)
3a NAT Nerd Joe Simko
3b CLARK Can't Joe Simko

The 30th Anniversary Series 2 set features Comic CONNOR teaming up with NAT Nerd in "Battle of the Decades."

2020 35th Anniversary Series 2
October 29, 2020
Green Booger (1:1), Yellow Phlegm (1:10), Bruised Black (1:1 Collector), Jelly Purple (1:2 Fat Pack),
Blue Spit (#/99, 1:24 Hobby), Blood Nose Red (#/75, Collector), Fool's Gold (#/35), Printing Plates (1:317)
Battle of the Decades
99a NAT Nerd Joe Simko
99b Comic CONNER Joe Simko

GPK Trashy Treasures is an online-exclusive release of classic character figurines. The resin figurines are based on sculpts by Patrick Pigott. Each figurine comes with a collectible card.
2020 GPK Trashy Treasures Series 2
November 19, 2020
Red (Most Common), Green (Common), Black (/20), Silver (/5), Gold (1/1)
NAT Nerd Patrick Pigott
Collectible Card
NAT Nerd John Pound

The 2021 GPK Collectors Club launched on January 21, 2021. NAT Nerd serves as president for a "Kinder, Gentler GPK Nation." The first gift included a welcome letter, embossed foil membership card, enamel pin, poster, and a four-card set of Charter Members.
The original John Pound artwork appears on the Charter Members card and on the "Trash Can-Didates" checklist header. NAT Nerd also has a cameo on card 4a Rappin' RON and 4b RAY Gun.
NAT Nerd and CLARK Can't are featured in the skateboarding themed "GPsKaters" set with an illustration by Neil Camera.
2021 GPK Collector's Club
Membership Card Joe Simko
Set 1: Charter Members
January 21, 2021
1 NAT Nerd John Pound
Set 2: Trash Can-Didates
March 11, 2021 (1,000 copies)
Header / Checklist John Pound
Set 3: GPsKaters
September 2021 (1,000 copies)
8a NAT Nerd Neil Camera
8b CLARK Can't Neil Camera
Set 4 : I'm Always Cranky
December 2021 (1,000 copies)
10a NAT Nerd David Gross
10b DEAN & D David Gross

2022 Philly Non-Sports Card Show
May 21-22, 2022
NAT Nerd Chris Meeks

The Madballs vs Garbage Pail Kids comic book was released on July 20, 2022. The issue was written by Sholly Fisch with art from Jason Crosby. A variant cover by Alan Quah pays homage to the iconic 1978 cover of Superman vs. Muhammad Ali by Neal Adams. The variant is limited to 500 copies.

2022 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive
July 21-24, 2022
3/9 NAT Nerd Chris Meeks

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