2005 Mattel : Justice League Unlimited

2005 Mattel : Justice League Unlimited

The Justice League animated series was rebranded as Justice League Unlimited in 2005. The new series of toy figures was released exclusively at Target and Toys 'R' Us stores in April 2005. The models are based on designs by Bruce Timm and Ruben Martinez.

Each 4.5 inch figure in this line contains a collectible card packaged with a different character. The checklist is comprised of 25 toy figures and 19 unique cards. One Superman card (A) is included with the Amazo and Green Lantern figures. The other Superman card (B) is packaged with Aquaman and Brainiac.

The series features two different cards for Batman. The same cards for Booster Gold, Green Lantern (John Stewart), and The Flash are included with different figures. No trading cards were produced for Atom Smasher, Dove, or Hawk.

The Justice League Unlimited animated series aired on Cartoon Network for three seasons from 2005 to 2006. The toy line was discontinued in 2007.

Amazo Batman (Cyber Defenders)
Aquaman Starman
Batman (A) Dove
Batman (A) Martian Manhunter
Batman (B) Red Tornado
Blue Beetle Anti-Amazo Flash
Booster Gold Anti-Amazo Superman
Booster Gold Hawk
Brainiac Superman
Dr. Fate Batman (Battle Damaged)
Elongated Man Martian Manhunter (Planet Patrol)
Flash Atom Smasher
Flash The Atom
Green Arrow Batman (Gas Mask)
Green Lantern Dr. Fate
Green Lantern Flash
Hawkgirl Wonder Woman
Martian Manhunter Superman (Battle Damaged)
Red Tornado Superman (Cyber Defenders)
Starman Wonder Woman (Planet Patrol)
Superman (A) Amazo
Superman (A) Green Lantern
Superman (B) Aquaman
Superman (B) Amazo
Wonder Woman Hawkgirl (Battle Damaged)