1994 SkyBox : Superman: The Man of Steel Platinum Series

"One Set Alone Couldn't Handle The Power."

In October of 1994, SkyBox International released two editions of the Superman: The Man of Steel Platinum Series. The entire set is comprised of original painted artwork. This is the first and only fully-painted Superman card series to be released. The subjects span the life and death of post-Crisis Kal-El. The text for the series was written by Roger Stern.
Superman: Man of Steel Platinum Series is sold in boxes of 24 packs that each contain 6 cards. The cards are 2.5 x 4.5 inches, taller than a standard trading card.
Three different boxes were released by SkyBox. The Collector's Edition cards are sold in red boxes and red packs. Collector's Edition boxes feature Spectra-Etch foil cards. Odds of finding one of six Spectra-Etch cards are 1:7 packs. The Collector's Edition cards are not embossed and the boxes do not contain a SculptorCast insert or SkyDisc. Collector's Edition packs retailed for $1.19 per pack.

The Premium Edition is sold in silver boxes and silver packs that contain embossed foil cards. Spectra-Etch cards are not included in the Premium Edition. The Premium Edition boxes have chances to find "Forged in Steel" SculptorCast inserts and a SkyDisc hologram. Odds of finding a SculptorCast insert are 1:18 Premium Edition packs. Premium Edition packs retailed for $3.99 per pack.

Specially marked Premium Edition boxes include one "Forged in Gold" SculptorCast card. The limited boxes were sold exclusively at Walmart and Sam's Club. Sam's Club boxes also include a 4-panel mini-poster of the print advertisement.
Odds of finding The Man of Steel SkyDisc are approximately 1:120 Premium Edition packs. The SkyDisc contains a holographic image of Clark Kent changing into Superman.

The Man of Steel Platinum Series was featured on the cover of Non-Sport Update vol. 5, no. 5, September-October 1994. The cover image was illustrated by Donato Giancola for card #21, "Flight!"
Non-Sport Update, vol 5 no 5, 1994

An embossed card binder was sold separately. SculptorCast prototype cards were issued to dealers. The complete Collector's Edition base set is available in uncut six-card panels. Uncut factory sheets and original artworks have been observed in private collections. Although there are two editions, Wizard reported that the print run was less than the 80,000 boxes produced for The Death of Superman. The exact number of boxes produced is currently unknown.
No. Title Credits
01 Superman - The Man of Steel Joe DeVito
02 Krypton Bill Sienkiewicz
03 Jor-El and Lara Bill Sienkiewicz
04 Sole Survivor Bill Sienkiewicz
05 Discovery! Les Dorscheid
06 Birth of a Legend! Zina Saunders
07 Proud Parents Zina Saunders
08 The Powers Awaken! Les Dorscheid
09 Up, Up, and Away! Les Dorscheid
10 Revelations Les Dorscheid
11 Midair Collison! Les Dorscheid
12 Introducing Lois Lane! Les Dorscheid
13 Look - Up in the Sky! Alexander Gregory
14 Rescue! Alexander Gregory
15 Mob Scene Hector Gomez
16 "They All Wanted a Piece of Me" Hector Gomez
17 And Now ... Superman! Steve Fastner, Rich Larson
18 Quick Change Steve Fastner, Rich Larson
19 Speed! Donato Giancola
20 Power! Donato Giancola
21 Flight! Donato Giancola
22 Vision! Eric Peterson
23 Strength! Eric Peterson
24 Invulnerability! Eric Peterson
25 Man vs. Machine Eric Peterson
26 Bulletproof! Eric Peterson
27 Turning Up the Heat! Eric Peterson
28 Superman Unchained! Eric Peterson
29 Fists of Steel! Eric Peterson
30 Superman in Space! Eric Peterson
31 Second Encounter Joe Phillips
32 Behold, a Dark Knight! Dave Dorman
33 Luthor Lays Down the Law! Bill Sienkiewicz
34 Meet the Justice League! Joe Phillips
35 The World of Doctor Occult! Scott Hampton
36 Lost Love! Hector Gomez
37 Bizarro! Dave Dorman
38 Metallo! Scott Hampton
39 Alone against Darkseid! Joe Phillips
40 Living Legends! Joe Phillips
41 Rampage! Hector Gomez
42 The Laugh's on the Joker! Joe Phillips
43 Side by Side with Gangbuster! Joe Phillips
44 The Malevolent Mr. Mxyzptlk! Denis Rodier
45 Death-Cry of the Silver Banshee! Dan Brereton
46 Two of a Kind John Bolton
47 Enter: Supergirl! John Bolton
48 Final Judgment! Joe Phillips
49 Mongul! Scott Hampton
50 The Legacy of Krypton Ray Lago
51 The Power of BRAINIAC! Ray Lago
52 The Lady Maxima! Ray Lago
53 The Fastest Men Alive! Scott Hampton
54 Captives of Blaze! Ray Lago
55 Infernal Battle Joe Phillips
56 A Family's Grief Joe Phillips
57 Luthor Triumphant! Bill Sienkiewicz
58 Superman Strikes Back! Nick Choles
59 True Love Hector Gomez
60 The Death of Luthor Bill Sienkiewicz
61 The Secret Revealed! Hector Gomez
62 Beward the Eradicator! Nick Choles
63 Lex Luthor II Bill Sienkiewicz
64 Panic in the Sky! Bill Sienkiewicz
65 To Lead the Justice League Nick Choles
66 Caught in the Middle Scott Hampton
67 Doomsday! Tom Fleming
68 Fight to the Finish! Jon Bogdanove
69 When Falls the Hero Daniel Horne
70 Funeral for a Friend Tom Fleming
71 The Cadmus Conspiracy! Denis Rodier
72 Bibbo Does His Best Denis Rodier
73 Superboy! Bill Sienkiewicz
74 The Cyborg Superman Bill Sienkiewicz
75 Last Son of Krypton? John Higgins
76 Man of Steel! Daniel Horne
77 Mongul Returns! John Higgins
78 The Man in Black! Bill Sienkiewicz
79 Superman Lives! Kieron Dwyer
80 Hi-Tech! John Higgins
81 The Deadly Parasite! Daniel Horne
82 The Vengeance of Supergirl! Nelson
83 The Fall of Metropolis! Tom Fleming
84 Final Conflict? Daniel Horne
85 Luthor Defeated! Bill Sienkiewicz
86 The Massacre Stops Here! Terese Nielsen
87 Bloodsport Jeff Watts
88 Conduit Means Power! Joe DeVito
89 The All-American Hero Jon Bogdanove
90 Checklist

No. Title Credits Distribution
The Man of Steel SkyDisc (1:120 Premium Edition packs)
SD3 The Man of Steel SkyDisc Premium Edition
Forged-in-Steel SculptorCast Cards (1:18 Premium Edition packs)
FS1 Brought to His Knees Kerry Gammill Premium Edition
FS2 Three Men of Steel Kerry Gammill Premium Edition
FS3 Showdown with Doomsday! Kerry Gammill Premium Edition
FS4 The Man of Tomorrow Kerry Gammill Premium Edition
Forged-in-Gold SculptorCast Cards (1 per specially marked box)
FG1 Brought to His Knees Kerry Gammill Walmart / Sam's Club Premium Edition
FG2 Three Men of Steel Kerry Gammill Walmart / Sam's Club Premium Edition
FG3 Showdown with Doomsday! Kerry Gammill Walmart / Sam's Club Premium Edition
FG4 The Man of Tomorrow Kerry Gammill Walmart / Sam's Club Premium Edition
Spectra-Etch Cards (1:7 Collector's Edition packs)
S1 Immovable Object Donato Giancola Collector's Edition
S2 Laughing Off Lightning Eric Peterson Collector's Edition
S3 Inpenetrable! Eric Peterson Collector's Edition
S4 Meltdown Eric Peterson Collector's Edition
S5 Unstoppable Force Eric Peterson Collector's Edition
S6 Earth's Champion Jon Bogdanove Collector's Edition
Promo Cards
No. Title Credits Distribution
C1 Collector's Edition Catch a Speeding Bullet Daniel Horne
FS1 Brought to His Knees Prototype Kerry Gammill Dealer Promotion
FS2 Three Men of Steel Prototype Kerry Gammill Dealer Promotion
FS3 Showdown with Doomsday! Prototype Kerry Gammill Dealer Promotion
FS4 The Man of Tomorrow Prototype Kerry Gammill Dealer Promotion
SP1 Premium Edition Catch a Speeding Bullet Joe DeVito
SW1 Premium Edition Catch a Speeding Bullet John Bolton Walmart
Two-Card 5 x 7 Panels
#89 / #84 Non-Sport Update
#01 / #81
#68 / #39

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