2006 Mirinda : Superman Regresa Cartas Mágicas

Descubrí tu Poder

In the summer of 2006, Mirinda distributed a set of collector cards to promote the release of Superman Returns in Spain.
Game cards depict scenes from the film starring Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, and Kate Bosworth. Each deck includes 40 game cards, one rule card, and one "Carta Mágica" decoder card. Each game card contains 6 hidden messages that can be viewed with the magic decoder.

The card decks were distributed as prizes redeemed from specially marked soft drink caps. Mirinda was the official sponsor of the film premiere for Superman Returns in Spain. Other prizes included a similar 24-piece sticker set for the movie.
2006 Mirinda Lite - Superman Regresa Label
Mirinda was founded in Spain in 1959. The name is an Esperanto translation of "amazing" or "wonderful." Mirinda Superman Punch debuted in July 2006. The fruit drink was sold for a limited time in Saudi Arabia. Superman branded Mirinda packs were also released for orange, citrus, apple and strawberry flavors. Mirinda later produced a similar Batman Blast blueberry drink in 2005.
2006 Mirinda Superman Punch

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