2006 Topps : Superman Returns Movie Cards

Return of a Hero

2006 Topps : Superman Returns Movie Cards

Superman Returns Movie Cards were released by Topps on May 17, 2006. The film was released in the United States on June 28, 2006. Brandon Routh stars as Superman and Clark Kent. The 90-card base set includes scenes of Krypton that were cut from the theatrical release. The back of each base card contains a decipherable Kryptonian message. Embossed foil insert cards contain a Kryptonian alphabet key.

2006 Topps : Superman Returns - 1 - Title Card

Each pack contains seven cards. Retail blaster boxes contain six packs. Retail inserts include foil-embossed images of Brandon Routh, magnets, and stickers. Retail blisters contain two packs plus an additional bonus card. Hobby boxes contain 24 packs with chances of finding embossed foil inserts, fabric relics, and autographed cards. Foil embossed cards are inserted in approximately 1:12 packs.

2006 Topps : Superman Returns - Promos P1 - Return of a Hero

The odds of finding a "Saved By Superman" memorabilia card from the cast are about 1:32 hobby packs. The odds of finding a piece of Superman's cape are 1:71, blue suit relics are 1:218, and red briefs are 1:445.

2006 Topps : Superman Returns - Saved By Superman - Superman's Cape 2006 Topps : Superman Returns - Saved By Superman - Superman's Cape

Stickered autograph cards are also randomly inserted into approximately 1:92 hobby packs. The odds of finding a signature from Brandon Routh are 1:1110 packs. Kevin Spacey autograph odds are 1:2450 packs.

Promo cards were distributed to dealers and inserted inside of the April/May 2006 issues of Non-Sport Update and Wizard.

2006 Topps : Superman Returns - Promos P1 - Return of a Hero

Six limited edition collector's tins were released in retail stores. Each tin contains 35 base cards, one exclusive lid card, and an exclusive storyline card.

2006 Topps : Superman Returns Collector Tins - A 2006 Topps : Superman Returns Collector Tins - C

Superman Returns is the first Superman card collection issued by Topps since Superman III in 1983. A "Collector's Update Edition" was advertised to be released in October 2006, but the series was cancelled before production.

Brandon Routh would later portray an alternate version of Superman in the 2020 "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover event on The CW.

1 Superman Returns Title Card
Character Cards
2 Superman
3 Clark Kent
4 Lois Lane
5 Richard White
6 Lex Luthor
7 Perry White
8 Jimmy Olsen
9 Kitty Kowalski
10 Martha Kent
11 Ben Hubbard
12 Jason
13 Stanford
14 Grant
15 Brutus
16 Riley
17 Bobbie Faye
18 Bo the Bartender
Storyline Cards
19 Where Is Superman?
20 Voyage to Krypton
21 Kal-El's Quest
22 Emergency Escape!
23 Landing in Smallville
24 Toward the Crash Site
25 To Save Her Son
26 Back from Beyond
27 The Groom of Doom
28 Gertrude's Millions
29 At the Kent Farm
30 Powers of a Super-Teen
31 An Unexpected Flight
32 Young Clark's Discovery
33 Legacy of the Cosmos
34 The Kryptonian Crystal
35 Burying the Spaceship
36 Descending into the Past
37 Mother Knows Best
38 Meeting Ben Hubbard
39 His Latest Mad Plan
40 Approaching the Fortress
41 The Secrets of Jor-El
42 A Return to Metropolis
43 The New Daily Planet
44 "Welcome Back, Mr. Kent!"
45 The More Things Change
46 Lois on Assignment
47 At the Bar with Bo
48 Lex's Master Plan
49 Luthor's Model City
50 Unlimited Power?
51 Old Times Interrupted
52 Trouble in Outer Space
53 Looks Like a Job For...
54 Out of the Broom Closet
55 Soaring to New Heights
56 A Family Affair
57 A Day at the Office
58 No Fan of Superman
59 Just Like Old Times?
60 The Caped Wonder Is Back!
61 A Happy Homemaker
62 Spaceborn Hero
63 The Museum Besieged
64 A Grateful World
65 A Superman Expert?
66 All in the Family
67 What's a Nice Girl Like Me...?
68 On the Planet Roof
69 Rooftop Rendezvous
70 The Kiss That Wasn't
71 An Enemy's Revenge
72 On the Trail of Trouble
73 Into a Lion's Den
74 Luthor's Hairy Lair
75 Lex Lets His Hair Down
76 Lex vs. Lois
77 A Fax in Time
78 Escape from Luthor's Yacht
79 A Challenge for Superman
80 Maker of a New World
81 Struck by an Earthquake
82 The Woirld in His Hands
83 His City Imperiled
84 Lex Luthor's Debacle
85 Praying for His Life
86 Superman's Loved Ones
87 The Man of Steel Forever?
88 A Starship for Superman
89 Creating Mini-worlds
90 Superman Returns Checklist
Embossed Foil Cards
1:12 packs
1 of 5
2 of 5
3 of 5
4 of 5
5 of 5
1:6 Retail packs
1 of 10
2 of 10
3 of 10
4 of 10
5 of 10
6 of 10
7 of 10
8 of 10
10 of 10
1:12 Retail packs
1 of 9
2 of 9
3 of 9
4 of 9
5 of 9
6 of 9
7 of 9
8 of 9
9 of 9
Bonus Cards
Retail Blister packs
B1 Superman
B2 Lex Luthor
B3 Kal-El in green
Promo Cards
P1 Return of a Hero (Non-Sport Update)
P2 Return of a Hero
P3 Return of a Hero (Wizard)
Level A Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor 1:2450 packs
Level B Brandon Routh as Superman 1:1110 packs
Level C Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane 1:208 packs
Level D Sam Huntington as Jimmy Olsen 1:92 packs
Level D James Marsden as Richard White 1:92 packs
Level D Parker Posey as Kitty Kowalski 1:92 packs
Saved By Superman Memorabilia
Level A Superman's Briefs 1:445 packs
Level B Superman's Suit 1:218 packs
Level C Clark Kent's 3-Piece Suit 1:32 packs
Level C Clark Kent's Trench Coat 1:32 packs
Level C Lex Luthor's Coat 1:32 packs
Level C Lex Luthor's 3-Piece Suit 1:32 packs
Level C Lois Lane's Pants 1:32 packs
Level C Lois Lane's Skirt 1:32 packs
Level C Perry White's Sports Coat 1:32 packs
Level D Kitty Kowalski's Flower Dress 1:32 packs
Level D Kitty Kowalski's Zebra Dress 1:32 packs
Level D Perry White's 3-Piece Suit 1:32 packs
Level E Superman's Cape 1:72 packs
Exclusive Tin Lid Cards
A (heat vision)
B (circle)
C (flying)
D (punching vortex)
E (Daily Planet)
F (flying vortex)
Exclusive Story Lid Cards
1 of 6 Superman's Return
2 of 6 Lex's Main Squeeze
3 of 6 A Crystal Clear Goal
4 of 6 Superman's Return
5 of 6 Man a Woman Wants
6 of 6 To Save His Friends

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