1977 Pepsi-Cola : DC Super Heroes Pizza Stickers

"The best pizza this side of Earth's yellow Sun."

1977 Pepsi-Cola & Cossano's : DC Super Heroes Pizza Stickers - Superman

A series of nine DC Super Heroes sticker labels were distributed by Cassano's Pizza & Seafood locations throughout Ohio and the Midwest. The speech bubble labels were used on pizza boxes to identify orders. Advertising materials quote Superman proclaiming Cassano's as "The best pizza this side of Earth's yellow Sun."

The series was produced by Pepsi-Cola and DC Comics in 1977. Each sticker measures approximately 2.875 x 4 inches. The labels are printed on adhesive paper produced by Fasson, a division of Avery Dennison in Ohio. The same character images appear on the "Super Series" of drinking glasses from Pepsi in 1976.

Curt Swan & George Klein, Action Comics #340 (August 1966)

The Superman image is based on a pin-up poster penciled by Curt Swan and inked by George Klein. The poster was originally printed in the centerfold of Action Comics #340 (August 1966). The image has been licensed for various properties including a 1972 series of DC Comics postcards and the Superman Card Game from Whitman Publishing Co. in 1978.

1977 Pepsi / Cassano's : DC Super Heroes Comic Stickers
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