1978 Whitman : Superman Card Game

In 1978, Whitman Publishing Co. released a second Superman Card Game set in the UK. Each deck contains 36 rummy game cards measuring 3.4 x 2.3 inches. The box art, as well as the Superman and Green Kryptonite cards, feature illustrations by Curt Swan.
1978 Whitman - Superman Card Game - Red 2 - Superman
There are four copies of each card in a deck. Each character card is numbered 1-4. The backgrounds are printed in blue (1), red (2), green (3), or yellow (4).
1978 Whitman - Superman Card Game - Green 4 - Green Kryptonite
An image of Superman by artist Wayne Boring appears on the Lois Lane card.
1978 Whitman - Superman Card Game - Red 2 - Lois Lane

Game sets for Robin and Wonder Woman were also produced. Whitman had previously released a different Superman Card Game in 1966.

1978 Whitman : Superman Card Game
Clark Kent
Green Kryptonite
Lois Lane
Superdog (Krypto)

Superman Card Game Rules

A game for two to five players. There are 36 cards in the pack. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards by playing one at a time. When play has been completed, the cards held in the players' hands count against them. The lowest score wins.

Select a dealer. Shuffle the cards and deal five, one at a time, face downwards to each player. If there are two players, deal seven at a time. Place the remaining cards face down on the table in front of the players. Turn the top card face up, next to the pile.

This is the card on to which other cards will be played. If this card is a Superman card, replace it in the middle of the pile and turn over another. The person on the dealer's left commences by playing face up on the up turned card, one that matches it.

He may play either one of the same number or of the same background colour. For instance, if the first card is a number three Super Boy, yellow. He may play any yellow card or any number three card regardless of colour. All Superman cards are wild and can be played when a player wishes.

After playing a Superman card, the player may play next whatever card he wishes. Play continues in a clockwise fashion. A player who cannot make a match or play a Superman card, must draw from the pile and does not play that turn. When the centre pile is exhausted, a player passes if he cannot play.

The game is over when either one of the players is out of cards or when nobody can play.
Players then total their points, counting each card at face value except the Superman cards which count 25. The game may be continued for a series of runs until one player reaches an agreed number of points, say 100. The lowest scorer then wins.

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