Pepsi-Cola : The Superman DC Super Hero Stamp Album

The Superman DC Super Hero Stamp Album

The Superman DC Super Hero Stamp Album was distributed by Pepsi-Cola in 1977. The collection was produced by Celebrity Stamps, Inc. The stamp packages and album covers for the entire series were penciled by Neal Adams and inked by Dick Giordano. The Superman DC Super Hero Stamp Album measures 8.25 x 5.25 inches.

The Superman DC Super Hero Stamp Album was available for five weeks with the purchase of a Pepsi at participating locations. A new sheet of character stamps was issued each week, and each sheet contains a Pepsi stamp. A full set of five Pepsi stamps could be redeemed for a "Superman Special Award Gold Stamp" and a free Pepsi.

The Official DC Super Hero Stamp Album: Volume One was released by Celebrity Stamps, Inc. in 1976. The retail collections include the same stamp images used for the Superman album. The illustrations later appeared in the DC Super Hero Stamps series distributed by Cracker Jack in 1979.

1977 Pepsi-Cola : The Superman DC Super Hero Stamp Album
Week 1 : Superman
Clark Kent
Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson
Superman and Robin Team Up!
Origin of Superman
Week 2: Shazam
The Shazam Family
Mary and the Butterfly
The Earth's Mightiest Mortal to the Rescue!
With One Magic Word, Shazam!
Week 3 : Batman
Batman and Robin vs Penguin
Batgirl and Robin
Batman and Robin
Batman and The Joker
Week 4 : Justice League of America
Justice League of America
The Flash
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Week 5 : Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman / Diana Prince
Diana becomes Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman vs Chronos
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Superman Special Award Gold Stamp
Man of Steel, Born on Krypton

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